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Sick with the flu, what would you do?

The last few days I've come down with the flu. I believe that plants contain healing properties, so I'm wondering, what should I eat to make myself feel better? I'm coughing so much I've become nauseous and keeping things down is an issue. I made myself some nice pineapple/orange juice, but it just tasted bitter. I also made a smoothie with orange and blueberry, which also tasted bitter. Why is everything tasting like orange peels? My body seems to reject the idea of greens in particular, which I thought would be the thing my body would want. Apparently all the only food my body will accept is non-raw vegan chinese food...lol!

What do you do when you're under the weather? (the weather is beautiful today!)



  • Surprised you want anything to eat with the coughing and nausea... Stay home, Get plenty of rest, sip tea of your liking with raw honey to help with that cough... Honey on a spoon may also be worth a try for that cough... High antioxidant green smoothie when you are better...

    Prevention is the best solution for the future!!! Wash those hands before any eating after touching anything outside your home... Grocery cart handle is the WORSE spreader of germs!!!

    Hope you feel better soon!!!

  • derrycklderryckl Raw Superstar

    If you can manage anything hot (ginger, cayenne, etc) - give it a shot. I have read that a bit of ginger in a warm bath allows your pores to open and break a really quick sweat. I have not tried it, but it sounds good, and I would love to hear from anyone that can recommend it!

  • I've been trying to eat a little just to keep my energy levels up. It's midterm time, and professors don't let you call in sick (you actually need to bring in documentation of either hospitalization or a death certificate to be able to reschedule an exam). I'm thinking about trying something called a netti pot (sp?). It's supposed to help with congestion. Anyone ever tried it?

    Strangely enough I haven't had a sore throat...the congestion all feels much lower down in my chest. A doctor suggested to me once that my body might have a slight asthma-like reaction to viruses or when it is under stress. I don't know how much I believe that, but I do tend to get coughs every time I get the slightest sniffle

    The interesting thing about being sick is I've been homesick for both my mom and all the weird foods I always ate when I was sick as a kid...toast with margarine, ice cream shakes, apple cider packets that always tasted slightly like metal...lol! It's weird to think back on that stuff. I can still remember the slightly wrong aftertaste of the apple cider! What did you eat when you were sick? What do you do now that you're raw (comfort foods, cure alls)?

    Thanks, waterbaby! I'm feeling better already :)

  • Hi Parsley,

    I think all the suggestions so far are good- drinking (for me ginger tea, I believe some one already mentioned that). Definately sleep! Your body needs some time and a good environment to heal itself. For me, when I get this kind of thing crackers or toast would always work before I started eating high raw. If you have any raw crackers or if you do the "raw" breads (I believe one brand is called Eziekel bread?) I would try that. It may keep you from an upset stomach from having the phlegm sitting in your stomach from the drainage. I know that sounds gross, sorry. When I'm feeling ikky I can't tolerate green stuff either. Bananas, avacados and apples sliced up settle well for me. I hope mentioning this doesn't offend anyone here. But, I'm going to chance it because I think mentioning these things too important to no. Sooo... I am not one to rush to the Doctor over a cold or flu. In fact I am just getting over a bout of something (flu?). BUT, if the thing lasts for several weeks and/or is getting into your lungs, I really would suggest going into a Doctor. Pneumonia is nothing to mess with. I know "we" tend to not rush to pop pills and such (which I agree isn't a good habit). It doesn't sound like you are anywhere near that. But, I just mention it. Also- imho (and I respect that you or others may disagree) it is important to keep something down- even if it has to be something that isn't raw. I do not follow a 100% raw diet all the time, so for me this isn't such a big deal. For you, maybe so? But, I think even not as healthy food is better than nothing. But for me, I think avacados are becoming my raw comfort food:-) I hope my suggestings didn't offend you, they were only meant as concern. And I hope you are feeling better soon.

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Grapefruit seed extract.

  • randommararandommara Raw Newbie

    I use these. They really work and you can get them at any health food store and a lot of supermarkets:



    They use a high grade clinically tested herbs. I use one bag of each each time. Good luck!

  • Yesterday morning I woke up with a sore throat. I downed a cup of honey, lemon, and ginger pressed in a garlic press, all stirred into hot water. That afternoon, it was mostly gone. Now I've just got a bit of a runny nose.

  • grapefruit.fanaticgrapefruit.fanatic Raw Newbie

    Ginseng Red Panax.

    You can get it at Asian grocers, it's cheap, all natural and it works wonders. I drink a small bottle (maybe 2 oz?) in my herbal tea when I feel sick.

  • Elderberry supplement with zinc (or sambuccol syrup which is the same thing)- will helps lots with the symptoms by building up your immunity

    Echinecea supplement or tea

    Bee Pollen

    Eucalyptus Tea (opt with chamomile)

    I posted something similar earlier


    From my blog: http://itveganatgenesis.blogspot.com/2009/10/warming-up.html

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    Raw garlic!!!!! As much as you can stand. ;) I'm talking 6-8 cloves a day. You should reek of the stuff, that means enough of the sulfur is getting in your lungs to be beneficial.

    I try to remember to eat a clove every day just for good health but I often forget. Even my two little boys, 5 and 7, have been eating raw garlic for years whenever they are sick. In fact, they ask for it. I just remind them to chew it up fast before it starts to burn and follow it with a bunch of water.

    It will also help relieve some congestion, but it doesn't last for hours and hours. You will have to keep having more!

    I also like steaming with eucalyptus oil and drinking ginger tea, as others suggested.

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