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I bought some powdered spirulina last week because I want to add it to my green juice in the morning. How much should I use? I put a teaspoon in today but it still turned my juice black; it took away all the lovely green! How else can I incorporate the powder into my drinks?


  • I like to use it with citrus drinks, especially grapefruit. Add a litte agave if you like. The citrus flavor is intense enough, that you don't taste green. It's a great novelty for the kids to drink black orange juice. :)

    It's great with berry smooties too.

    Your amount seems reasonable. I happen to have mine in capsules, and I just break them open into the smoothie/juice.

    Enjoy your black-green drinks!

  • I put spirulina in juices and sometimes smoothies. We use 1 tablespoon and combine it with a teaspoon of chlorella. It goes very well in pineapple based juices, and also great with my favorite juice - celery cucumber apple (4 stalks celery, 1 hothouse cuke, and 1 apple). Working up to 1 tablespoon is a good idea, starting as you did with 1 teaspoon and gradually increasing over a few weeks.

  • I don't understand the spirulina thing. I was thinking on of the wonderful things about going raw was not needing supplements. I'm curious what people's experiences have been with spirulina. Why is it so popular? Are there many out there who choose not to use the stuff? Pros/cons? Those of you who do use it, what have you experienced?



  • but doesn't that get expensive for you Aubbie? I would love to use more and chlorella as well but i find i try to restrict myself to keep cost down. although maybe it's wise not to put a price tag on what is good for my body. currently i use a little less then a teaspoon to try and make the jar last longer. the color it turns things has never bothered me and i don't notice a taste.

  • Hi findamanda, I buy it in bulk so the cost isn't quite so bad. A 4 pound bottle from LuckyVitamin.com of spirulina lasts almost 2 months, and a 2.2kg container from the same place of chlorella that has lasted about 4 months. The tablets I am working on finding the best place to buy in bulk still, but even those aren't that pricey. Honestly, even if they were expensive I would still find a way, because I believe they are really beneficial in the diet.

    Winsomehill, there is so much out there about the benefits of chlorella and spirulina, but here are a few links that I found to be educational:






  • Thanks Aubbie, i'm only two months into this and haven't purchased anything online yet. (but have been meaning to, i've been able to get by with my health food store so far)

    I'll look into options online and price compare. thank you! for the links too, going to browse through them before i'm off to bed. :)

  • browniesbrownies Raw Newbie

    I only use 1/4 of a teaspoon. Just a little extra boost. It tends to be overpowering if I use more than that. I like to add it in to my dehydrated raw food bars & cookies too.

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