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Food Matters Documentary?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has watchted the documentary Food Matters? I haven't seen it yet, but was thinking of going to a screening - there is one in Toronto (where I live) on March 17th I think.

If anyone has seen it, I would love to hear thoughts/opinions.... :)

Here is the link...you can watch the trailer for it on their home page :



  • Oh no I haven't but would love to...I'm in USA in NJ actually. You should def go! Then share youtr experience here with us that can't make it to a viewing.

    Have you sen Earthlings?? Narrated by Joaquin Pheonix...oh my goodness incredibly educational!! Not for the faint of heart but WOW unbelievable. I think it should be a must see for school kids. Let them SEE how their dietary decisions affect other living things. I cried thru-out the DVD even ended up regurgitating at one point.

    I knew ALOT of the stuff animals go thru because of being raised on the farm but it was much different then as compared to today!! But seriously had NO IDEA just how bad it has gotten. Absolutely horrible. I told my husband he can cook off the stuff in freezer but I won't be able to buy it for him should he want it in the future. I used to eat: chicken and fish and even eggs...but had to have no bones or it would remind me that it used to be alive and then I could not eat it and if I really thought about eggs being a liquid chicken I couldn't eat them either! I personally don't think eating meat is a sin BUT I do think if that is your choice, you should have to kill it yourself.

    Looking back I remember my uncle would walk a cow out in the field, petting her, talking to her etc...he would reach down and slice the back of the leg and she would bleed out without even knowing. I know that sounds horrible but it really was a humane way to do it. I know that i could never kill an animal. I don't think MOST people could. But anyone can walk in a store and buy prepared and packaged meat. And most do with no thought that it used to be a LIVE creature and definitely no thought to how it suffered to get in that styro-foam and plastic container!!

    Sorry, I went totally to another topic. i had just commented to edamame3 I was going to post a threaad about Earthings...then I saw yours.

    Peace & abundance

    and do hope you go see that viewing and that you share the info with us


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    i watched it and it kind of put me to sleep. the whole movie was basically all these professionals talking about our food supply. i'm more interested in reading about it.

  • i couldnt get the trailer to play...just sat there with black screen and the middle thing spinning

  • Yes I have watched it...it is the most informative food documentary my husband and I have seen to date.....Raw for 30 days is the most entertaining, whereas 'Food matters' is without doubt the one I would recommend for the general viewer. It will give anyone plenty of reasons to change their diet. I've told my family to all watch it.

    Glamazon - I agree with your opinion about Earthlings....I haven't been able to watch it all yet I was wracking with sobs I had to stop...EVERYBODY should watch this..it is not just about animals for food, but the horrible way we treat other living creatures...I honestly felt that if I could stop this happening right now then I would give my life (That is a big thing coming from me - I LOVE my life!) I don't want to be a part of a race that does these things!

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    Hi squidgy (cute name), Earthling meant so much to me too and not just about what we eat. I will never look at rodeos or circus' the same again. Everything is NOT here for our pathetic entertainment. I like the thoughtfulness of the whole thing (film) and really agree with the part where if we are contributing to these industries we dont deserve to be sheltered from what we are a part of. My sons girlfriend borrowed it from me and I'm so proud of her because only one of my kids had the nerve to watch a small part. Neither my husband or other child will.

  • Gratefultobe

    We all know horribe things happen, but seeing it really brings it home!

    We are just about ready to start cycling through Europe and then Africa...I'm a little aprehensive about the maltreatment of animals that I have been told to expect!

  • Gratefultobe

    We all know horribe things happen, but seeing it really brings it home!

    We are just about ready to start cycling through Europe and then Africa...I'm a little aprehensive about the maltreatment of animals that I have been told to expect!

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    EXACTLY what everyone who I offer the dvd to has said.. "I know- but I dont want to look at it". I always reassure they can handle it but... you just cant force it and maybe someday. Seeing it and the thoughts behind it will absolutely awaken a compassion we have squished out of ourselves. Even if there is no (obvious) change in behavior I believe it will have a lingering effect on the viewer that may bring change someday.

    You guys are AWESOME with the hiking and biking these impressive distances! You are an inspiration. I bet it can pose challenges on the raw journey tho. lol, thinking about my blender. Kudos girl!

  • penfoldpenfold Raw Newbie

    I really liked Food Matters - didn't think it was boring at all. It doesnt' have the slight reality tv feel that Raw for 30 Days has, which I was grateful for. It is kind of talky, but very interesting.

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    Well, I may not agree about the little kids watching the worst of human beings behavior. Especially since an aware parent could have them avoiding the species ism through 'osmosis' so to speak but certainly a teenager could handle it. Thats just my opinion tho. I do get that parents have a huge fight on their hands (and not a fair one) when it comes to all the dollars spent trying to make kids their permanent customers. And that may have to lead to growing up a bit quicker then we would like just to be able to give them a fighting chance.

    I wish everyone around me had their eyes open but we just get back to this gross need to defend what has been condoned by our loved ones or just ourselves our whole lives. What a terrible, heavy burden to refuse to just drop!

    You guys dont know how much it means when there is someone else "out there" who gets it. Blessings, m

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Well said Glamazon.

    I couldn't agree more.

  • EXACTLY the very reason I think all kids should watch it...let them see that that Mc-Whatever was actually a living creature...and that it had a horrible life and was ultimately inhumanely killed for them to woof down with a coke and fries!! I think we are all so desensitized to the making of all meat products in general! I have bought chicken and fish on numerous occasions...never wanting to think of it as once living. I LOVE animals...how could I have done that for so many years!!

    My best friend's son was @9 yrs old when March of the Penguins came out...I asked him how he liked it. [I myself thought GOD the fact that we still have penguins on this planet is so friggen AMAZING to me after seeing everything they go thru!!] He matter of factly says "I liked Happy Feet better, I don't get why that penguin was so stupid to drop the egg". He had NO CLUE that one was a computer generated film and the other was REAL life. I was shocked. I was MORE shocked that my friend [whom I love dearly] didn't explain that fact to him. I asked why she didn't, she says he is only 9...AND ??? He knows what a live creature is!! I was so annoyed with her because she takes a very laxed stance to everything. Her children have major weight issues and seem to be constantly sick. I have given her so much info but she doesn't want to have issues/arguments trying to change their eating styles. I told her, "Listen YOU are responsible for their health or lack of it right now. Later as they learn and are educated then they are responsible for their own health, but you have to plant the good seed"!! She is one of the people that want to walk around with blinders all the time. She refused to watch Earthlings as well because she knows she couldn't handle seeing it--but it don't stop her from eating it. I think ignorance is not an excuse to continue ignorance.

    I get so mad that people get away with torturing animals. Those idiots beating the animals, screaming at them, cursing at them...makes me want to do the same to them. Majority of animal abuse cases get a FINE...nothing else. Yet, if I were to barely smack one of those people for brutalizing an animal, I would end up in jail. How is that even right?!! People that can torture animals can easily torture people. I think it's disturbing that we as a nation allow these things to continue. Yes we have intelligence but higher than animals--I don't think so!! I really don't think any animal would waste their intelligence on creating weapons and things to have an unfair advantage over other animals for the sake of torturing them or annihilating them because they are different. Our species is so arrogant and wasteful--yet we still claim to be the higher intelligence. Very sad.

  • Not children that are still watching Seasame Street or playing Chutes and Ladders that would be emotionally devastating but maybe high schoolers...you know in between their sex education and home economics. Let's teach them something worthwhile instead of giving them a raw egg or a loaf of bread with doll clothes on it, calling it their baby to care for for the semester. Teach them to accept one another for their differences and that all creatures have feelings and come into this world expecting the same as we do...to live!!

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Both films are fantastic and must be seen, by everyone, period. Food Matters is screening all over -


    I think Food Matters is a particularly great tool for helping open people's eyes, particularly people whose lifestyles and diets are killing them. Yes, there are "talking heads," and reading is obviously a better way to learn about these issues, but I can't make someone read a book if they don't want to. However, they might be willing to learn something from experts in a film, and it's certainly more credible than me giving people our opinions on how they should live and eat.

    Earthlings is more underground but their site has a calendar where people sometimes post their events/screenings. Screenings are easy to host, and I encourage anyone with a decent TV and DVD player to give it a try - it doesn't have to be a big production. Put out some goodies, some pillows on the floor, and invite a few people over for a film and a discussion.

    Gratefultobe, as the late great actress/activist Gretchen Wyler said,

  • Hi, I think Food Matters is an excellent documentary to open our eyes to what is going on. I have been to Phillip Day's talks here in the UK and he is an awesome speaker, though I don't always agree with what he says. On this subject though, I do agree. It is well worth watching.

    Glamazon, I ate meat and fish till quite recently and it became really difficult for me because I love animals but thought I needed the iron and B12. what really made me turn veggie (almost vegan) was watching the Viva DVD which was footage shot in the intensive farmsheds (for broiler chickens and ducks) and the slaughterhouses in England. There is a programme here called Kill it Cook It Eat It where people see an animal go through all that, but the animal is treated well and talked to by the slaughterman (like that really happens) and meat eaters said 'well it was treated kindly so I don't mind so much and it puts my mind at rest ' (yeah right). What the Viva DVD showed is more like it - absolute torture. That made me physically sick. I also check what trainers are made from in case they are kangaroo hide, as that trade also makes my blood boil. Just to say, that don't feel bad Glamazon that you didn't think about what you were eating, you have made the choice now because you have been educated and that makes the difference. If everyone saw that many of the electrically stunned (and terrified) animals come round whilst they are hanging upside down with their throats cut, many others would probably give it up for good. We have an idealised view on what is neatly packaged in the supermarkets and it is all too easy to think that they don't suffer - we know the truth now. i have told my partner he can buy and cook his own meat if he wants it, but I don't want to even be in the same room as him when he does. Luckily, he has started to eat more veggie anyway and he knows it is better for him. Good luck with trying to convert your friend, not an easy task!

  • Oh I'm not trying to convert anyone...I just want them to make educated choices and NOT be part of the herd walking blindly led by propaganda and billion dollar advertising BS. Back in the day, people were raised to TRUST doctors and it's sad how the elderly especially hold on to that belief regardless of all the information contradictory to protocols their doctors have put them on. It makes me so angry that big biz literally gets away with murder be it slow or fast.

    How can I expect someone to truly care about another species when we have stood and still stand by and watch genecides of people all over this world. It's a truly sad state of affairs. I have no idea how to fix this. Obviously there is a HUGE problem but my question to all of you is what is the solution?? Seriously I would love everyone's input on this.

    Blessings to you all.

  • Hey everyone,

    so I did watch it and I am glad that I did! If you ever needed inspiration to stay on the RAW track...then this documentary would help! It sort of confirmed what I already knew was best for me (health wise). I found it interesting, and frustrating at the same time. I wish more people understood how what you eat really effects your health. I wish I could do something to help people see things differently!

    Thanks everyone for input - I'm glad I decided to watch it and I hope all of you have a chance to watch it too!

  • Oh and Glamazon,

    I am going to have to watch Earthlings now....it sounds very eye opening... thanks for the recomendation!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I want to have some friends watch earthlings. What an eye opener for them! Since I'm already vegan, I'll find it hard to watch - but heck i should see what those poor animals endure.

  • I think "Food Matters" was great. Although having watched "Eating" by Michael (Mike) Anderson before "Food Matters," I liked "Eating" best. It's another great one, along with Anderson's "Curing Cancer From the Inside Out," too. Both are not only about eating real food and the medical/health benefits, but about eating raw. Two more EVERYBODYshould see.

    Glamazon- I think your thinking is right on track. "Outside of the box" is where more of our species needs to go with our thinking! :) And slowly but surely we are. (It just seems so dang slow though!) ;)

    You ask what we can do about it- how to change the world? I think the answer is first and FOREMOST to change our individual selves. Cliche and yet the only way to bring about true change... whether big or small. The others will follow then and without even apparent effort on our part once we can look back. It's happening all over right now even though it seems much too slow for those of us who are eager for a better world now; those of us to whom it is obvious there is a huge and dire need AND an obvious solution to the needless suffering of others, both human, animal, and Earth herself. It falls under different labels: critical mass, tipping point, and the 100th Monkey Phenomenon are some of them.

    I believe most of the problems we face with lack of changing our world for the better faster is because we are taught from birth to come from a mindset of lack and fear-based mentality. We are bombarded in our cultures and societies that there is never enough. Fear of not having enough. Enough money, enough resources, enough food, enough oil, enough water, enough security or protection, enough power, enough control, enough time, enough things, enough education, enough intelligence, enough whatever you want or especially need... so therefor we think we have to fight and compete for enough to survive or get ahead so someone else doesn't get our share.

    But it's not true. There is enough in our world to support all of us... right now. The entire world population as it is even right now, depsite some people believing the world'spopulation needs to be limited and reduced to support us. People don't have to die for us all to live in abundance right now if we would focus our energy, our thoughts, and our collective intelligence on finding solutions to the challenges of helping us all be able to thrive. It's defintley possible. Instead of focusing so much energy, resources, and thoughts on creating bigger and badder weapons to harm, destroy, and control others; instead of focusing so much thoughts, energy, and resources on fighting wars with our human brothers and sisters over inconsequential, ultimatley insignificant things like religion, supposed "honor," retaliations, past mistakes, even horrors- although terribly wrong still in the past and we must start to move forward- By spending our energy on these negative, draining, merely temporary and ultimately losing "battles" we are only continuing the cycle of violence and suffering of our race... and our Earth. We HAVE enough resources, enough intelligence, enough capabilities and technology to overcome and figure out do-able, successful, and sustainable solutions to the challenges we face of helping our race along with our planet all thrive. We have the capabilites, intelligence, and resources for free and sustainable energy. We have the understanding, capabilitiy, and resources of growing sustainable and nutritious food in just about any area of the world if given the right seeds. We have the capability and the resources of human potential with each of us and our younger generation to expand our capabilites and knowledge of ideas to even greater lengths if we go about it in the right way... a manner of compassion and sincerity for all all this planet, not selfishness and greed for a few. It's the ultimate challenge we face: will we choose to change, think outside the box and try something we have never tried before in the understood history of our planet... working together cohesively and peacefully despite perceived differences, to bring about success for us all, or will we choose to remain stuck in our limited way of thinking and acting, pointing fingers and blaming others continuing to be a cancer on this Earth? Which in the latter case, Earth will have no choice but to view us as the cancer we have been acting as upon her and destory us... no different than our own bodies who, when healthy, destroy cancerous cells multiplying out of control without regard to the health of the environment (host) they need to even survive in the first place.

    By changing ourselves first... we will change the world. It will take us all and it can be done. The more who change, the more who even take the first step in becoming aware of NEEDING to change, the more who take little steps, and the more who take bigger and bigger steps- It is happening. It's been happening all along, although now it is getting faster. The numbers of people reaching awareness and from that then on to enlightenment grow exponentially and faster and faster. Critical Mass, Tipping Point, 100th Monkey. Exciting times and we are fortunate enough to be a part of! :)

    What is that saying about how at first a new idea is rejected and scorned by the masses, then it is questioned and disputed, then it is accepted as simple fact- like the "new" idea of a round earth when the majority of the population believed the Earth was flat for example?? (Quotes because ancient Sumarians and Egyptians knew the Earth was round along with the entire accurate setup of our planets and solar system even though there was no way to see them all, among other things.) Many people think "outside the box" ideas (it is outside the brainwashed mentality really) are crazytalk, but I have no doubt, eventually, these concepts will be known as simple fact. :)

  • The sad thing is animals that are tortured and killed that way...all those over-whelming fears and pain go rushing thru their cells...all their survival hormones kick in and flood their muscles just like us. Think about it...who liked meat just by itself no spices when they ate it?? NO ONE!! We hide the uric acid and other stuff in it with the spices to make it palatable to us. I think some people are very susceptible to others feeling and surrounding energy and maybe why there are so many nervous disorders and attention deficit cases springing up so much now-a-days. I know I'm way out the box but I have thought about these things for a long time. My mind...it goes places no mind should go...even while supervised LOL

  • Ameeeeeen Aspire...you have the PERFECT name luv!! Yeah in Earthlings that is on the screen about Rejection, Ridicule, Disputed, Proven then Acceptance [Why cant I think of it correctly right now uuuuugh!! It will hit me...and I will be nowhere by a PC and it will drive me bonkers LOL] but yeah I gotcha. I will have to check out documentaries you mentioned as well. They need to be more mainstream. What happened to shows like In Search of, or weekly National Geographics shows, real family TV and educational programs?!! So annoying all the crap that goes over the airwaves!!! ((breathe)) Let me calm down hee hee

    I absolutely try to implement that in my life...that I am ok, life has everything I need to thrive, I have abundance there is no lack within my being. Actaully I have a type of mantra goes similar to this..."I am healthy, I am strong, I am beautiful, good people are drawn to me for lasting healthy relationships, abundance flows to me from all directions and I am accepting as it my inheritence from God, every day in every way, I am getting better and better Ommm shanti Ommmm I say it in traffic ALOT

    We are all here experiencing this amazing journey and that includes the smallest of creatures. it;s tough to relearn the untruths that are instilled from birth almost. I know we all will come together some day and it does start within. In this hectic world sometimes it's tough to remember that's why I am so thankful for these type of sites. You are all blessings. Thank you for kindness and knowledge. I wish you all a wonderful day!

    Peace & abundance


  • lol, You are great Glamazon! Great attitude and, I have no doubt, a great person! :)

  • Searched the forum for this post just so that i wasn't reposting, but wanted to let everyone know it is available on instant play from netflix.

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