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Q about dehydrators


I currently in the market for a dehydrator and I was wondering if anyone had any pointers on a good 1 to get. I've seen them in different brands and power strengths (from 250 - 500 watts) so I'm not sure which would be best for me. For now I'll probably just be using it about once per week or so (since I'm not 100% raw yet) so I was thinking about getting a used one on ebay. If anyone has any feedback on whether this is a good/bad idea along with any other helpful info regarding the aforementioned stuff I would appreciate it.


  • I was fortunate enough to inherit my parents harvest maid from the seventies. It's a 10 tray style and works wonderfully. I have also tried out the small circular units and don't really like them, after using the tray version. (an excallaber would be a tray version.)

    If you're not certain whether or not you're going to be using yours a lot (mine is running almost every day) I would recommend just getting a cheap one. You can pick up a new one a walmart/target type stores for around $30 or ebay would be a good idea too.

    I will suggest that if I DIDN'T have the tray version, I might not use it as much, knowing me. If you jsut want to check out some recipes, then go the cheap route.

  • ZemphiraZemphira Raw Newbie

    I just purchased my dehydrator a little over a week ago on ebay. It's a 5 tray Excalibur with a timer (which is essential for me) and so far, I absolutely love it!

  • randommararandommara Raw Newbie

    The cheap round ones are made for beef jerky and will cook your food. Excaliburs are great. I got mine from Craigs List.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Please try the "search" and you will get some wonderful information.

    I have the garden harvester with 10 trays. It is impossible to keep all foods at a low temp. It is in the basement collecting dust. I now have 2 Excalibur's.

  • Ok my dehydrating PROS...how much electricity do they drain and how much heat do the add to the room?? I'm thinking bot getting one but in the summer this house STAYS hot even with the AC and I'm trying to limit their use.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    hehe - they don't add heat to the room at all. funny question : )

    electricity - they cost a few cents an hour. the excalibur website has the exact cost details.

  • Mine puts out heat. I live in Northern MN and I have really liked going over by the dehydrator and feeling a little heat this winter. :) I will admit it won't warm you up... My house is 50 degrees some mornings, but I CAN tell there's a little heat being generated. Overall, I wouldn't worry about it though. It's not going to affect the room temp much!

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    Oh come on they totally add heat. We live in WA and had an excalibur for 6mos before selling on craigslist (we despise all plastics) anyway we would lower our heat when dehydrating b/c it totally warmed our living room even at low 95 degree temp. It does not get that hot here in the summer but we ran the thing at night b/c it made the room like a sauna from all the warm moisture it puts off. IMO Excaliburs cost way too much for a plastic box with a fan we even bought the newest model and were not that impressed right now I am shopping around for a stainless one.

    PS dont buy into all the hype about needing the biggest one either we are a couple with two kiddos and we found that we never filled them all at once and it takes more energy since it is so much bigger

  • Hey there

    Mine also puts out a little heat into the room. I love to give it a hug when its really cold lol!!!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    vegan2raw - it's not hype. i use the big excalibur, the 9 tray. i find it quite useful. i do batches once a week and dehydrate 9 trays worth of wraps or tomatoes or pineapple or bread etc. i haven't found it to heat up my room.

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    Mine is the Good4U brand and it does not heat up (or humidify) the room at all either. I actually have to put my hands on it to feel the heat from it. Makes the room smell great...

    I am the only raw one in my house but today I have 8 of the 10 trays full. I dont use it all that often but as I find recipes I like I'm truly glad I got it.

  • Hmmm never heard fo Good4U brand...it keeps even temp and all that??

    Winona why you cracking on me asking weird questions?? I am a weirdO helloOOOO expect those typess of ??s from me LMAO

    well thanks for all the input my RAWsome peepz!!


  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    Yup, it's a good one. I'm an ebayer and found mine that way. Dont even want to tell you girls what I paid for my sun-dried vanilla beans. :P

  • I suppose I'm not feeling the heat off of mine in a major way (like being able to turn down the heat) because it's always cold in northern MN, and I dehyrator certainly isn't an approved method of heating your house. :) I fill up all 10 trays all the time... I guess it really depends on the kind of food your prepare. If I have too much fruit (before I can eat it all fresh) I slice it and throw it in the dehydrator. That fills up quickly.

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