anyone know anything about the blood type diet? I'm so confused!

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I'm not 100% raw but I do try to eat at least 80% of a raw, low fat, vegan diet. From everything I've heard I should be losing weight by now but I'm definitely not losing and maybe even gaining. I've been hearing a lot about the blood type diet lately and I'm type O --which means I'm "supposed" to be eating meat. What!? I haven't eaten meat in 8 years, I've been vegan for 1 year, and started playing with a mostly raw diet a few months ago. I'm so confused and don't know what to do. Any input or info or personal experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.


  • leahcelesteleahceleste Raw Newbie

    Read Gabriel Cousen's, Conscious Eating. He goes into blood type, dosha type, and many other types! You need to experiment with a couple ways of eating:

    1- High Fat Raw, eating as many avocados or nuts and seeds as fills you up

    2 - Low fat raw, like 80-10-10

    3 - food combining

    4- Low to no salt diet

    One of these will probably do the trick for you. Eating low fat vegan is not always the way to go for some people. Like when I eat too much macrobiotic based food I gain weight, then if I go back to raw, eating as much fat as I want and making sure to eat fruit and sugars by themselves(food combining) I slim down. I now also try to only eat salt at one meal or no meals a day. I think salt makes you bloated and causes you to hold more water weight. I have noticed that sometimes weight is actually swelling or bloating in the body so if you are still eating wheat or other vegan processed foods you may not see the changes you want.

    One more thought, if you have a juicer try making yourself 1-2 green juices a day for a couple weeks and see what happens. Juicing is like medicine for the body, if you try it for long enough you will be able to see the effects.

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    Gabriel Cousens is a type O, as is David Wolfe. Dr. Cousens says that type O people may need more protein, but that it doesn't necessarily have to be animal protein. He recommends for everyone to be 100% vegan & at least 80% raw.

    My experience is this: when I found the blood type diet plan, it was the one that fit the best with what I already knew about my body's response to several different foods, so it was a great help to me. The longer I have been eating high raw, the further I have gotten away from the blood type diet, as my body now craves & thrives on foods that I previously did poorly with.

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    I think a lot of people going from processed, refined, standard american diet, may feel better on "the blood type diet" but that's only because they are eating healthier than before, not anything to do with blood type.

    i'm type O and have never felt better than as a vegan, over 6 years.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Type O's in the house! Holla!

    I don't find much credibility in blood type diets, but that's not to say there isn't any.

  • I have the RH factor and would love to know what is recommended....?

  • iluvlifeiluvlife Raw Newbie

    I saw this thread and decided to look up what it said about me (A blood type):

    "But it is particularly important for sensitive Type As to eat their foods in as natural a state as possible: pure, fresh and organic."

    Haha looks like I came to the right place :)

  • I second Leahceleste!

    Also, Dr. Gabriel Cousens does reccomend a 100% vegan diet, but not for health reasons so much as philisophical reasons. For this he also reccomends supplementing with Vitamin B12, because he doesn't beleive in veganism as our natural state, but as beings who have the luxury of being able to be vegan, he beleives we should. It's for spiritual reasons as well, and energetic reasons; I would say read his book, Spiritual Nutrition, but that book is a freaking marathon of information...I feel like I deserve a degree after reading it lol!

    I do concurr that nobody HAS to eat meat. Therefore we shouldn't. And of course, saturated fats are the culprit of so many diseases.

    But yeah, once again, I concurr with Leaceleste! There are many many variations within raw, start going through them! There's so many ways to do it!

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    I was on the Blood Type diet for a short time. Due to some physical problems I was searching for the right diet. Interestingly it did help, but I thought there must be something better than eating tons of meat. I am O neg. Which meant I was eating more meat than O poss. . When I picked up Cousins book, He mentioned that a person may want to watch the lectins. As some of those physical problems are still bothering me, I stay away from the problem lectins.

    RH neg. factor O blood type,, red meat for most every meal if possible. The fruit, veg. nuts, seeds, and other meat, can get very complicated because of the lectins and supposedly how the food effects the blood.

    Before I went on The Blood Type Diet I was eating a very healthy organic yogurt/ vegetarian diet, so the change to better food could not effect the Blood Type Diet for me.

    In another post I mentioned There are ideas that may help in keeping the weight down. Right now I am losing a 1/2 pound a day.

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