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Looking for a simplified version of going raw?

I am primarily interested in going raw because of the health benefits but also because I want to really simplify my life. Unfortunately the more I read about raw food the more complicated it seems. I hate the idea of sprouting, dehydrating or soaking food for hours and hours. Is it feasible to do a raw food diet that doesn't involve these steps or will the diet be too plain and unsatisfying? I'd welcome any and all opinions, thanks.


  • You don't have to do anything you don't want to. Most of my diet consists of green smoothies, fruit, and veggie dips. I make a seed cheeze, hummus, guacomole, tahini sauce, or some other creamy thing and eat it either as a dip with whatever veg is on hand, or I wrap it all up in a collard leaf, or I slather my dips over a salad. Its all the same, just mixed up. :) Raw is as simple as you want it to be. Find the things you love to eat, and your meal will never be unsatisfying.

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    It all sounds more complicated than it is. I mean, putting some seeds in a bowl of water to soak at night really takes two seconds; rincing them in the morning, five. You can start out simple, and I bet you will want to be doing all those other things...

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    Remember you don't have to do lots of things all at once. Some times I sprout, sometimes I fancy something dehydrated. Most days I'll just have a simple salad, fruit and smoothies. Start slowly and you'll be suprised at how easy it is to fit stuff in to your daily/weekly routines. On a weekend, I like to make time to whip up a big batch of pate and/or cheeze; then this lasts me a while. It really doesn't take that long once you've done it once and you know what your doing. Don't let it overwhelm you. You don't have to do anything you don't want to!

  • Hi lady25mo2001,

    I can identify with the frustration, but as others have said, you CAN make it simple. I have found it best just to soak nuts and wash fruits and veggies. Then I grind the nuts in the grinder attachment on my blender to make a pate, and keep that in the fridge. I can eat that with whatever fruit or veggie I want, and make smoothies with the blender. That seems to keep things to an uncomplicated level for me and I eat a lot of salads, smoothies and veggies with a simple avocado dip.

    Keep trying simple things to find out what combination works for you. Sometimes it is hard to come up with variety for 3 different meals a day, all raw, but it comes with time!

    Best wishes .


  • I recommend you the 80/10/10.

    No need for dehydrating, that makes foods unwhole. Sprouts are not people food. Eat your fruit and eat your romaine and spinach, and you don't need ANYTHING else.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I don't sprout, dehydrate, or soak unless a recipe calls for it. The advice above (most of it) is good. If a blender isn't too complicated, smoothies are simple, soups too. Have a salad or a raw pasta if you have more time.

    Pates are simple too. I make them in the food processor and usually make enough to last a few days. We use it for wraps, sushi, or a dip/spread.

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