Please forgive me as I have not posted here in quite some time.Since changing my diet in the summer of 07 I have gotten off medication,lost 30lbs,improved eye sight, have plenty of energy & better attitude in general and basically enjoy a healthy existence. That said I have avoided posting this on any forum till now, because of its somewhat embarrassing nature. I have had a persistent rash in my butt cheeks for about a year now. I have tried external homeopathic salves and such with NO positive results. I have also systematically excluded different foods for weeks at a time,no results. Although I have always eaten a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, these foods now comprise at least 80% (or more) of my dietary intake. I do not believe it is external but internal, something I am allergic to or ??? If anyone has experienced this or has any suggestions - please!


  • Hi Iogan,

    It's seems like there's something your body is trying to rid itself of that it has a hard time doing so, thus trying to detoxify itself over your bottom. That would be my assumption.

    What you could do is try the big cure-all: green smoothies!

    Have you had them/Do you know of them?

    Basically it's really all about getting the biggest amount of leafy greens into your body that you can. It's the easiest with green smoothies. I'll gladly tell you more about it, if you're interested.

    Another idea might be to see if you can find a holistic doctor near you?

    They would be doctors treating with herbal supplements, acupuncture, aroma and light therapy, the list goes on and on.

    The reason I'd recommend that is because they believe in the body the way we raw-vegans do. That it's abilities are endless, that it isn't doing something "wrong" but that there's a good reason for what it's doing, that prescribing medicine only treats the symptoms, not the cause, therefore they work on finding the cause.

    That's all I can think of for now. Keep us posted on what you'll do/find out! :-)

  • any suggestions would be welcome. I do a green lemonade every morning.romaine ,kale,ginger,lemon and apple from Natalia roses Detox book.Thank you for your concern. I acquired the # for the Chinese clinic this morning. I hear there is a waiting list of maybe 100. There is an acupuncture chiropractor I can get in touch with.BTW the rest of the day is usually fruit ,dried fruit then lightly steamed veggies no more than 5 min and millet .

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    You might find "The rash on my ass" thread (http://goneraw.com/node/14863) useful... and a little humorous. :)

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    Millet is related to wheat. Store bought dried fruit can be questionable. It may also be a good idea to have a variety of smoothies, instead of having the same ingredients every day.

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    Could it be something so simple as the material in your undies? Or the detergent ?

    What changed 1 year ago?

    What happened 1 year ago?

  • I do the millet because it is suppose to be alkaline, as I noticed I was to acidic. The dried fruit I get at the local health food store (.dried fruit questionable in what respect?) Weather it is any better than

    (store bought) I do not know. As far as undies detergent so on.Short of going around in the buff I don't know how I would determine an allergy to cloth/fabric or a food allergy. What changed a year ago was.A 10,000 dollar 5 hr visit to an emergency room for colitis.got home read David Klein and Natalia Roses books.Since that time 85% raw (qualitative)no processed food,animal,tofu ,fried food,sugar,caffeine,rice ,bread ,dairy, beans etc etc. I was able this evening to get up with an acupuncture person and will discuss this with him soon.I will check out some green smoothie recipes,any favorite?Thank you for the replies and suggestions.

  • I just got this a week ago


    No cause. No cure. Itchy as all heck. It's on my trunk, arms and a little on my legs. I hate it but all I can do is wait it out.. I had thought it was ring worm (ugh) and put tea tree oil on it which actually worsened the itching. Moisturizers work a little. My biggest "lesion" (yuck) was my mother one and it started on my ribs on the side (about a dime sizeonly squished out) then I got another on my other side (like I was growing wings :) ) Then I got a cold and they went everywhere and it's been suck-town since.

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