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What makes you "go"?

I'll get straight to the faux-pas topic: what helps you go number 2? I have IBS that leaves me constipated, and I've been going raw for a month now, hoping it will help my guts more. I am eating plenty of veg, greens, fruits and drinking what, for me, is a lot of water. I hardly ever eat nuts, seeds, or dried fruit anymore since I tend to eat far too many.

I'm going to the bathroom better than usual (maybe once or twice a day, but not much; sometimes I still don't go for a couple days.) I feel like I'm gaining weight: my gut is huge, I feel bloated with water and watery produce, but I feel starved at night sometimes---and I'm still not having very good bowel movements. I hoped going raw would be the answer; I mean, everyone keeps joking about how I must have to be in the bathroom all day with all the veg n fruit I'm eating...but it's not happening.

Can anyone recommend things to eat or supplements that help you go? I'm taking digestive enzymes to help but even with those I'm still backed up it seems.

Any suggestions of:




For those of you who like percentages: I'd guess I'm 50% to 80% raw. Also, I thought eating raw cabbage would be a good solution, but it feels like it sits so heavy in my guts instead of getting things moving. Do I have the wrong idea?

Raisins are one of the only things that I know help me go, but a while ago I was only eating raisins all day, just to go to the bathroom. I'm talking 4 cups per meal. Not pretty results, but I was desperate.

Thanks, and I hope this post isn't too "icky" for some people. My boyfriend says bowel movements are my favorite topic---but when it's on your mind every day for years, you tend to get a little preoccupied.



  • green girlgreen girl Raw Newbie

    My mom and sister both have had constipation issues. They started drinking green smoothies for breakfast and lunch and now have no issues at all. They did go through a month or two of detox (gas, bloating) before they came out the other side. Now they will never give them up. The smoothies have allowed them to stop being dependent on coffee for their daily bowel movement and made them feel wonderfully healthy and energetic. I recommend Victoria Buotenko's book Green for Life or just google green smoothies to get lots of free info.

  • Flax seed makes me go, go, go. a tbs of ground flax seeds in my smoothie in the morning, a few flax crackers at lunch, some flax sprinkled on my salad, however I get it, I eat some flax every day.

    I don't advocate enemas or colonics, I think people can over use them, but it sounds like you may need some help from that end.


    You might also try water fasting, or juice feasting for a couple of days. That can help cleanse and flush things out.

    Don't stress about it, worry can tighten you up. Also, regular exercise can help with constipation.

  • PirawnaPirawna Raw Newbie

    How about prunes? I had constipating IBS/Ulcerative colitis. I make sure to have my green smoothies every day, flax and chia.

    Also, what helped me before I found raw and was a miracle to me was Dr. Natura's fiber powder and tea. It was like a miracle. Now I use the powder maybe once a month if even that. Usually upping my flax or greens or some prunes, and I am good.

    Oh, water, water, water. If you don't drink a lot of water with all your fiber, it can get stuck! And I agree an enema might help to just get unstuck and go from there.

  • I second the prune idea! That works wonders. I think if you tried some prunes you wouldn't have to eat as many raisins. Also, green juice also works for me for some reason. I have also found that a smoothie made with extremely ripe bananas does the trick, and it would be easy to make a prune/ripe banana smoothie for extra "go" power.

    I know some are weary of colonics, but I recently had one and it was a very positive experience. I felt really great afterwards and I feel like it has made my digestion soooo much better. If you decide to go, make sure you find someone that does closed system treatments, and also a therapist who has been trained in massage is really helpful. The tummy massage it where it's at, when my lady would press on parts of my tummy, I could actually feel junk dislodge and then I would see it come out the tube. Kinda gross, but apparently everyone on here liked to talk about poop as much as I do :)

    The only other thing I can recommend is to monomeal for a few days. That's usually the route I take when all else fails. I like to eat a variety of foods so I find this to be difficult, but when I do eat say, only apples or only grapes for a whole day....problem solved :)

  • Thanks everyone. I have some food intolerances, prunes and apricots being one of them, so I will try more more flaxseeds and more water (ugh, I hate water). I am planning to try eating some of the foods that have caused me such agony in the past, after I've been raw for a while, just to see if I can suddenly eat them.

    I would like to try colonics but I'm not sure where to go around here, as I live in a "small" city in Asia. So they probably do them at some chinese medicine hospital but first I have to figure out the word for colonics, and find a place to go. I'm pretty sure saying, "Do you have a doctor to put water up HERE" would be too embarrassing!

    I was pretty addicted to laxatives for a year, so I'd really like to stay away from anything that makes me go besides food and a some digestive enzymes. I have a whole bag of flaxseeds sitting in the cupboard, so I'll get using them, and I'll try more monomeals. Thanks again everyone!

  • rawcanadianrawcanadian Raw Newbie

    Too much fibre can also cause this, but since you are drinking lots o water I doubt that is the problem.

    Have you tried walking??? I have a sitdown job, and usually just walking to my car after works makes me want to go.

    I'm not sure how physically active you are, but after reading you post it looks like you are only concentrating on the nutrition part of the equation.

    Maybe try a 1/2 hour power walk and see if you can shake things up.

    "Inactivity can cause constipation

    Some people with physical challenges have mobility problems, which can lead to constipation. Be as active as possible each day. Every bit of regular exercise helps."

    and with a link:


    Good luck!!

  • i've dealt with constipation since college and i think that i only realized it then, when i started noticing how often my boyfriend went to the bathroom.

    my sisters deal with a similar issue, one of them had hemroids because of it. in the past none of the old stand by's have worked, prunes and their juice don't work, oily foods don't, spicy foods don't work. nothing.

    i've been better since being raw but i find the most noticable thing that affects me is stress on my body in any form. the week-ends throw me off, it usually takes until wednesday with a normal routine that my body starts responding again. (to regular eating times, reguarl activity) Travelling throws me off. Both of my sisters have noticed a big improvement since being in grounded relationships with another person.

    But yes, i hear you. I exercise, i drink water.. i think my body is just really sensitive to stress.

  • randommararandommara Raw Newbie

    You probably know this but don't eat very many bananas or sprouted rice because they're binding. I second the green smoothies and I mean green! I put at least 6 oz of greens in mine. That's a whole regular size bag if you're buying it packaged. Also if you get desperate, a gentle natural laxative is senna tea. You can get it at most drug stores under Lucy Le Beau Dieter's Tea. I may have the spelling wrong but you'll see it. It's nothing like those vicious diet teas from the 80's. This one is gentle and was recommended to me by a gastroenterologist when I was having severe constipation. I double the dose recommended but if you've gone recently you probably should start with what it says on the package. Of course you should never use any kind of laxative daily even if it's herbal but it's a definite help in emergencies!

  • My naturopath told me that green bananas are binding and really ripe ones actually have a laxative effect. So I have been making smoothies with spotty mushy bananas, and those definitely make me "go." I'm not sure if everyone agrees with that banana theory but it's been working well for me.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    magnesium supplements. the tips on this website have totally turned me around: http://www.fibromyalgiacfsstore.com/ibs.html.

    Also, self healing colitis and crohn's by david klein has tips about cutting back on acidic foods and fiberous greens, which works wonders for ibs-c. also, reading about soluble v. insoluble fiber. i always try to eat soluble fiber on empty stomach and make it the base for meals (soluble fiber=banana, mango, avocado,etc)

  • I find that papaya makes me go without fail. Chia seeds in my smoothie or hemp protein powder in my smoothie helps a lot too. Papaya is the champion however. That stuff sweeps through you like a broom.

    Here are a couple of ways I have it:

    Blend ripe papaya and stir in the seeds - drink. The seeds really get you to go, just don't chew them or they are bitter. Even without the seeds it works well. Sometimes I blend papaya with fresh squeezed orange juice. It is delicious.

    Chop up a papaya and a banana and put it over spring mix or romaine and drizzle fresh lime juice over it. This is a great lunch that I enjoy and find really filling. Sometimes I put grated coconut on top and a drizzle of honey to make it more fun, but it is great without those embellishments.

    Cut a papaya in half, scoop out the seeds, slice a banana in the the center and just eat like a bowl scooping out papaya and banana as you go.

    Rebounding - jumping on a mini trampoline - daily helps get everything moving too.

    Last but not least when I first rise in the morning I'll drink 6 cups of water and that certainly helps.

    Hope some of this helps you!

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    formosa, i would definitely try a juice fast. that helped a lot for me. even if you can juice for just 3 days, that would still release most of the waste inside of you.

    ajwain seed also helps me go. it's an uncommon seed so i don't know if you can get it in natural foods stores or not. my therapist gives me it, but i'm sure you can buy it online.

  • Hi Aubbie! Your post made my morning so cheerful, namely the comment about rebounding. I know you are serious and I can see how it would do the trick, since I know certain yoga poses help me sometimes, but I got the image in my head of me on my mini-tramp in our tiny apartment, and my boyfriend asking what I'm doing, and my reply: "Getting ready to poop!" sorry, I hope you don't have an uptight sense of humour!

    I will try some of the suggestions people posted on here. Some of them I haven't tried. And they are better than the ones my family members give me:

    1. drink straight cream

    2. eat a big greasy steak

    3. eat some raw beef (I grew up on some Lebanese dishes, including the occasional raw beef dish)

    As funny (or gross) as these suggestions might sound, the crazy things might be that they DON'T work for me even. It's like I have guts opposite to my family and friends. I ENVIED my boyfriend when we were in Thailand and he got traveller's Diarrohea. I was so backed up it was crippling. I purposefully ate the nastiest street food to TRY to get some kind of parasite to make me go. Nothing. Eventually I had to take laxatives, as usual.

  • I've heard the same about bananas, iheartveggies. I've eaten "almost black" bananas for a few years now. Greener ones just taste awful to me.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    formosa, your family's suggestions are hilarious!!! my dad's solution was to always give me a can of beer- no joke. i was 3 when he started giving it to me!!! my mom flipped when she found out.

  • corecriescorecries Raw Newbie

    Exercise- physical work-regular walks

    Psyllium husk

    Flax seeds

    Liquorice (soft)

    Pomelo fruit , citrus fruits

    Freshly made Apple juice

    Coconut water

    Tamarind beans

    Senna tea (very strong)

    Oatmeal porridge

    Aloe Vera Juice

    Strong Coffee freshly grinded beans

    herbs: Cascarqa Sagrada




  • My sister also recommended aloe, Corecries. I want to try it, but can just squeeze out the aloe pulp/gel and use it like that? Do you actually have to juice it?

  • thanks, rawcanadian. I do actually go to the gym, do cardio, walk and run (well...when it was warm out I ran!) so I know exercise and stretching does help me. I jump around the room sometimes, even...depending on what music is playing;-)

    I focused on food because I know I'm already active AND I didn't want any supplement/laxative products since I had a laxative dependency a couple years ago. I just hoped I'd get some new ideas outside of the typical ones (that often don't seem to work for me.) So I've got a few new ideas. I'm going to buy an aloe plant and see about adding some pulp to a smoothie I think.

    By the way, I'm Canadian too. How is the winter treating you?

  • Hi Formosa!

    Your image isn't far off from my reality :) Except it is me telling my husband I really need to go and I'm going to get on the rebounder to help that along ... ! That and all the papaya I eat sure helps. Another thing I remember helping from the summer is when I would eat a big bowl of watermelon. By the time I was done with my watermelon it was time to go, seemed like a wonder to me. Of course it is out of season now. I can't wait until watermelon is back!

    Your families suggestions are different! My Mom would always suggest I drank coffee, and I have to admit that does work but I gave up coffee years ago when I first started my journey to improve my health. Now I occasionally have tea, mostly caffeine free herbals and they don't have quite the same effect.

    Good luck with this, keep us updated so we know what worked for you!

  • I had this problem when my diet consisted of mostly solely green smoothies and my problem was that I did not have enough fat intake in my diet. I think the main components to "going" are fiber, water and fat. I started adding some flax seed oil to my smoothies and that solved the problem for me.

    Good luck!

  • You can eat Dried Figs, they have a laxative effect and they are good for you, but don't have to much of it though, also Coconut might help. Also what you can do is take some Psyllium husk before your meal, it helped me with my IBS issues.

    Good luck.

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Flax seeds. Greens, greens, greens. Have huge salads and don't eat dehydrated foods for now. If you really have a problem take one teaspoon of Epsom salts in water. If that doesn't help within eight hours take another.

    Don't take Epsom salts every day. Use it once in a while if you have this constipation.

  • Is using Epsom salts the same as doing a salt water flush? I haven't done one but I do have sea salt, so can I use that? (in an emergency). I think on a regular basis I'll take flax seeds and more water.

  • Is using Epsom salts the same as doing a salt water flush? I haven't done one but I do have sea salt, so can I use that? (in an emergency). I think on a regular basis I'll take flax seeds and more water.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    Acidic foods can reaaaaallly slow down for people who have inflamed stomaches. Because the body is trying to heal and then wham gets a bunch of acid in it.

    First of all, transferring to a raw diet is harder when one has been eating a lot of fat/protein which is low in fiber. And then the body has to heal and adjust to having more fiber.

    Self healing colitis and crohn's by david klein is very informative!

    Also, the supplements recommended on this website do incredible things.http://www.fibromyalgiacfsstore.com/ibs.html

    oops i forgot i posted above...

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    **Magnesium.** Supplements or Epsom salts can supply it, but the easiest food source is green juices. I have learned the hard way (no pun intended) that if I go too long without enough greens, I get constipated. And depressed. (Constipation and depression were pretty normal for me prior to going raw.) I suggest you try upping your magnesium intake.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    It's actually quite easy to be magnesium deficient, especially on 811, unless one is consciously consuming tons of greens, which the 811 gurus don't really push that much.

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    No, Epsom salts are a bit different. I can't say exactly why, but on curezone.com I'm sure if you search it you will find many experts...

  • For another helpful tip check out: www.naturesplatform.com/

    And as already mentioned papaya seeds. See: http://goneraw.com/node/7113 (Papaya seed cleanse)

  • Flax Seeds (grounded) !!!! I take them every morning with my smoothie

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