Pretty sure my husband has food poisoning - Any tips on natural care?

JosephineJosephine Raw Newbie

My husband came home early from work tonight with symptoms of food poisoning or possibly a flu bug. He said he ate a ham sandwich out of a vending machine at work (YUCK!!!) about 4:30 this afternoon and started having symptoms about 2 hours later. He persevered until about 7:30 and came home. He doesn't have a fever, so I don't think it's a flu bug. He's not yet started with stomach cramps or diarrhea, but has a headache and is very nauseous.

I know something like this has to pretty much run its own course, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions that might ease his symptoms in the meantime?



  • leahcelesteleahceleste Raw Newbie

    He could drink bentonite clay mixed in water, I have done this before and it provides some relief. The clay absorbs the bad stuff. Also if you have green powder have him take as much of it as you can. It has probiotic and enzymes to help with the nasty stuff. If he is nauseous have him chew on fresh ginger slices or make fresh ginger tea with lemon. Or if you have a juicer make him a ginger lemon juice shot, ginger has natural antibiotic properties.

    Hope that helps!

  • JosephineJosephine Raw Newbie

    leahceleste - thank you!

    I have all that on hand except the bentonite, but I can pick some up tomorrow. He is sleeping now, but I will surely make him ginger lemon juice shots when he wakes up, or the tea if he prefers. Might even make some for myself, hehehe. Sounds pretty tasty. :)

    Not sure if he'll go for the green powder. The stuff I have on hand is pretty you think intervals of one teaspoon would suffice?

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    I knew a woman that said drinking fresh young coconut water helped her tremendously when she was battling a stomach virus, and said that it is an excellent way of preventing dehydration. It has helped me if my stomach was upset, so might be worth a try at least to keep him hydrated? I think I remember reading that both watermelon and coconut water are excellent for dehydration and replacing electrolytes.

  • corecriescorecries Raw Newbie

    The kassava root is a great detoxifier. You have to boil it...

  • Colloidal silver is a natural antimicrobial and is harmless. You can get it at most health food stores (Vitamin Shoppe nearby?). Just follow the directions on the bottle and use for about 2-3 days. Then, follow it up with a lot of probiotics, get dairy free, refrigerated acidophilus

  • JosephineJosephine Raw Newbie

    Just wanted to thank everyone for your wonderful advice and suggestions.

    I was all ready to offer my husband ginger/lemon shots and coconut water...his request was chicken broth, saltine crackers, and 7-UP. :( Bless his heart, he's so pale and and weak. He slept all day long with brief bouts of consciousness in between, but he's up now and he is starting to feel a wee bit better. Luckily that nasty ham sandwich was the only food he had since about 6pm the day before, so there's not much else inside him to slow the toxins from being released. His vomiting and diarrhea has been fairly moderate and his stomach cramps minimal, but the headache lingers and will not budge. He's drinking water and keeping himself hydrated. It's looking like this is a mild case, thank goodness!

    I wish I could have stayed home with him today but I had to go to WERK and that wound up taking almost 11 hours, but at least he slept most of the day and didn't really need me around. I'm hoping he'll be more inclined towards natural care later tonight or maybe tomorrow.

    We have the best doggies and kitties on the planet. They never left his side. :)

    You guys are the BEST! I love Thanks soooo much for all your support and I hope my husband will try some of your suggestions over the weekend.

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