Anyone have any tips on making them grow back? I think I have overplucked them and they are so thin!!


  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Mine have thickened up in the past year or so... I think it depends on how long you have over plucked... But I also think the "thin hair" thread will have some good info for you... Green smoothies and msm will also be of help...

  • well they have been thin for quite some time..a few years! I read somewhere to put olive oil on them.just thought I would check and see if anyone has had any experience with this!! thanks for your tips!!!

  • internettouristinternettourist Raw Newbie

    I over plucked mine too. I even started putting that stuff people put on their hair to thicken their hair on my eyebrows. I did that for about a year, and I thought how that stuff could be absorbing into the skin near my eyes (have bad effect on my eyes).

    My eyebrows thickened back up after going raw. I cannot recall how long it took. (No I do not put any thickeners on my eyebrows any more.) The key is to stop over plucking. Don't try to pluck your eyebrows into a special shape. Let it grow into a normal shape and just pluck what is out of the eyebrow zone.

  • Castor oil is famously known to help eyebrows and eyelashes grow back. If you google it, you should find lots of info!

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