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ear tubes

My daughter is six and has had several ear infections. Her doctor is wanting to send her to a specialist to see about having tubes put in her ears. Anyone know of any alternatives to this? I am really worried about the anesthesia. thanks!


  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie


  • There needs to be an excellent reason for the tubes, if the doctor is concerned about significant hearing loss and speech impairment. I had so many infections as a child they were afraid I would suffer hearing loss and inserted tubes, but from what I know now, there are instruments available that divert fluid from the ear through the eustachian tube allowing the pressure to be relieved. You really need to discuss it with your health professionals and always feel like you can get a second opinion.

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    All I know about tubes is my stepsister had them put in as a young child like 4-5 and she had so many issues with them and still had ear infections etc They did not help her and she speaks and hears fine even though she had them removed at an older age I will ask around for more info on alternatives

    DEFINATELY get a second opinion or a third before any surgery especially for a child anesthesia can be very risky for children

    Good luck

  • Well I have a few natural remedies I have tried and had done to me as a child. Anything you try is really dependent on each particular person. Have you ever tried ear combing/candling? How much sugar does your child ingest? Does she drink or eat dairy? Are there smokers around her...second hand smoke depletes Vit C levels--Thus lower immune systems

  • thanks so much. I will continue to look into other options. I think ear tubes will be last on my list!!

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