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HELP! I ate sprouted buckwheat and Im nauseated

I just something with sprouted buckwheat and within 10 minutes I felt nauseated and made myself vomited unfornately after 30 mins to help relieve it. As of now 2 hours later I am still sick but to a lesser degree. Anyone else experience this? I have been vegetarian for 4 years no dairy and recently went raw about a month ago. I ate buckwheat pancakes for the first time a couple years ago and was sick from that too but silly me thought I would be fine now. (Crazy I know) My question is what can I do besides taking some over the counter meds? and If anyone else has this similiar problem are there any other foods I should also avoid in the future related to it?



  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Poor baby! Ginger and mint are both very soothing on the stomach. A teaspoon of ginger mashed up with hot water as a tea might help. Chew on the ginger when the tea is done.

    Chew some mint leaves or try a tea as above.

    Some people are more sensitive to b'wheat. It has some sort of toxin in the coating and if it isn't sprouted properly I imagine it could cause a reaction. There was a thread recently on things not to eat raw - aka the big "yam or sweet potato" discussion!

  • leahcelesteleahceleste Raw Newbie

    Yes I had a similar reaction to a raw sprouted buckwheat cracker bread that I bought at the store in Los Angeles. It made me feel so sick. What is funny is that since then if I soak and make my own buckwheat at home then I am fine. I usually don't sprout it to the point of growing tails, just soak it and then make buckwheat crunchies or sometimes bread or crackers.

    You will probably just have to let it pass, drinking ginger and peppermint tea are great suggestions though. I have also discovered that I have a sensitivity to raw cacao. I used to eat it all the time but now I just don't anymore. What is weird about it is that I never know when I'm going to have the bad reaction. Sometimes its fine and other times I feel horrible!

    Alot of the diet is trial and error though. I sometimes have to eat things a few times to really be sure and then they go on the never eat ever again list!!

    Good luck to you!

  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    It could be due to not sprouting them long enough to remove the enzyme inhibitors. A few months ago I made myself a sprouted bean salad and after eating it I felt sick right away. The neausa came in waves and after waiting it out a bit figured I better be safe than sorry and made myslelf puke it all out. I know some beans (like kidney and other large ones) have dangerous toxins that can leave you very ill-- not sure about buckwheat though.

  • Thanks for all your comments. I was sick pretty much all day yesterday it came in waves. I didnt sleep until about midnight. I first tried chamomile tea and I had to vomit again then afterthat I didnt do anything for a while. Then I made 2 ginger teas over 2 hours. I drank those and it got a little better. I bought the food from a vegan restaurant which sells some raw and cooked items. I thought they would know to how to sprout properly. It could be that Im just allergic thou.

  • RisnwthHimRisnwthHim Raw Newbie

    I just read through your post and the many helpful replies you received. I'm glad you're feeling better, but I have a thought to share. Your violent reaction to the food and the "waves" of nausea sound so much like mild food poisoning. It's quite possible, don't you think, that the food became contaminated at some point - and harmful bacteria were growing on the sprouting seeds? I know you have to be very careful when sprouting. Just a thought that might help you avoid repeating this experience. It is possible that you're allergic to buckwheat, but, again, the "waves" of nausea you described sound more like food poisoning than an allergic reaction.

  • Hi I'm a newbie...originally I replied to this post and was wondering if Ezekiel bread is considered RAW since it is a sprouted grain bread? BUT I have found out it is NOT :( I dont have a dehydrator so anything I can get RAW at a store that isn't too pricey is happy times for me. After reading this thread I got scared to do the soaked buckwheat or anything really LOL did you let the people know how it affected you? Maybe there was a problem with their products or at the least maybe they could have informed you albeit after the fact as to whether others have had similar problems if they allergic.

    I recently make a big purchase from the raw food world and ordered their Activated Barley because of all the benefits I read from it. Has anyone ever tried it? Wondering how it taste?? I also purchased the Tablets of Chlorella (Nuts as they refer to them) and curious about anyone's input on them as well. I ordered too much honestly but in my mind I figured if I'm gonna do this thing then let's DO IT! Just trying to get in the groove and try out alot of things and find my niche with what works for me.

    Peace and many blessings to all!!


  • sweetheartsweetheart Raw Newbie

    Hi, i discovered this after experiencing severe nausea and cramps after eating soba noodles - The last time i had this feeling was after eating some raw crackers that i suspect had buckwheat in them. I thought it was a raw thing, like people are saying on this thread - but now i think that i'm allergic to buckwheat. What am i doing eating soba noodles when i know better about raw - because i can't cook well enough to keep the raw diet interesting. I end up making like a green smoothie and drinking it with doritos - i find all the breads and

    crackers to be a total disappointment with Raw and end up making rice and eating cooked

    crackers as i really miss cereal grains and raw bread sucks rocks next to good sourdough.

    Anyone else diagnose this as a buckwheat allergy?

  • Joëy PhiJoëy Phi Raw Newbie

    I once read somewhere that if you sprout buckwheat too long it becomes toxic. Not sure if that's 100% true though... But from what I read, the stem shouldn't be longer than the grain. Also, if you don't rinse it well enough twice a day and leave it in a super humid place, it's apparently not good either:)

  • robinsrobins Raw Newbie
    I ate "Go Raw" sprouted grouts cereal and each time had headaches, tummy aches, and just felt awful and groggy. My hubby ate it and felt sick to his stomach. Interesting to hear others have similar feelings!
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