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Having an extremely hard time- please help

I am just finishing up week three of being completely raw. I have to say that it has been extremely difficult thus far. Today I just couldn't deal anymore, and I bought a Thai salad with tofu and peanut sauce. Thankfully, I wasn't sick to my stomach or anything. One of the reasons I wanted to try eating raw foods was because since I started adding a lot of smoothies into my diet, I noticed I was constantly sick when I was eating out. Anyway, I have been having a really hard time. I am SO sick of salads. I have tried lots of different greens, tomatoes, onions, avocado, olives. I tried making a raw ranch dressing, and I liked it the first time, and then couldn't eat it anymore. I have made zucchini pasta with marinara, and I thought it was so blah. I tried zucchini pasta again with pesto and hated it. I tried making a raw corn chowder from Ani Phyo's book-- I just didn't like it at all. I've been spending so much time in the kitchen making things, and then I end up not liking them at all. Zucchini hummus, various dips and cheeses-- I don't like any of them. I made a raw lasagna which took over an hour, and it was good, but I wouldn't make it again.

I am happy because I have lost about 5 lbs, but I also kind of feel miserable at the same time. I have not experienced any change in energy at all, and I just feel so blah about food. I honestly wish I wasn't hungry so I didn't need to eat.

I am just looking for any suggestions you have at all. I really miss hot food, and I really miss tofu.



  • sun-dried tomatoes are delicious in salads, as is guacamole. for warming foods, you could have a raw soup that's warm, or add in ginger or cayenne to your recipes for a kick. here's one of my favorites for when i'm cold:


    chili powder can be replaced with 1/8 tsp of cayenne and the walnuts could be replaced with any other nut. wrap em up in some greens theyre amazing :)

    also when you NEED something piping hot in you, some steaming ginger tea is the least amount of harm done.

    here's a recipe that's supposed to taste like lemongrass tofu, though i havent tried it yet:


    other than that, maybe try to excite yourself with going shopping and buying some new fruits or nuts or indulging in an easy raw dessert like raw brownies :) when my friends come over i throw in a handful of walnuts, a handful of dates, and 2 tbsp of cacao powder in a food processor. we all love it. go for the simpler recipes that can't really go wrong, plus when they do, you didn't waste too much time. green smoothies, dates, all-fruit smoothies at jamba juice, and the other things i've mentioned have become some easy staples for me. hang in there!

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    you could try eating more fruit. it is very uncomplicated. i am doing "banana island' right now where I just eat bananas and leafy greens for a little bit. because i too got sick of spending a bunhc of timein the kitchen. it's pretty easy and rewarding.

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    I think you need to look at what your favorite fruits and veggies are and try to find recipes with those ingredients in them. I too started off and found a lot of recipes that sounded good but did not taste good at all! But, i kept trying new recipes and eventually found some that have become my staples. I have never liked tofu at all, so I can't say i have had that similar craving/miss... but I absolutely LOVED Thai food and I really do miss my Red Curry Veggies... but, i know that i can make a raw version that my body is thrilled about and that i think is a pretty good substitute. Dehydrators are awesome for warming up foods. I even warm some up on the stovetop if i'm in a really quick hurry - like my almond milk... the important part is that you find foods that you find comfort in and that you love!!!!!!!! I have realized that i do not like any raw soup. I've been meaning to try Matt Amsden's onion soup and Ani Phyo's mushroom soup, but i just haven't been brave enough. Maybe i'll make Ani's this week :) And, if I don't like it, i'll be sure to have extra salad stuff lying around just incase! If your tired of salads, then try to make some wraps - same prep work as a salad, just a different "format" :) Get some Collard Greens and some asian veggies and make a wrap out of it with a nice ginger dipping sauce or one of the great sauces from this site. Ani Phyo has some great wrap ideas.... she also has one of my favorite recipes. Mediterranean Dolmas. Now, i'm going off memory here, so bear with me. It's 1/2 cup Sundried Tomatoes, cut into thin slices, 1/2 cup pine nuts, 1/2 cup raisins, 1/2 cup (i use more) fresh dill and just a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. Now, take your washed Collard Greens and "de-vein" them... take a knife and cup up the middle - on the outside of the stem... so that you get 2 equal pieces. Now, cut those in 1/2. Fill each 1/4 with some of the mixture and wrap and roll.... eat. yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are so good. But, if you don't like those ingredients, then your not going to like those. Substitute with ingredients that you like. If you force yourself to make things using fruits and veggies you don't like, then your not going to succeed. I know i don't like seaweed... so, i don't force myself. I also LOVE young coconuts, but i hate them in smoothies - they come out too thick and gelatinous. It really is personal preference. Try things and if you don't like them, don't make them again. If you want to let me know some of your favorite foods, i can try to send you some ideas that might help you out.....

    I also made this AMAZING dessert - simple and good for you http://gliving.com/blackforest-chocolate-cheesecake-2/ Takes about 10 minutes and it is sooooooooooooooooooooo worth every second. Do yourself a favor and do not use the crust - i didn't think it was a good fit. The cheesecake was awesome on it's own. I used mini cupcake molds and this was a great single serving! If you like chocolate and you like cherries, trust me, you'll love this!

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I think if you hang in there and do some mono eating you may feel better.

    I love raw gourmet salads as much as the next person, but they don't necessarily help your energy levels that have been flooded down by cooked and bad food combos.

    Try eating just oranges as a meal, then just bananas, then maybe plain spinach, then a few hours later, cucumber and tomato or somethign like that. Eat simply. :) And then later on, you may find that simple meals satisfy you and once a week you will make something gourmet.

    Give it time - it's best to eat raw for me, no doubt about it. I bet you were burping up peanut flavor? I've been there, done that. I remember I ate all raw and then got a stomach illness and thought rice would help. Boy, that rice sat in my stomach forever and gave me unbelieable burps.

    Good luck. :)

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Do you like All American, Mexican, Chinese, German, English, India, and all meals from all nations? All of us have had to deal with our likes and dislikes when it comes to raw meals. Your parents are not with you saying here, eat this it is good for you. You must do it yourself. You don't like one spaghetti recipe, then try another and try many different recipes until you get some you like.

    Why do you want to eat raw food? There MUST be more reasons than just getting an upset stomach when you go out to eat. If it were that then you could change your menu or don't go out. You need a deeper reason, to be able to stay raw. That is another one for you to figure out yourself, but I will help;

    1. Cutting your chances of Not dieing of cancer.

    2. Cutting your chances of Not being paralyzed by having a stroke.

    3. Looking and acting younger, when you get to be a senior.

  • RawaholicRawaholic Raw Newbie

    Try getting some raw almond butter and coconut butter from artisana and mix it with fruit (yummy!).

    My favorite salad dressing is just a couple of long squirts from my bottle of flaxseed oil, a squeeze of lemon, with some sea salt sprinkled on top. Also I like to sprinkle nutritional yeast on my salad (gives a nice cheesy taste).

    Try soaking some buckwheat groats for 24 hours (making sure to rinse every few hours). You can than put it in a food processor with your favorite spices, fruit, sweetener, or whatever, and have nice porridge. Or you can use a dehydrator or an oven that has very low temp. setting, and dry them out for 10-12 hrs. and you have a yummy cereal.

    You can also soak oat groats over night and process it in a food processor with whatever you desire and make a porridge out of that.

    Another thing good in salads are peas. Either fresh snap peas or frozen peas that have been thawed using lukewarm water. Radishes are also very scrumptious!

    For a nice hummus, try a traditional garbanzo bean recipe only use sprouted garbanzo beans instead of canned or cooked.

    Try Jicama fries with dip of choice, or a jicama salad.

    As for nut cheese, I have been using this recipe for YEARS, and have never found any other recipe to match its lovely taste.

    2 tsp. salt

    1/4 cup nutritional yeast

    juice from 1 lemon (or half a lemon if it's REALLY juicy).

    1/4 tsp. garlic powder

    1 heaping tsp. onion powder

    1 heaping cup cashews

    1/4 cup chopped red bell pepper

    1/4 of a jalapeno pepper (optional, only if you like a little bit more of a spicy cheese)

    add anywhere from 1/2 cup to 2 cups of water (depending on how thick you want the cheese)

    hope this helped! :) Good luck!

  • Hiya danivance

    I think viewing this will help you as it seems your post is sounding almost defeated and disheartened. This is a daily process. Your body knows what it needs. This new way of eating is a change and all change is difficult, some more than others. If you really want tofu--EAT tofu. Keep eating your raw along with it. Tired of salads?? Then DON'T eat them...do smoothies, juices, nuts and fruit, make some RAWkin desserts. Splurge a little on some pre-made raw items that seem interesting and if you like them try to recreate them for yourself. The more raw you do the more your body will want it. Some of the things that you may want NOW, if your body doesn't benefit from them your body will shift you away from them eventually. When?? No one knows except YOUR body. Be patient but more than that, be kind to yourself!!

    This lifestyle isn't to lose weight altho that is a fabulous by-product of it. This life style is create and maintain your body's healthiest existence. Mind, body, & spirit--it's a package deal. I'm not 100% IDK if I ever will be...ultimately that is my goal but I'm not stressing every non-raw item that enters my mouth. I have enough doom and gloom to get thru without adding more neg feelings to my world. I am doing the best I can at that moment.

    Every single cell is renewed within the body every 7 years. Your taste buds change every 7 years as well. Things you don't like today may end up being your fav dish tomorrow. Try to stay open to possibilities. Keep experimenting, add green smoothies---they do make a big difference and take very little prep time and the variations are endless. Try deep breathing--it's NOT as easy as it sounds because we all are so used to being shallow breathers. Smile lots and move daily. The good energy you take in will multiply in your cells and before you know it you are a NEW being and you'll wonder how you ever lived before finding this lifestyle.

    Love yourself because you are beautiful right now and exactly where you are supposed to be!! Do today, moment by moment if necessary. Things WILL get easier and you will benefit tremendously. Hope this helps in some way.

    Peace & abundance


  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I am more curious about why (or whether) the smoothies are having this effect. Did you have a smoothie in the morning followed by lunch eaten out? What kind of "sick?" What did you have in your smoothie?

    Perhaps this change has been too swift or drastic and you could "lean into it," as Kathy Freston would say. (Glamazon, she's been on Oprah! You should introduce your friend to her.) This would mean adding more raw foods to your regular diet over time.

    I'm so sorry your food isn't exciting you. That would suck for me too (and I can eat about two salads a week and then I'm bored too). Did you like cooking before? Do you feel confident in your kitchen skills usually? Are there classes, cookbooks, other avenues to try?

    This doesn't work for the monomeal crowd, but I use lots of flavorful "boosters" like garlic, ginger, hot peppers, nama shoyu, agave syrup, sesame seeds, etc.

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    "If you really want tofu--EAT tofu."

    Amen! I second that, glamazon!

    danivance~ When I've had it with salads, but want something more than an apple or some berries, I make up a really thick fruit smoothie - more like a sorbet thickness, and have "ice cream" for dinner. I've actually done that occasionally for decades, long before I discovered "raw". First time I pulled that on my bf, I though he would rebel, but he actually thought it was great fun! :~)

    As healthy as one can be, being raw, even pie can be dinner. ;)

  • Maybe you should just start out with nice big green juice in the morning and work from there.

    like...a handful of kale

    a handful of spinach

    1/4 of a red cabbage

    and 1 of your favorite types of apples :)

    (make sure you remove the seeds first)

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    danivance, if you are finding things hard at the moment, maybe you should slow down and just try eating high raw for the time being. If you are miserable eating this way, you'll only end up pushing yourself away from this path.

    Work out which raw food you really enjoy. Stick to that for the time being and try to incorporate more raw as you go along. Its great you have tried loads of different recipes and I'm sure everyone has made meals only to find they taste grim! Don't let it get you down, you'll come across some things which may surprise you. Fruit is a good way to go - always tasty and simple too.

    Maybe have a raw breakfast/lunch/snacks, then a healthy cooked evening meal. This works well for me and I have never been happier.

    Everyone is different and has their own opinions on the best way but maybe try a few different things and work out what makes you happiest. There is no point being raw if you are miserable. :-)

    Best wishes to you.

  • When transitioning it might be easier to eat raw during the day and to have something cooked with your evening meal.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    glamazon, i had no clue your tastebuds change every 7 years!! that's so crazy but cool, too.

    anabrese, i feel the same way. i have done weeks were i am totally raw, but i've never been 100% raw for a month or longer. i always eat what my body craves and ever since i put raw foods in my diet, i don't crave any of the foods i used to eat like cake, brownies, cookies, and pasta. i've just been trying to make raw versions of my favorite foods. right now, i still eat baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, and hummus. i just love them and i'm going to eat them until i am sick of them. my whole day is raw (all fruits and veggies) except for one of those 3 foods. i don't feel guilty about it though because i know i'm eating so much better than i used to eat.

  • It had been cold...warming up again thankfully!! I was craving baked sweet potatoes, had one everyday...I didn't beat myself up. I ate them suckers and they were deeeelish. I even slapped coconut cream and soaked sunflower seeds to jazz them up with a sprinkle of clove and nutmeg..it was interesting hee hee. I like experimenting.

    My downfall is still starchy carbs. I love my Kashi Cinnamon and Autumn Wheat and I love bread. I replaced my breads with Ezeikel sprouted bread altho its cooked at 250 so why they bother to sprout it I have no idea...and I still have my cereal when I really want it with pre-made oat or rice milk although not the best but I tried it with my almond milk and it just wasn't getting it for me. I am finding that it's no longer a MUST have for me as I keep adding more raw so I'm pretty confident sooner or later I wont "crave" them anymore. It's a transitioning thaaang. I'll get "there" when my body gets me there...wherever that is LOL


  • eat more fruit. eat more fruit. eat more fruit. eat more fruit. eat more fruit.

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    Glamazon: "Ezeikel sprouted bread ... its cooked at 250 so why they bother to sprout it I have no idea..."

    From what I've read (and it makes sense to me) sprouting it turns it from a grain, to a vegetable. So the body recognizes it differently. Yep, it's still dead. But for celiacs and such, I think they can process it without the issues of regular grain bread.

    Funny you (Glamazon) prefer the rice or oat milks. I thought they were both yucky! The packaged hazelnut, too! Never could do the soy (sore throat reaction), or dairy (respiratory reaction) so I used packaged almond milk. But now that I make my own, I really prefer cashew pecan. Right now, I have cashew brazil in my fridge; it's yummy too.

    I'm with ya, dafodil, Anabrese, et al. I'm glad to see more and more folks speaking up for a more relaxed way to move into this. No sense in beating ourselves up over food!


  • Dafodil.........those people who think of themselves as the "Raw Vegan Police" pointing out the 'rules' to everyone, are self-absorbed, judgemental ding-dongs who have lost sight of how this way of eating is as individual as we are. ROTF totally hilarious and totally TRUE. I used to love Hostess ding-dongs back in the day LOL

    pixx...IDK I don't luv-luv either the oat or rice but with this particular cereal it has a nice flavaa combo. Yeah I get the sprouting to convert it but then they kill it...such a waste. I even asked the girl that gave me the info on processing why...she never replied back :( oh well win some lose some what can I do??!! Oh yeah complain here to you guys THANKS for listening hee hee xxoxooxx

    Yes peepz when I finally got the lightbulb over my head and realized Hey!! This raw thaaang is only as hard as the individual makes it . First week my head was spinning...but few lovely people from this site told me to relax and take it slowly...and I DID. I'm learning to listen to MY BODY and do whats right for me...what's right for me ain't the same for anybody else. Embrace YOUR body and let it guide you into your own state of RAWness...nobody else's opinion or protocol matters.

    Love you people!!!


  • danivance, I know what you have been feeling I think, and I haven't even been able to be 100% raw for more than a few days at a time. I hate that feeling of being disappointed in your food. Staring into a bowl of disgusting, starchy soup or inedible salad makes me think, "I wish I didn't have to eat like this the rest of my life to be healthy." I mentally slap myself when I think that now. I remind myself I don't HAVE to eat things I hate. Eating raw food shouldn't be miserable. Some people have already suggested this but eating simple fruit meals always cheers me up, or some raisins or dates, or, oddly, a very plain salad. I ate a standard iceberg lettuce salad with some mustard and loved it the other day. I hope you find a way out of this rut. Seeing how many people in this post don't stress over "the raw police" makes me feel better often, and I remember in one of the Boutenko books Victoria says transitioning to raw food can take years...YEARS...until you are comfortable and satisfied with it. Knowing this helps me be forgiving about myself and trust more in my body. Good luck to you!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    I second all that people have said. It seems like your motivation for being raw is to lose weight. You will have to decide how fast to lose it. I bet if you did raw 'till dinner and ate a healthy vegan dinner you might feel more satisfied. I get sick of salads too if I have them twice a day.

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