Raw Vegan Lacking Calories ... (question)

I've been vegan for about 5 years now and I'm a very active person - I run 15 to 30 miles a week. Last year I went 100% raw, for 3 months, and I felt a significant energy deficiency. Anyone else have this problem? Any high calorie raw food suggestions? Thanks.

Details: For those 3 months I ate mostly salads, vegetables and fruits. I don't eat nuts because of problems with food combining, and I ate limited seeds. No grains - not raw. I tried to bulk up on high-fat, high-calorie foods (I ate 1 to 2 avocados a day). By the end of the 3 months I would constantly feel light-headed throughout the day and could barely finish a day of work, let alone exercise. I'm 5'9" and I went from 150# to 135# (without exercising)! I want to go raw and stay raw, but I know I wasn't doing something right the first time. Most raw food testimonies include "increased energy levels", but I experienced the opposite, and it was frustrating. Thanks for reading.


  • Look into the 80-10-10 site and book. You need to eat a lot of fruit for the calories necessary to be athletic.


    If you increase calories with fats you just don't get the energy boost because it takes energy to digest nuts and seeds.

  • Yeah, sounds like a a '10/10/80' problem. 80/10/10 would be the best for your active lifestyle, 2000 calories a day with 80-90 percent being carbs, how much more energy could ya need!?

    try eating some bananas every morning, i make a smoothie usually containing a pound or two of bananas a morning to up my calories. it's key to eat until you're full with the 80/10/10 though, or else all of this fruit is going to make you VERY hungry later. good luck!

  • rawcanadianrawcanadian Raw Newbie

    I asked the same question here:


    Dates seems to help, and there are many varieties.

    The ones I have have about 8 being one serving, which equals 170 cals.

    So if you eat 3 servings of dates/ day that would be 500 cals. That should put you over the top.

    Even figs are high in cals. But buying these foods can be expensive, so I don't know if that is what you are looking for.

    Try smoothies, with bananas, 2 tbsp cacao (just over 100 cals), and some seeds in it.

    I would suggest experiments with all the raw types of seeds and amounts and seeing what works for you.

    Personally I use about 3 tbsps hemp seed in my smoothie and add in some kale and other fruits as well.

    Your smoothie should be 500-600 cals, so you can see by adding those dates (maybe in 3 different meals) your adding over 1000 cals.

    That should do it, see what works for you, have fun!!!

    Good luck!!!

  • osoniyeosoniye Raw Newbie

    Hi rawcanadian,

    By the way, do you soak or grind the hemp seeds before you put them in your smoothie?

  • rawcanadianrawcanadian Raw Newbie

    No I don't grind the hemp seeds, I just scoop them right in.

    Yesterday I tried 3 Tbsp hemp and 2 tbsp chia seed and it tasted good, and I'm just using a cheap $20 BnD Blender that is 450 watts. lol

    Wish I had a better one, but it is ok for now.

    You could also try soaking them, or even sprouting them before blending.

    This is all about experimenting and see what works for you, and if they taste better after being soaked then soak them.

    Good luck!!!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I eat sprouted grains fairly often & feel they help me a lot - the ones you can get raw & sprout include:

    buckwheat (groats are the raw ones)







    You can also get raw, sproutable oats from www.sunorganic.com - just make sure you order the oats for sprouting instead of the oat groats.

    Bananas & dates are higher in calories than other fruits.

    I also eat sunflower seeds (soaked or sprouted).

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Also, have you tried sprouting lentils or mung beans? They're pretty easy.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    It can be hard to meet the caloric needs for your high-functioning lifestyle (work, play, exercise) on fruits and veggies alone. Fats are good for brain function and energy, so a very low-fat diet can be difficult for active people.

    In addition to the advice above, can you digest sprouted grains?

    Coconut meat/oil, for the added fat?

    Could you simply eat more frequently to get more calories in?

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