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811 jacked up my teeth

wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

So ive been experimenting with 811 since the new year. I went by the book for two weeks and my mouth became all shades of inflamed to the point that my gums and inside of my cheeks would start to crack and bleed. I modified the diet and added a lot more greens and veggies but my mouth was still swollen, especially early in the morning. I've gone on a short juice detox and the swelling has gone down, but I noticed my gums have receded a bit and my teeth are sensitive. Im going to see a dentist on thurs (i know, but they've got a filling to replace anyway). Has anyone had similar teeth problems? How do i get my gum line to come back up? I plan on breaking the juicing on monday and Im looking for what to do next.



  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    i just started eating more 811 a few weeks ago. i'm glad you told me about this so i'd know what to watch out for. i generally don't eat a lot of greens at all... maybe 2 or 3 times a week.

    i don't know how to help with your mouth problems! i'm sorry. i didn't know this could happen just by altering your diet. i hope the dentist can fix you up!

  • The acid from the fruit is probably the cause. I'd remember to drink water during meals to rinse the acid out of your mouth. Check out the book "Good Teeth, Birth to Death" by Gerald F Judd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/451268/Dr-Gerard-F-Judd-Ph-D-s-Good-Teeth-Birth-to-Death-The-Prescription-for-Perfect-Teeth-Originator-of-the-Alcohol-Cure

    It could also be that you're suffering from a major calcium deficiency. A lot more greens, some raw milk, or a calcium supplement, would probably do the trick.

  • I have zero problems. Make sure your fruit is ripe, acidic especially.

  • i had to stop 80-10-10 b/c my hands were so cracked from not getting enough of fat .


    i couldn't even wash the dishes.

    but, it's a great program for those who can stick to it!

  • After brushing your teeth GENTLY, swish with salt water, then swish with water with a few drops of peppermint essential oil added to it. I noticed a great improvement in my gums by doing this; my Dentis who has a background in holistic dentistry told me to do this.

    The salt water brings down the inflammation, the peppermint oil is a natural anti-bacterial agent.

    Oil of Oregano is also great for gums, just massage a small, small dab on your finger into your gums.

    You might have issues with Candida; I know 811'ers have said that if you lower your fat enough, Candida won't be of issue, but medical science has not caught up to that idea yet.

    It might be that the fruit you are eating is too acidic, too.

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    thanks guys! i've read from mainstream dentistry that you cannot heal receded gums but i don't quite believe that. If anyone has had experience with that id love to hear about it. Im envious of the people who can stick with 811, the concept makes sense to me. I wasn't eating anything too acidic, mostly apples and bananas since lots of fruit are out of season. Any advice for my diet from here on out?

  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    Great tips from the dentist about brushing gently, swishing with salt water and then with peppermint oil :)

    My husband and I also experienced problems with our teeth, among other things, when following 811. It wasn't for us, but anyone following it and doing well... I definitely wish you the best :)


    Kristen Suzanne


  • wichten: check out the dental care products from ascended health: http://www.ascendedhealth.com/products_dentalcare.htm#Products

    i use the oral regenerative elixir as toothpaste. it's the best toothpaste/mouthwash i've ever used and totally vegan. i had a lot of gum bleeding six weeks ago, and this stopped it in its tracks. plus, my teeth are whiter. it's kind of pricey, but worth it, i think. teeth and gums are precious.

    the extra strength healing oil and extra strength elixir are not vegan (they have elk antler velvet), but it does boast gum regrowth. if you're ok with a little elk antler velvet in your products, this seems like a great option.

    otherwise, the vegan stuff worked great for healing my gums, but i probably won't get as much grow back as i would by using the extra strength.

    good luck.

  • the ones who fail on this diet love using excuses and the "it's not for us" mentality.

    how can it not be for you when the diet is species specific. :)

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    Im not sure why 811 failed me. I did a 92 day juice feast and that is no overt fats at all and all carbs and I had no adverse reactions to it. Its why i 811 made so much sense to me. Ive got to figure out how to be maintain that optimal feeling i have when juice feasting all the time.

    Thanks tangerina- i first heard about ascended health when i met them at the raw spirit fest. I think its time i bought their stuff. $40 seems steep for a toothpaste but then again conventional dentistry says the only way to heal my gums is transplanting tissue over top the receded line. Thats gotta be pricey, painful and a bit creepy.

    Has anyone else used ascended health products? Any reactions?

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Oh yeah, man, I was in a pinch and ate lots of bananas for breakfast and I CRASHED during class. All that sugar.

    I feel GREAT when I eat salads in the morning. Not Green Smoothies, but a good old salad with avocado. Too bad that's not very 'binding', which is why I don't do it every day.

  • IWWKevin, maybe because it is pseudo science ;-)

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    I had 13 bananas for breakfast and then another 10 for dinner. That's all. And you know what? I felt great!

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    i feel so much better knowing that i'm not the only one who eats so many bananas!! i usually have a bunch for breakfast (about 6) and then the same for dinner or a dessert. my mom thinks it's totally crazy and gets so mad that i don't share them!! haha i've been buying them everyday lately.

  • The absolutism with which the most vocal 811ers is pretty irritating.

    We get it...you are right and everyone else is wrong.

    There is no possible way that there is any genetic and functional variance in human internal biology.

    All humans are perfectly identical in every way and therefore couldn't POSSIBLY need any different diet from one another. Oh...and on top of that, there is one guy who has cracked the code of the perfect human diet with such razor sharp precision that there is no room for any incongruity. (end sarcasm)

    Seriously...I love the idea of 811. It works very well for me, but great googly moogly some of you who are the most dogmatic need to ease up a bit.

  • thanks Twitch! well said... especially the "great googly moogly" part

  • Seriously lol...amen on the googly moogly!

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    i feel great too if i knock down a salad for breakfast too. green smoothies are where its at.

  • I use and have used Vita-MYR toothpaste and mouthwash for over a decade now. A guy from Vegas invented it. He had bad, bleedy-type gums, and loose teeth--every dentist he went to would tell him it was inevitable that he would lose his teeth. This was unacceptable to him as would be to me. So he began researching and ended up making Vita-myr an herbal paste. I used to use Jason non-fluoride but more and more was getting harder to find non-fluoride toothpaste. But that's another story.

    Let me tell you I never go to the dentist. My teeth are extremely clean using the Vita-MYR product. In fact, when I first started using it I was brushing few times a day and in the morning I would swish the rinse in my mouth and leave it in my mouth as I walked around doing my morning routine...I occasionally use dental picks not floss and when I decided to do it [not really into the flossing I'm bad] the plaque actually POPPED OFF in hard little chunks from the back of my lower teeth!!! I kid you not. Not an exaggeration...totally freaked me out the first time LOL

    So before changing my job and thus being without insurance I decided, ehhh better go to the dentist. I had not been to one in probably @6 years. I know I'm such a rebel--anyway, at that point, I had been using the vita-myr about a year...went in and the hygenist asked if I had just had them cleaned...I laughed and said " yeah about 6 yrs ago" she was shocked asked what I use blah blah blah she barely did anything except polishing and was the same senario, pretty much, when I had an appointment couple of years ago. Yet they still want you to come in every 6 months--ahhhh hello you didn't do anything so why would I come in again?!!

    I swear by this stuff!! I always recommend it to anyone whom asks.

    Try it, you will be AMAZED. You're teeth feel so clean immediately.

    My friend just tried it...not into healthy lifestyle, very white bread and butter eater, she text me asking if I was trying to kill her because she said it taste horrible. But honestly I have never noticed a bad taste EVER. It doesn't taste anything like regular toothpaste but it don't taste bad [to me] so IDK what her deal is hahaha. She later text that altho it taste like A** she said her teeth feel VERY clean and she will continue using it. Go figure LOL



  • i just take a tooth brush and scrub my teeth with no paste. i have no problems...

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    I sometimes use a drop of clove oil after eating, on the toothbrush. Or I use green clay and then rinse with water/peppermint oil.

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    what does the clove oil do?

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    The reason a lot of 811ers are dogmatic, which I try not to be in any aspect of my life, is because they feel it works.

    Many of us have been high-fat gourmet raw foodists and the irony with most of those dishes is that they contribute to outrageously high levels of fat. It is not uncommon for raw foodists to get between 50-70% of their calories from fat. This wreaks havoc on the digestive system. So many diseases are linked to high fat diets, INCLUDING diabetes, candida, heart disease, and other health problems. It also leads to a deficiency in good energy calories which leads to binging on cooked foods (I haven't binged once since starting 801010!!)

    Also these diets more often than not contain high levels of sodium and other spices. The spices create an inflammation response in the body which causes the body to produce mucous to protect itself, further deteriorating health. Most of these spices are dead anyway and also considered "exitotoxins" which essentially create a toxic response in the body at the same time as producing a sort of high which we get addicted to. They also dull tastebuds so natural foods don't taste as good as they should. I heard that spreading salt on grass will kill it, and it definitely kills slugs. If it is so bad for living organisms why do we consume it? It prematurely ages people who consume it. Natural pure sodium is present in vegetables, so we don't need to supplement.

    So after cutting down on fat and cutting out the condiments most if not all 811ers feel there health improve 100fold and wonder why they didn't transition earlier and why they ever thought it could possibly be healthy (or healthier than cooked) to eat so much fat and so many spices.

    I learned so much from the book by Douglas Graham, the 80/10/10 Diet, and I encourage everyone to ask themselves if they REALLY are doing what's best for their health or if they are only stagnating. That is always a good question to ask...

    So that's my take on it, that's where I stand. Yep.

  • This debate really cracks me up. I'm not saying if I do or do not follow 811 - I am just saying that this book is not science! I wish I had just kept chugging along eating what felt right and that I'd never bought the book.

    A direct quote from the book about eating cooked food- page 55 (it was the last page I read btw) "...The body literally attacks the food, sending an army of white blood cells to do the job. This phenomenon, which as been linked with the eventual development of AIDS, does not occur when we eat raw foods." Of course, no source for this claim provided.

    Cooked food causes AIDS? If that were science, 99% of all humans would eventually develop AIDS. You're going to tell me they die from some other cooked food disease before the AIDS can catch them right? It is really no wonder that the rest of the world, let alone typical raw foodists don't just jump on the bandwagon with this brain buster science - not much more crazy than the enzyme theory I suppose.

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    I can agree with you on all of that zinandel. I will try and keep my fat intake low too but Im not sure how optimal 811 is if within a week my mouth is inflamed, cracked and bleeding. It can't be optimal if it leads to gum damage. Other people may not have had problems, but then again, some people have no problems eating a big mac every day too.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    Some people have no problems eating a big mac every day? I think not...

    Check out the movie "Colon Therapy" at this link http://www.kangenwatergirl.info/movies.html to see the effects on peoples intestines of different diets...

    Maybe you were eating too much acidic fruit that wasn't ripe. Or else it was detox. Maybe you forget how many toxins we all put into our bodies since the time we were born... I have detoxed out of my gums when I first started juicing and also after going 811 for about a week.

    If people have questions about the diet, or complaints, I'd address the crew at www.30bananasaday.com, especially on that AIDs issue. I'll try and look into it when I have a second.

    There is a big controversy ongoing right now about the true cause of AIDs which I am unfortunately not an expert about. I'm sure Doug Graham has done his research on the subject since he has treated thousands of people over the last 30 years. AIDs is very profitable to the medical industry, so I wouldn't rule out the possibility that the drugs they recommend are useless.

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Clove oil is antibacterial, and if you have inflammation it can help numb any pain.

    It is very strong. Be wary! No more than one drop. Some people use it as a mouthwash in a bit of water, a couple drops then.

  • "...The body literally attacks the food, sending an army of white blood cells to do the job. This phenomenon, which as been linked with the eventual development of AIDS, does not occur when we eat raw foods." Of course, no source for this claim provided.

    Oh my lord!! That is printed in that book?!! There is NO way that is or can be substantiated. I have not read the book so not sure what all it entails I do know some people swear by its principles and as many think its bogus and pseudo science trifle. Kinda like VitaMixers and BlendTecers...you love it or hate it. Bottom line is you have to do whats best for YOUR body and no one is the same!!!

    I believe we all have the truth inside ourselves. It's fine to get information from others but ultimately your inner Spirit /intuitive voice/6th sense [whatever somantics you want to use] it has the KNOWLEDGE of what will be best for YOU. Listen to your body it knows what is needed. Our body's only mission is to have homeostasis. it is constantly working to attain and keep that balance. It will do the best it can with whatever it has. Sure putting the right things in would be greatly appreciated and make things easier, but even when you don't put the best items in your body it is a miraculous machine and it will do what it needs to do. I'm not saying go down a bag of Doritos, a Big Mac and gulp a liter of Coke and eat ringdings til they come out your nose and think that your body will continue doing what it needs to effectively...obviously the things we consume affect its efficiency, and the more we clog up the works the more likely it will breakdown and show symptoms that it needs help. The term dis-EASE is just that---the body being out of homeostasis. So help it help you!!

    No one way of eating is a cure-all. You will not become a superhero eating raw, vegan, or any other diet. Will you feel like one on the right food regimen for you-- YES! So feed your body what it needs physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And please, no matter how awesome you feel, DON'T put a towel around your neck and try to leap off the garage roof---YOU WILL NOT FLY.


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    as for the salt comment, i've actually been having some thyroid issues with a lack of salt i suspect. my diet is not all gourmet raw by any means but i do enjoy those dishes from time to time and they are in no way high in salt when i make them.

    my teeth have gotten worse since being all raw. i suspect it is the higher fruit consumption and the juicing. i put lemon in my juices for awhile and i've stopped.

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    Whoa zinfandel, What an eye opener that video was! Yuck! Thanks though, it just might get me past a silly temptation if I remember that is the result!!!

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