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Attn Californians: young Thai coconut 6.99/box

SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

My local 99 Ranch Supermarket (the Asian chain) is running a sale: $6.99 for a box of 9 young Thai coconuts. I think this is the best price I've ever seen. Maybe it's in honor of Chinese New Year Sunday.

Store locator here



  • browniesbrownies Raw Newbie

    Thats an awesome deal. My local market in Berkeley sells them for $1.19 each.

  • Omg, that is so cool! I'll let my Mom know =)

  • there's no way that those are organic though

  • hey, I'm close to Berkeley... are you in the raw meetup.org group? If not, check it out, we meet every month, often at Reggie's Raw Food To Go in Emeryville. :)

  • browniesbrownies Raw Newbie

    no, I'll check it out though. I'd love to meet some locals.

  • for the record, they don't sell organic young coconuts and in the raw community it's generally accepted that they don't need to be organic, as not only is there a thick white 'shell' protecting the actual coconut inside, but there is yet another shell pesticides would need to penetrate to make it to the flesh and water.

    The only way you could get an organic young coconut in the states at this point that I know of is to go pick one off a tree yourself.

    If the coconut you're buying is shaved and white, it's not organic, end of story. Organic ones would not stay white.

    I'm in Chicago, and I wouldn't pay more than fifty cents for a young coconut. You have to look at the Asian grocery stores, places where the people who shop there don't consider them 'exotic.' In more conventional grocery stores, or even specialty stores, they know that we're going to look at them as 'exotic' and they will charge accordingly. Try to find an Asian or Thai grocery store, and they will always be more reasonably priced. Good luck!

  • PamPam

    Edamame3, I'm in Chicago, too. I can get them for $1.99 at my Whole Foods, now. (They were selling them for $4. I left a comment card a couple years ago saying they were gouging people and I starting buying them at Broadway Supermarket for much less. I have no idea when WF adjusted the price... I just noticed it about a month ago.)

    Where do you get them for 50 cents??? I like they are $1.19 or more at Broadway.

  • Hey!

    I'm in the suburbs; out here in Naperville there is a big Asian super grocery store called 'Super H Mart'...it's HUGE and it's like a museum of foreign and strange produce to western eyes and tastes; they have banana flowers there, like 8 different kinds of eggplant, roots I've never seen, billions of exotic greens, and of course, 50 cent young coconuts! It's right off of Rt. 88 and Ogden, if you ever make it out that way!

    There are other Asia marts too; most of them will have the young coconuts for pretty cheap. But that's where I go! It's a gem out here!

  • PamPam

    Now that you mention it, I know where you mean. I live downtown, so I never get out to Naperville. I don't eat enough young coconuts to make it worth the trip! Broadway Supermarket is actually an Asian store that has lots of interesting looking stuff (but no banana flowers!). Wish I could get a tour guide, though, because I don't speak any of the languages that would help me navigate the place. Now with WFs selling young cocos for $1.99, it's hardly worth the trip! Besides, my ego is big enough to think I had something to do with the price drop... ;o)

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie


    If you are up for the adventure, call the market ahead of time and see if they will provide a "tour guide" for you. (I think I would ask if there was someone that could take the time to explain things... not call the person a tour guide. ;) ) The worst case is they say they don't have someone... Best case is you have a really awesome time... If they can provide someone, you might even invite some friends for the adventure...

  • PamPam

    That's a great idea... BUT... it's very difficult to find someone who speaks english. I used to shop there all the time when I was cooked vegan and never could find anyone to help me! I used to have a friend who introduced me to the neighborhood in the first place and she could probably 'splain some things to me, but I unfortunately lost track of her!

  • the problem with super h mart is that a lot of their coconuts are very old. although they still have their white husks (and not the hairy brown shells), you'll notice that they're smaller than your typical young coconut, plus the meat inside is harder and thicker than it should be. furthermore, there's relatively little water inside. so they're basically transitioning into old dessicated maturity.

    plus the outside can be very moldy (between the coconut husk and the plastic wrap).

    there's a reason why h mart sells them so cheap! i would be wary.

  • I found some great websites that act as a tour guide; just google asian produce and you'll get all kinds of info. You may not find someone there who is knowledgable, but the info is obtainable.

    autumnides, I have never had that experience, and I buy 12 a week! Did you go to the one in Naperville? Just curious!

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    Hmmmm, the Asian market here (in VA) sells them for $1.99. The only other place I have found them is an organic produce home delivery service (they are in PA, but they do deliver here), which charges around $5 each!

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