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811 jacked up my teeth



  • um, lots of people eat Big Macs all the time and never develop problems...people have lived into their 80's and 90's eating that way, without suffering from cancer or other diseases.

    The body's a lot more full of life than we give it credit for. We act as if it's some fragile thing that can't take two different foods at the same time or it will overload and freak out.

    Our bodies can take a lot.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    You obviously didn't watch the video

  • I DID watch the damn video, why do you have to be so smug about everything?

    Just because the VIDEO said something and showed something doesn't make it gospel truth, zin. There's a lot of scientific backing that needs to be present, not just 6 examples of colon tracts. I beleive the video, but that does not change my point. Who knows, for example, whether or not the radiation from Breast Cancer itself caused the tract to look that way? We are not doctors and watching that forces us to draw conclusions we are not qualified to make about the colon tract. In fact, it causes us to draw whatever conclusions the moviemakers want drawn, simply because we lack the training to draw any other conclusions.

    Fact is, some people DO eat SAD and they DO thrive and live into their 80's and 90's, as I said. Who knows what their colons look like; truth is, they don't devlop diseases. It's true.

    Of course diet helps many things. Of course raw food helps many things. SAD causes a lot of things.That was not my point.

    My point was that your digestive tract CAN handle fruit and protein at the same time, for example! My point was that we get so psycho about refining raw we start to think that not only can our bodies not handle Big Macs, but it can't handle nuts, or different foods combined at the same time like melons and apples. Your video had nothing to do with food combining, raw, or even 811.

    We need to start thinking critically about our sources, I've been seeing a lot of pseudo science out there who's main goal is to latch onto the growing health craze as a way to make money. I've also seen a lot of well meaning people with 'theories' they are not qualified to make. It sucks that we are going to have to start being discerning about information in the raw circle, but since it is becoming more popular, that is just a truth we are going to have to face.

    I'm sure the 1950's housewife thought every diet book that came out back when it was a new industry was true and groundbreaking scientifically, too. It's sad it has to be like that, but unfortunately it does.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    I was trying to think why I had a dream that I ate a Big Mac, and it's definitely because of this forum posting!!! haha I woke up and could not comprehend what I had just done. It was gross!

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    I sure didnt thrive on that garbage. I got so overweight in my 20s & 30s when my entire family was lining the fast food GIANTS pockets. I know it's sad but that was just normal to us and look around, we were not alone. Make no mistake, they will straight up poison you for easy profit if you blindly let them. Super Size Me opened my eyes but please dont call me psycho or one who is blindly latching on to the latest health craze. I get plenty of that at home LOL but really not funny. I'm just so grateful I found this cuz it is working!!! If it was a fad my yoyo would be traveling up again. Everyone of us must pick which parts of this lifestyle makes the most sense to us. Right? We are all capable of doing that and just disregard the extremes or what we are just not quite ready to commit to yet.

    I can really appreciate how easy it is now to see inside the body instead of going along happily ignorant like we used to enjoy. How else would we know whats going on up there if not for such info? We cant all be surgeons. Just like we cant see inside the person that might be suffering w/ a chemical imbalance that would help explain questionable behavior. Its better to keep learning. And it's good to try to understand.. something is causing all these various problems. The modern "American" diet seems to be going hand in hand w/ a good deal of it.

    I guess I will never know what would have come (disease, early death) if I stayed on the 250+ lb. path or maybe the damage has already been done. WE JUST DONT KNOW. But to say some people will do just fine just does not make sense (to me).

  • This is one thing I have noticed, some people have excellent immune systems and others do not. The ones that do not have strong immune systems have to work a bit harder to stay healthy, like eating raw and such. The ones that don't have to work so hard, well sometimes later in life they pay the consequences of their actions, but sometimes they don't.

    This is what I have observed, maybe it has to do with the fact that they don't stress out about everything that goes into their body, who knows.


  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    What about cigarettes? Most people go years just fine and dandy, sort of. If you dont stress about them will that protect you? What you teach your kids will answer that one. You cant just wish for the one invincible immune system.

    Nor should anyone stress about everything...

  • Well I do agree with edamame...like I already posted, our body does the best it can with what we give it. Yes it would prefer the healthy good things and do fabulously BUT it will still do the best it can with whatever we put in it. It's sole purpose is to try to maintain it's homeostasis.

    Zin that video is to promote Kangen water systems [ionic water] NOT RAW. It is to SELL something. My chiro is an awesome health care person and he swears by that water as well but I cannot afford one of those units so what that means I'm doomed. No my body will do the best it can with what I consume. I am eating fresh fruits and veg, trying to be majority raw, drinking good water [IDK exactly how good but I know is better than my tap water here LOL] and I'm moving it more than I used to.

    Since you mentioned Super Sized...I have a friend who literally eats McDonalds DAILY he is in great shape, blood levels are all good, he is happy and energetic. How could that be?!! Becasue everyone is DIFFERENT! We have to stop trying to do what worked for so-and-so and find out what works for YOUR body. Listen to it, it has all the answers you seek.

    I am so thankful for all of you! It is so great to have these threads to discuss things with people that are striving to be their best and are health conscience. I may not always agree with you but I respect you and your thoughts. I wish you all many blessings!!

  • Well obviously SAD doesn't work for me, either, or I wouldn't be here!

    And as Glamazon said, that video was not promoting raw, it was a water system, AND, what's more, the improvement shown after following the doctor's diet was NOT after following a raw diet! So don't watch the video thinking it's showing the difference between systems after eating cooked and eating raw.

    And I didn't say we shouldn't worry about anything. I said we're taking it a bit too far acting like our bodies are so fragile they can't digest two different kinds of fruits or vegetables at the same time. They CAN, and to say otherwise is to underestimate the intelligence of the body...I thought part of the point of raw was to honor that intelligence!

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie


    i don't know anyone that has eaten sad and lived till their 90's and thrived!

    anyone that has eaten sad their whole life usually checks off the planet before their bodies do. they may still have a pulse, but they are not alive and certainly not thriving. you may thinks it's pseudo science but you wouldn't be saying that after you tried a low-fat raw vegan diet of fruits and greens.

    you would be spreading the word just as 811'rs do because you know how good the diet makes you feel. maybe that's why we're all so passionate about it. natural hygiene authors know that your body is a self healing organism and they know that our natural diet is fruit. yes, they make money on the books, but they do not sell products like so called "superfoods," supplements, colonic packages, skincare lines, etc like some other authors and "raw food gurus."

    science today is not actually that accurate. do you know that most scientists and doctors believe that the sole cause of sickness and disease is germs and bacteria? they are far behind! they don't question the twinkies and burgers they eat as a cause of disease? makes no sense. i have no faith in modern science or modern medicine. everything is tainted and influenced by money, power, and greed.

    science will tell you that studies show that the more animal protein you consume the healthier you'll be, or the more coffee you drink, the better memory you will have. why? the meat industry pays a lot of money to keep average people eating it.

    so you say we need to be more careful discerning fact from fiction and to not believe in pseudo science? the only truth is to find out for yourself, and unless you've tried the 80 10 10 diet yourself you have no proof against it.

  • ajchanterajchanter Raw Newbie

    make sure the fruit is ripe!

    This makes a HUGE difference! (:

  • Hey everyone!! I have been MIA for a few...just coming back.

    Well sadly, I have been off raw for awhile now...well not completely off but still. Whyyou may ask....I ask myself that as well. I feel better when I'm higher raw. Well out of convenience and easy prep I have slipped off the slippery slope of HI raw...lame? YES it is. BUT I just purchased a new Vitamix 5200 and I do use it everyday and get at least ONE green smoothie down my gullet in the morning. I still need to get it together and get back on track!!

    I just wanted to comment saying everyone needs to try their own diet and see what works for THEM. We are all unique individuals and the truth is...only we ourselves can truly KNOW what works best for our body. We can all learn from one another, but ultimately our health and well being are our own responsibility. Don't get caught up in all the hype and different regimens...let your body and inner voice guide you. As your body and cells become more awakened and renewed by eating fresh fruits and veg the inner voice that seems only like a whisper now, will become more recognizable and easily heard-->like a bullhorn LOL

    Peace to all!


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    glamazon, i'm so happy to see you back. i always love reading your comments. the thing i like about eating raw foods is that it doesn't have to be all or nothing. you can eat 3 raw meals a day or 1 raw meal a day. it's all about making you and your body happy.

    and let me just say how jealous i am of your vitamix!! what's your fav. smoothie so far?

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