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Can you be fat?

So, is there anyway that you can be overwieght on a Raw Diet?


  • I would guess as far as very overweight- high raw to 100% raw I would guess no. Filling up (high raw) on all those filling fruits and veggies should keep you from way overdoing it.

    I would guess what is meant by overweight would be important. I personally don't believe everyone is meant to be pencil thin. Some people are naturally thinner than others. Some people just seem to be a bit stockier even when eating very healthy. I think they are much thinner than they would be if they ate the usual junk food though.

    I can't back any of this up with research, just my opinion

  • Yes, good question! I was wondering the same thing. Don't you have to watch your nuts/oils/fruits?

  • PamPam

    In my observation, there are plenty of raw foodists who load up on avocados, nuts, seeds, coconut and oils and do not become fat. There are others whose bodies tolerate the high fat diet in the beginning and later it begins to catch up with them. And there are still others who have to watch every morsel they eat from the very beginning. I fall into the latter camp.

    I think that the ability to become (or stay) fat on a raw food diet is a function of age, activity level, whether you were overweight in the past, and pre-existing conditions (like thyroid, blood sugar, estrogen, etc).

  • raw gourmet fooders could easily become fat, eating a diet with more than 60 percent of calories coming from fat will either make them fat, or cause them to fall off raw foodism, going back too cooked foods, then possibly becoming fat again!

  • graceinyafacegraceinyaface Raw Newbie

    I personally gained weight on raw food...making me a bit more overweight than I was before. I think everyone is different. Some people thrive on raw food and some don't. After giving low fat, low fruit 100% raw a valiant effort I found 100% is just not for me. I was trying to lose weight and it definitely didn't happen on raw. You just have to listen to your body, that is absolutely the most important and one of the hardest things to do

  • Well.. This is what bothers me all the time.. I have been raw for 2 months now and it seems that I have put on some weight during this period. This really is both very strange and upsetting, knowing that I eat far more 811 than gourmet raw way.

    Is it just a transitional period? Does raw food REALLY speeds up ones metabolism?.. Mine seems to have slowed down. I just have gone through soooo many diets in my life (not loosing any pound, my GP actually suspects PCOS ) that it seems that my body has very well learned how to survive on any amount of calories consumed and not to give anything away.

    So yes - here you go - a fat raw foodist.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    i just started 811 so i could manage my weight. i've heard it helps and i figured i would see if it makes a difference. my main problem is my belly area. i CANNOT seem to get rid of the fat there. i gained about 10 pounds ever since i started the raw lifestyle, but i think it's all the nuts i was eating.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Fatty here. In 5+ years I have gained 45 pounds! I knew what was causing it, but I just needed some plans for dieting on 100% raw. I bumped into www.rawfoodbootcamp.com , Haven't joined up yet, but there is a lot of information that will help those who need to get rid of the extra.

    Thankfully I am loosing 1/2 pound a day. Whoopee!

  • I think it may be Karen knowler's site that talks about how she started gaining on raw and had to change her approach. She has picture that shows a chubby little raw person!

    When I first started I had 8 pounds melt away so easy and my diet was like 60-70% fat daily!! Yikes! I have stabilized and I am sure my body is telling me time to lay off nuts and heavy desserts and focus now more on my greens and fruits and simple meals.

    Mono meals and that whole food combining thing really make a HUGE difference in my weight also. One of the reasons I had to stop adding nuts to my green smoothies.

  • There are so many determinants of weight that to ascribe the degree of one's fatness to his diet makes no sense. Genes, exercise, metabolism, etc. affect the amount of body fat one accumulates just as diet does. If you eat each day 3000 calories in nuts and oily foods but burn each day 1000 calories you probably won't build up more body fat. Also, some people are just more likely to store energy than to burn it, and it might not be worth the suffering you might have to go through to lose the persistent fat stores.

    Fat is just the body's energy stores - if your body consumes about as much energy as it takes in then your weight will probably stay the same. If you're happy with your body and with your life then don't worry too much about whether what you eat will make you store energy.

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