konjac powder?

i'm trying to find the best raw gelling or thickening agent. a lot of recipes call for agar agar seaweed, which to me would be fine, except that in order for it to work apparently you have to heat it, which isn't exactly raw, right? well-see- i don't use water AT ALL except for soaking nuts and seeds- THAT'S IT. deuterium can replace the normal hydrogen in water molecules to form heavy water that accumulates in fat deposits, which is responsible for aging the body, impairing cell division, and degenerative diseases and causes the metabolism to operate at abnormal rates. water from pure springs, lakes, or wells introduces a lot of inorganic minerals into the body that over time forms cement-like deposits in joints, the gallbladder, and kidneys, and clog your arteries. distilling water causes it to lose its structure, making it basically heavy water and possibly leaches small amounts of calcium and other minerals from the body. it CAN be restored by adding a few drops of lemon juice, but- look- the point is i try to avoid inorganic free water at all costs, and where a recipe calls for water, i replace it with some sort of juice or coconut water. if i have to boil the liquid to activate a thickener, it destroys the liquid in the process. so i need a gelling or thickening agent that works without having to boil it. some people suggest arrowroot powder, but i think you have to heat that, too. so far it seems the only one i've found that dosn't require heating is konjac powder, and i'm not exactly sure what it is-if it's all natural or raw or what not. one person suggested psyllium husk- but can i make jello with that? or even a fruit glaze? please- if anyone knows any information on this stuff, i'd really appreciate it. i need something that makes jello and glazes and pies that dosn't have to be heated to be activated.


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    Hands down, Irish Moss!

    Irish Moss is the best! It is a clear seaweed that is tasteless and colorless and you soak it for a few hours in water and then you blend it with some water (here you would have to sub) to make a gel that you can store in the frig and use as needed. You can order it online and it goes a long way. You can make the gel runny or quite solid depending on how much moss you blend up.

    Did you get this no water thing from Tonya Zavasta? I just finished reading her book Quantum Eating and it sounds like that just what you are talking about.

    How long have you been doing this for? I just tried drinking little to no water for a couple days and I had to drink ALOT of fresh juice for it to work. I think it is an interesting idea but something to work up to slowly and I was just wondering what your experiences with it are?

    Did you eliminate salt from your diet to complement the no water intake? Also are you eating the 2 meals per day concept? I feel like the more you eat the harder it would be to not drink water, but the less you eat it could work. It seems like salt intake makes drinking no water totally impossible.

  • ah yes- that's where i got my information. i have no problem with not drinking water- i don't know if it's just me or what. i used to have to make myself drink water when i thought we had to get like 8 glasses of it or what not. i just eat fruit and that seems to do the trick. and yes, i've also eliminated salt from my diet. where a recipe calls for liuid AND salt, i simply substitute celery juice, maybe adding some kelp. i'm working on 2 meals per day. i just gradually reduce my meal curfiew a little at a time until i'll eventually get there. i loved that book. really opened my eyes to a lot of things. thank you for your help!

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    Chia seed and flax seed also work...

    I use chia whole in some recipes and put it through a coffee grinder for others... It makes a great thickening agent and is full of omega's... No taste either...

  • awesome!! thanks you guys! keep' em coming!

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