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Has anyone used a Nut Milk Machine?

I am wondering why I don’t hear anyone talking about these. I would really like the convenience of one of these if it does in fact make good nut milk. I am concerned about whether it does a good job of straining as I have come to love the well strained stuff (and my partner seems to have a slight allergic reaction if it is not well strained).

Can anyone share their experiences and also recommend which one to get (I have seen the Soyabella and also Soyquick so far).

Please advise! :)



  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie


    Hi Stillfire,this is a site for soyquick,a nut milk machine that I’ve heard good things about and I’ll buy it soon.

  • What have you heard about it? Do you know if it strains fully? DO you know how it compares with the other one (Soyabella)? Please post about it after you get it too! Thanks! :)

  • just found this review about the soyquick and also saw that the heat can’t be turned off with the soyabella apparently.

    Just wanted to post back after buying a SoyQuick milk maker…. I LOVE IT!!! Everything has far surpassed my expectations. First, yes it does have the option to turn the heat off, so I’ve been experimenting with oat milk, sunflower and almond milk so far. Without exception every batch has been delicious, creamy without any pulp at all. I’ve been adding some stevia, cinnamon and cardamom, just because I like these flavors together. I think my milk is every bit as good as any store-bought brand.

    Operation is simple as can be, only about 5 minutes per batch, and cleanup is a breeze – just rinse, no need to scrub if you don’t use the heating element. And I discovered you can use either rolled oats or soaked oat groats to make oat milk, with very little difference in taste.

    I highly recommend the SoyQuick for anyone wanting a fresher, cheaper, more creative alternative to commercial milk substitutes.

  • .Lucy—I am pretty decided on this one also, but might wait to hear your review. I am also researching about the Soyajoy or Soyapower. I think they are the same company and seem like good ones too. Does anyone know of these brands?

  • okay—so i am a little obsessed with this. :)

    new info-i just spoke to reps about the soyabella (which in fact can be used without heat for raw milks), soyapower and soyquick. the most important factor that makes the soyquick most desirable is that with the others-you can’t make a rich milk. the most nuts that you can use is up to a cup and that is for making 5 or 6 cups of milk. so it would be pretty watery milk. with the soyquick there is a limit but it is 2 cups of nuts and it seems that could be for 5 or 6 cups of milk.

    i am still concerned that the straining won’t be as thorough as with a nylon mesh bag, and was told that some customers do choose to strain further.

    okay—now i am going to wait until you try it lucy! :)

  • why does my post have words that are crossed out? is it because the sentence structure isn’t perfect? is there a way to get it to stop doing this?!

  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hi Stillfire- I think it’s because you use a dash and dont’t put a space after the dash. Here, I’m going to try it-blah blah blah-blah blah blah-

    OK well it didn’t work for me but try putting spaces in there and see if that works.

  • FeeFee Raw Master

    I have a soya fresh milk maker which I think is great for making nut milks. I always strain it through a double layer of calico and squeeze this really well to get all the liquid out. It is quite watery but I dont mind that and there is nothing to stop you putting that strained milk in with a second batch of soaked nuts. That would make it better Im sure. Its great fun I think and makes great cashew nut milk.

  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    Stillfire, that happens when you use two dashes with no spaces, but you can fix it! Just click “EDIT” to go back to the post, then remove the second dash or add a space before and after the dashes, and that will take care of it! It happens to me all the time, as I am a two-dash-lover. :)

  • thanks for clarifying that! i like your self identification as a 2 dash lover. yes-somehow one just doesn’t always say what i want to say. i just tried out 2 dashes with a space betwen and it doensn’t work. so- i will have to do it this way- one dash with a space. hard to remember- i am so used to the 2!

    oh- but this is a raw tribe! ;) so- fee- i am glad your machine is working for me, but if i have to strain it like that- -then i may as well use my high powered blender and then strain as i have been doing. so i am hoping that the soyquick does a good enough job of straining. maybe if i do have to re-strain it will be low enough pulp content that it will be sufficient to pour it through some kind of metal mesh strainer. it is the squeezing through cloth that gets annoying and takes a while (and is messy often!).

    well- -we will have the results soon when our friends here try this machine (and probable i will too soon). :)

  • I still need to know why other raw foodist don’t use a soy maker? If it’s so easy, why isn’t it a part of the equipment just like a juicer or a vitamix or dehydrater? I agree with stillfire, straining the milk through a nut milk bag has definitely kept me from making my beloved almond milk. It just seems like it takes a lot longer than planned and then I’m running late for work. I am definitely buying one.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    TO MAKE RICHER MILK: If you want your milk to be richer, you can let your soy/nut/seed maker go thru all of it’s stages, then empty only the screened container (still keeping the milk in the large container, just empty the screen can of ground up soy/nut/seed pieces) and refill with more, fresh soaked nuts or seeds to run it thru a 2nd time. It will put more richness into the milkwater, so it’s like doing a 2nd batch, but without swapping out the already made milk in the cannister. Does this make sense?

    I have found that with nuts, I have to use the nut milk bag afterwards to get rid of a powdery taste in the milk. It isn’t as bad with seeds, but I’d rather go the extra step and have it super smooth. I have the Yaoh brand hemp seed maker, which makes milk quickly. Between it and the Vitamix, it’s a toss-up. If I left my Vitamix go for 2 minutes at high speed, I’m sure it’d be as pulverized as the nut milk maker, but it’s so darn loud that I rush thru it. Still, I like to do the straining afterwards to avoid any chalky taste with both gadgets. If you are tight on space in the kitchen, I’d just go with a Vitamix because it has soooooo many other uses. Another plus with the Vitamix, you can add your honey and spices in to the container all at once. I haven’t done that with the Yaoh, am afraid it’d break, I have to add everything afterwards (normally blending it all together in the Vitamix LOL!) :)

  • hmmm- that is interesting. i wonder if that is possible to do with the other machines (soyapower or soyabella) the soyquick seems like the nutmilk could be made rich enough—even by reducing the amount of water to 5 cups or so. so i still think this one is probably best. but am still going to wait for someone to give feedback about how strained it is. i don’t like the sound of that “powdery” taste.

  • I bought the Soyabella recently and used it twice now. I used soaked cashews once and pine nuts the 2nd time. It made very a smooth milk with no graininess. Just press the “Mill” button several times after having added the water and nuts. If you want to warm the water a bit first, press the “Milk” button and let it heat for a few second to a minute (you can touch the side of the container to check that it is getting warm) then press the button again to turn it off. I also removed the nuts container after milling, added some agave and vanilla, and milled again to mix the ingredients. I had not thought of adding nuts again to make a creamier milk; good idea. But you can add more or less water to the container also to make a thinner or thicker milk.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I might have to try Soyabella in the future :) In the Yaoh, I used the minimum amount of required water, I believe it is 4 cups, to their small measuring cup for nuts or seeds which basically is about 1/4 cup, and compared to 1 cup nuts to 2 cups water in the Vitamix, it seems watery to me…no wonder huh? :) Great topic!

  • FeeFee Raw Master

    Rawmama Ive added a couple of dates in with the nuts in my soyafresh and thats worked fine. Why I didnt think about just adding more nuts rather than straining and then putting it back – d’oh. With the soya fresh Id just be able to pour the next lot of nuts in easily.

    Im sure it would be fine with out straining, especially as I tend to only use it for making ‘milkshakes’.

  • okay-just hot (or room temperature as would be more appropriate in this forum!) off the press-after talkiung to the sales reps of soyquick, soyajoy/soyapower, i have new information. first of all i found out that soyquick is identical to soyapower-same manufacturer-soyquick being in canada, soyajoy in u.s. soyapower is the deluxe, improved model and the big piece that has swayed me to get it is that it can accomodate more nuts for a richer milk. though-it seems that with the soyajoy or soyquick, it is possible to run more nuts through a second time as others have suggested.

    there is a 30 day $ back guarantee on the soyapower (and soyajoy too-not sure about soyquick). so-i figure the worst case scenario is that i don’t find it to be valuable to me (i still need to see if it strains fully enough because if i have to put it through the bag to strain-i may as well stick with the current method with my blender). if it doesn’t work out i am only out the shipping cost to return it which they told me would be about $8. worth it to me to find out first hand if this can work.

    if anyone else gets this soon-please post a review and i will do the same.


  • Ok, Stillfire, I was going to buy te Soyquick today. How do you like it? Is it working good for you? I still am torn about which machine to buy.

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