Mri & Cat scan with contrast

I have to make an appointment to have these done with some type of contrast dye. I have been researching and have read how this dye can cause a very serious reaction. Some type of skin disorder that can be fatal. Anyone ever had this done? I just dont know why I cant have a simple mri and cat scan without this.


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    Yes, I've had this done. It's really no big deal at all. You have to drink 2 big glasses of it 2 hours beforehand, then they'll put more in via IV when you are actually getting the the cat scan done (i don't think they do for an mri...i've only had the cat). It will feel very warm going through your veins, when it reaches the blood vessels in your mouth you'll get a weird metallic taste, and when it reaches your groin it WILL feel like you're completely peeing your pants. You're not, don't worry. It's bizarre though. It doesn't taste good, it's bitter, but not nearly as bad as they'll warn you it tastes. Just chug it quickly and you're good to go.

    I'm pretty sure the reaction is a rare one...they use contrast fluid all the time every day without problems. Every medicine (including natural ones) have potential side effects and there's always potentially a few people out there allergic to it (penicillin for example). I didn't have any issues with it, felt fine (apart from the peeing sensation) They can't necessarily do an MRI or cat scan without the contrast dye...not everything will show up on the image. The dye makes your organs "light up" gives the magnetic rays of scanner something to reflect off of to create an image of your organs & muscles. I know they do do certain scans w/o the dye, but it's when they're looking for certain things. If you google image search mri with contrast, then mri without contrast, you'll see the massive difference in the images. If your doc has ordered the contrast scan, it means they need it to be able to spot whatever they're looking for.

  • I've had this done before too. No noticeable reactions for me. I did not drink dye was injected through a needle into my shoulder (the area they were looking at). They began with a local anesthetic, then came the dye. It felt like a huge amount of pressure then stinging.

    It was actually kinda cool to be able to see the needle inside my shoulder joint on a tv screen showing a live x-ray image.

    I wouldn't be too worried..good luck!

  • thank you both very much! I guess I need to go ahead and set this up and quit putting it off!!

  • I had this done last year, it IS a weird feeling. Your whole body feels really hot and strange when the dye goes in, but it passes. It's over quite quickly, so dont worry. You'll be in and out in a jiffy. Then pee time! :)

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