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Youthing vs. Aging

I really believe that on raw we can look forward to "youthing" every year rather than aging! :-)

The other night at the grocery store (in the produce section of course) a young man in his early twenties started flirting with me. I'm 39. He was very sweet, but I wasn't interested and I figured an easy way to discourage him was to tell him that I was too old for him. So, I told him and he refused to believe me! He kept insisting that I couldn't be "that old" lol. I had to show him my ID to prove it!

I used to dread getting older every year before raw, but now I don't mind birthdays at all because it is just another year raw and another year getting better and better!

Have a lovely day!





  • That's great :)

    What does your diet look like on average ?

    It's obviously working well for you.

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Cool! That must've been a funny experience. I wonder what he thought after...

    I, too, think we can maintain a cerain form and vitality that radiates on our skin and the way we carry ourselves. I'm 25 now, but I notice that when I stay raw I look my best. No little creases under my eyes, my posture is better because I do more yoga.

    I went to a huge health and environmentalist event today in France and one guy said he would love to be raw but he doesn't do it because of social reasons (family, going out with friends). I say who cares! Don't compromise for anyone. I haven't been sick in ages and I feel and look how I want to.

  • This topic made me think of a book by Dr. Andrew Weil. It was about aging- and to sum it up, more about aging gracefully. He's not a raw foodist (probably most of you are familiar with him). But, he mostly encourages a very healthy lifestyle- eating lots of fruits and vegetables, exercise, etc. His thoughts (to me at least) seemed to be that much of what "we" here in the U.S.A think of as aging- is more about food choices, being overweight, not exercising. But, he did stress, that No diet will truly be a fountain of youth- because ultimately people's bodies will begin to breakdown and the cells will not be replaced- and and our bodies die. That's normal- but it isn't normal to suffer from so many of the problems we suffer from up until that point. There is still some things you can get away with in your teens you may not want to try in your seventies. But, a lot of our "aging" is more of not taking care of ourselves. At least that was what I got out of the book. And, it seemed like a pretty sound idea to me. So- I'm thinking a raw 39 might be considered by a stranger to look younger than a twinkie/greasy food eating 30 yr old. I hope I'm making sense? Anyway- WOW, that would be an incredible grocery store trip! Of course, when I'm cruising the produce section I tend to be sluming around in a baseball cap and oversized sweatshirt after work- hoping desprately to not run into anyone I know.

  • WOW !! I will testify to that I have only gone raw for 2 months and lately at work everybody is asking what creams am I using as my skin looks great and is glowing I also feel the difference - I am loving it - the only thing that I think I have only started detoxing this pas t10 days and its pulling me down - headaches...tiredeness etc... I hope I can pull through it and stay raw for a long time.....

  • Aviatrix79...saaaaaaaaay what? A clone?!! You mean you are a twin? LOL I can only imagine how that comment "she simply exists in this world solely for the purpose of proving that natural hygiene and a raw diet works" would set her off LOL you are so bad!!

    chilove...I am very new to raw. Still struggling but I'm going to do this. I HAVE to do this. I saw you on Alissa Cohen's 30+ days raw...you are amazing!! You have definitely inspired me to keep at raw. You absolutely look younger so even though it caught you off guard with that "younger" guy---you may as well get used to it! You go hunny. I wrote a LONG thread on the New To Raw forum here..."Glamazon confessions" so if ya have a few *ah huuum* SEVERAL minutes to read it, please do! I would love your input and anyone else's for that matter. I tried to reach out to starfire...but her Email addie doesn't exist?? She mentioned adding coconut and bella...what is the "bella"? Her skin looks awesome as well. I want that younger look too!!

    Thanks for reading

    Peace & abundance


  • aviatrix I would actually be very interested to see apic of you and your "clone". it could be the total inspiration for many people debating on going raw. You have been raw for 6 yrs?!! God bless ya. I am trying to get past 6 DAYS straight LOL I am very jazzed to change myself inside and out. Keep up the good work.

    Many blessings


  • Ahhhhhh ha ha haaaaa I thought that very thing after I sent that comment about seeing the differences. I would absolutely kiiiillll my sister if she did that to me LOL toooo funny!! Thanks for your encouraging words there. I am trying to get my entire life together. I do want to feel and look better. The look part is more because I feel like my hi-pro Atkins stints and pain from my back injury have really aged me. It does depress me and I want to look good for myself. When I feel like my appearance is crappy I feel like crap.

    I am hopeful. I'm trying to love myself more and I do believe this is a part of that love. I have abused myself for a long long time. Always saying I will take care of me after so and so gets this or that or when I get this amount saved up or when I finish this...excuses excuses. I have a ton of them. I'm trying to stop that and move forward to a better life period. I'm so thankful for all the caring people I am corresponding with from this site. It is a blessing on many levels.

    Thanks again.

    Peace to you and yours!!


  • Carnap, I am wondering: Have you actually SEEN little wrinkles disappear since going raw?

    I am young and look young but I am desperately worried about staying young looking and my raw older sister keeps telling me raw is the way to younger looking skin and to maintain it forever, but I am so hesitant to believe it.

    I admit, I am a terrible 'dieter' and I am much better at worrying and obsessing and doing nothing, which is why I haven't seen any results for myself


    I must know, does your skin actually get younger looking on a raw diet???????????????

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    I think it depends on how you are eating at the time. If I am eating lots of greens, my skin looks filled out. It must be hydrated and nourished. But if I get off track, I can see a few flaws in the skin again.

    So, for me, nothing has been reversed per se, but I have only been raw for six months.

  • rawspice...I totally hear ya. I'm the dreaded 40 and I'm looking for younger looking skin myself. Having quite a few under eye lines..not crows feet on sides at all, but def the under eye skin is looking terrible...I'm constantly putting concealer which I think has added to the crepe look...aggravating I tell you. Anyway on Alissa cohen's before and afters go check out Starfires before and afters...I was hooked and hopeful. Many of them look 10-20 years YOUNGER after their extended Raw lifestyles. If there is a fountain of youth it probably is GREEN and fruitty LOL I wanna try this if nothing else i will be overall healthier so it's like a bummer if it don't help me skin ALTHO I dooooooo want some skin relief LOL

    And hunnnny start NOW...if I knew what I know now back in the day...oh its so TRUE



  • StrongAndRawStrongAndRaw Raw Newbie

    MSM powder (pure, organic sulfur powder) will do wonders for your skin! I use Natural Zing brand but get it from rawguru.com because Alex offers free shipping on USA orders of $100.00 or more.

    Also, juicing whole, organic cucumbers!!!

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