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would you date a cooked meat eater?



  • osoniyeosoniye Raw Newbie

    Hi chattanoog- great attitude of tollerance and acceptance. I wish you the best as you start this adventure together!

  • I'm glad to see a lot of people do fine dating/living with meat eaters.

    To be honest, I don't mind even cooking omnivore food for my long-time boyfriend (like organic white meat and vegetable dishes or vegetarian chili), because then I know he'll eat better than if he went out for a cheesesteak :). And I can give him raw stuff, since he loves raw fruit and veggies if I put them in front of him.

    But.....we're temporarily long-distance right now and he doesn't see how much I've changed (I went from vegan to raw vegan while he's been away!).

    He says he supports me doing anything for my health that I feel is right for me (awwww) but I'm really worried how he'll react when he sees in person just what "raw" means. Er, the green juice in the mornings? Not easily able to go out for "just one meal" at a restaurant? I'm a bit anxious...

  • I am a raw newbie and live in a house full of meat lovin' men! Its funny to me that despite all of the teasing, they've tried just about everything I've made and liked it. Even to the point of stating that they wouldn't mind more fruit and veggies in their diets. (I do the cooking) This evening I made them a chicken stir-fry and for the first time, the chicken part bothered me. I suppose thats part of the transformation.

    I love my hubby and his very "surprised" support as he tastes and enjoys. I've been transitioning for 2 weeks and am at 70% raw. This afternoon I woke from a little nap and he just stared with amazement. He said "You are gorgeous!"

  • beanbean Raw Newbie

    Aww, carrothuff, that's so sweet! I bet you are gorgeous, too, with all the raw food you're eating!

    This is an interesting one for me, because I've had a lot of flak from meat eaters for eating raw and because of that, I try especially hard not to judge anyone else out loud for their eating habits, even if I find them horribly unhealthy. I know how terrible judgemental people can make someone feel, whether they mean to or not. If they're eating obviously poorly (like Mcdonalds, or something horrible and greasy that they even look kind of ashamed for eating) then I'll give my opinion if it comes up, or if the situation won't be terribly awkward after, but I try not to make anyone feel personally bad about their food choices- because that's usually why people get offended at other people's choices, isn't it? Because it makes them feel insecure or insulted about their own? I mean, we talk all the time about how difficult it is to be in public and eat without someone making comments about the raw food, or parents or friends disapproving of the lifestyle we've chosen- but isn't that what I'd be doing if I tried to change someone else's diet simply because I thought mine was better? Don't get me wrong, I know most people have ridiculously unhealthy diets, and that obviously raw food is healthier- but calling them out on it and making them feel as if they're inferior at all as a person just doesn't sit right with me. If they know it's hurting them and continue it, then I do hold them responsible. But I try hard not to make anyone feel badly about themselves for something as simple as what they choose to put in their mouths. Eating cheese or meat doesn't necessarily make someone a bad person, after all.

    Incidentally, I dated a meat eater once and accidentally turned him vegetarian. He asked me why I didn't eat meat, so I told him, and I guess I had a good enough reason that he decided to go veg himself! Woo!

    Also, personally, I would absolutely love to find a vegan/raw vegan to date. I haven't come across any at all, so far, which kind of makes me sad... oh well. Hope for the future, eh?

  • Well, I have been vegetarian for 10-11 years? I lost count lol

    I am not 100% raw yet, but am transitioning right now : )

    My husband and children eat everything though. My kids do eat lots of fruits and veggies, and love to try the new things I prepare, so they are very healthy. But I do not want to take away any food that they are used to, I will let them make this choice on their own.

    My husband usually respect my food choices and understand them, although he often complains about their being only "rabbit food" in the fridge lol

    I do cook for everyone, mostly vegetarian meals, sometimes meat or fish. It's not too hard. I just keep it simple : )

    I do wish my husband would try to be healthier. He is always complaining about different problems with his body or health, but then goes to get fast food...

    Anyway, it would be nice if he was more health oriented : )

    If I wasn't married, I would certainly not date a meat eater unless he were health oriented and very open to vegetarian/vegan and raw food.

    I am hoping to be eating 90% raw food within the next few weeks. But I don't think I can do without a few treats with my kids every now and then ; p

  • I date and live with meat eaters!!

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