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How often is a good idea to do colonics for detox purposes? I heard matt monarch say that even if you are healthy the toxins still need help getting out.

Anybody have any credible information on this?

I was thinking like once a month... And also are water or coffee ones best?

Is it really necessary? Can my body handle itself?

Gracias amigos y amigas


  • Hi, Zinfandel! I just got done doing a serious of colonics, I did one every two weeks. The girlfriend I went with was recommended to come every week for 90 days to get rid of some parasites. They hydrotherapist will see what comes out of you and tell you how often they think you should come.

    I had an extremely positive experience doing colonics. I have been high raw since last February, but didn't feel like it was necessary to have one until just recently. The therapist I had was really good about explaining everything to me and telling me what it was I was seeing come out (sorry I know thats gross.) She did a really good tummy massage and showed me how to do it at home in order to "tone" my elimination muscles lol. Sometimes she would be rubbing a spot on my belly and I could feel something dislodge and then we would see it come out the tube. Gross, but extremely interesting. I noticed after my treatments that I almost felt euphoric...I would sleep perfectly that night and have no cravings for anything. My skin is radiant now and I have way more energy.

    Alot of people told me they didn't think I even needed a colonic, but I decided to go because of the information I read in Natalia Rose's, "The Raw Food Detox Diet." Basically she explains how everything you have eaten in your whole life that is not a fruit, vegetable, nut or seed, is partially still inside your body because we don't have the enzymes to digest things that aren't natural. Then this matter is baked into our intestines by our own body heat and we are no longer able to pass this on our own. I have definitely eaten unnatural things before and felt that I needed help to get them out- and I was right.

    So Anyway, long post, but I vote YES!

  • ps- Just wanted to add that I went to "TummyTemple" in Seattle. GREAT place!

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    Hmmm--- Ive been thinking about getting a colonic for a while-- The hydrotherapist... how much do they "do" -- I mean do you insert the tube? Do they? what do you wear?

  • My hydrotherapist told me that I could insert the tube or she could do it for me. I actually chose to have her do it for me, because then I am able to lay on my side and its quite an easy process lol. The place I went to felt like a spa, you come in and have some water with electrolytes, then when you go into the room it was like a massage table with a comfy blanket and candles and everything, very soothing. There's also a toilet in the room because sometimes when you get off the table, the force of gravity causes some solid matter to move down your colon and you have to get it out. Just in case you were wondering (people always ask me), I don't think it hurts at all. The tube is small and I think most people's "movements" are larger anyway. My therapist also asks me first if I want a tummy massage before she does it, and I always do. It's really helpful to do what she calls, "bottle breathing," where you breathe into the bottom of your tummy like it was a bottle and gradually fill to your chest. It helps alot to open up your abdomen for her to work on and it feels good. To be honest, I actually think the whole process feels kinda good. She said that some people who are a little older (I'm only 21) who have some serious impaction sometimes feel a little sick, but I have really found it to be rather relaxing and refreshing. You feel so light and clean when you are done. It doesn't really matter what you wear, just some kinda comfy top at least because you just take your pants off lol. I wouldn't wear a dress because it would bunch up and you wouldn't be comfy. Anyway, I obviously love this topic haha, so if you have any more questions just let me know!

  • Please use caution in your decision to undergo colonics. There are stories of water backwash, so what exits one person may end up in another. Also the only way to sterilize equipment (tubing, metal machine parts, etc.) to completely kill viruses (including HIV) is with the use of an autoclave, a highly expensive piece of equipment that almost no colonic therapist would have. When I was in private practice and sending stool analyses in for people, some of the most disgusting lab reports would be from people who had colonics. Parasites do not come out with colonics. They are microscopic in size and unless you have a giant worm in you that manages to come out, no "hydrotherapist" can see a parasite. The parasite must be identified by a lab after a three day stool collection after following a specific protocal, and oral meds/supplements need to be directed to kill that specific parasite. Sometimes a prescription IS the only way to kill a parasite. If you are committed to doing some colon cleansing from the bottom up instead of the top down (herbal preps, loads of probiotics, digestive enzymes) just purchase an enema bag and do your own in the privacy of your bathroom where YOU are in complete control. Colonic enthusiasts will tell you that you can't get the same effect, but they are trying to sell you a colonic!


  • I think that everyone needs to do their own research when it comes to this and decide what they are comfortable with. Just because I told everyone about a positive experience I had does not mean I am trying to "sell" them anything. It's not like someone cuts me a check for saying I liked it. 100% of people will never agree on anything, and that's just fine.

    Do you have evidence of people who have contracted HIV from colonics? The place where I go is EXTREMELY clean, the water is triple purified, and the speculum is disposable for every person. I am just curious as I have never heard this before.

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