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the new health master blender anyone have one

Just saw a infomercial...it's a 2hp 1100 watt blender by Montel Williams of all people hahaha he is very health oriented tho so I guess him promoting it shouldn't evoke chuckles form me ((mental note*stop LOL process when trying to be serious)) anywhoooooo it's only $150 and it is very similar to a VitaMix demo...so what say you fellow smoothie making connisseurs?!!



  • FYI

    this blender has a 90 day warranty only. I was about to order one - but I'm thinking I may go with a reconditioned


  • only 90 thats noooooo good!! PLUS the more I resear ch the more I think it's a newer version of the JLL blender...same company and all

    I ususally buy everything with my Amex card [they have an extended type warranty thru the card itself for a year I believe] that way if there is a prob and company gives me grief Amex removes the charge and deals with them...I like that POWER hahhaaha

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    But a 12 month guarantee? Not good enough for me. I'll take my VitaMix with its 7 YEAR guarantee.

  • I have the healthmaster blender and I love it! It has a 100yr warranty on the motor and my warranty is 2 yrs on the appliances. The only difference between my blender and my mother's vitamix is that I paid $ 400.00 less than she did :). I've only had it for a few months, so I can't comment about long term use and reliability, but I do love it.

  • I just bought the Health Master. From what I read, it is not as bad as it sounds here. you can upgrade to 1200 watts for $ 40.00, you can get it faster instead of 3 to 4 weeks delivery pay $ 10 extra, and if you want a 3 years warranty pay extra $ 15.00 or for a 7 year warranty $ 35.00. They offer a ton of other things kind of in a tricky way, but that's business, I guess. I paid $ 300$ (rounded up).

    The reason I ordered this blender is because I have heard some things from some of my customers. I had cancer and changed my lifestyle, using Vita Mix 2 hp and finally the commercial 3 hp blender about 1.5 years ago. I got into Waring and Blendtec blenders even a 3.5 hp 20 amp (2.4kW) blender. So I learned so much and started writing reviews and then got into selling these blenders. That said, I am certainly interested to write another review. My philosophy has always been that the best blender does not have to cost the most. A fair blender comparison so far as I can tell, before even having received the Health Master, is that paying $ 300 for it is just about as good as the Vita Mix 4500 Turbo Blender which costs $ 350.00 with 1300 watts and 11.5 amps. Amps is also an important factor that needs to be considered because it gives the blender the torque. How long it will last is one of the major question to answer. This is where Vita Mix has earned its reputation. I have customers call me all the time, ordering the latest model and giving their 10 year old vita mix to one of their children...

    Any way, I will be fair in my review as my integrity is on the line. I will update you in about 10 + days with lots of questions and answers. Maybe you want to participate?

    So far I want to investigate the time of ice blending cranking power compared to the Vita Mix 4500, (has the same power as the 5200), and compare it to the 3 hp blenders. I want to know the amps, the noise level (because I got into sound enclosures production recently - usually a 2 hp blender is as noisy as a 45 magnum at 800 f/s or in other word 95 dB), its weight, and if the containers perhaps are interchangeable and maybe the blade can be used on the vita mix (looks like it from the picture in the manual). I will also strength- and durability-test it making soups to see what it will take to get it overheating and then see how fast I can break it, if at all, without abusing it, of course.

    In the meantime, feel free to comment and perhaps give me some more ideas about questions to consider when comparing.


    Thomas Fox

    801 623 3225


  • Newbie question here. What price should I pay for a Vitamixer?

  • I finally received the health master blender 2 weeks after the initial order. What happened? After 8 - 9 days I figured out that the order online was lost and didn't go through. The funny thing, I got a call from an interested spectator on the subject. She said that the same thing happened to her too. Anyway, I finally ordered by phone and received the Health Master blender 5 days later.

    See my report :

    Pictures, review, and opinion is on http://www.3blenders.com/HealthMaster.html

    Please forgive my bias. I tried to give the blender its fair share in the competitive market place. My rough opinion: V8 Juice is better (LOL).

    You need to decide if you want to be a raw food health nut. Then distinguish between the power you need to really do... You can buy a blender for $ 20 or $ 100 anywhere. Every blender, in my opinion has its purpose and good sides. Of course, a raw food health nut has certain nutrients-breaking expectations when blending. The Health Master might disappoint you. The beginner and the one person not that nutty about making peanut butter, will be happy with the Health Master Blender. My mom is still happy with her Krup blender after 20 years. Well, she uses it about once a year...

    Bottom line: as long as you can return the Blender, feel free to try it out. You have 60 days full money back guarantee... No I am not selling the Montel HM blender. Tristar will do that when you call them. Don't buy the blankets

    Once you drive a BMW you don't want to go back to the Pinto.

    Thanks again! Here is my report. too big to post here:


    Best Wishes



  • Ordered it in august,worked great except the blades are dull not like the ones on tv that are sharp and pointy. called and they gave me run around.

    Now its leaking some brown fluid from botton of blade housing,maybe mold or oil.you cant take blade assembly off and clean. gonna call today and prob be unsatisfied.they will make me pack and ship back im sure

    Go wityh the vitamix. Save the extrra money - im gonna

    you cant get anything quality anymore

    tried to contact montel but he is unreachable

  • I am sorry about your 'rusty' experience with the Montel Health Master Blender. i would assume that your healthmaster blade assembly is rusted out inside and is leaking. this is not good, to say the least. If you have not already done so, I suggest you return it. If I can help you any way, please call me.

    There are other blenders, much more powerful and much better, that really don't cost any more than the Health Master up to $ 330. These are the OMNI V Blender and the Vita Mix Blender 4500 Turboblend, ranging in real warranty from 1 year to 5 years. I hope you can salvage your situation.

    Thomas Fox


  • Purchased this blender in August, loved it. In October it started having an oily discharge from the pitcher when in use. Called Health Master and they agreed to replace it. GREAT. It took a month to get the replacement and only after I called to ask why it was taking so long. Got the new one plugged it in, put in my smoothie ingredients and nothing, it would even work. Called Health Master and at this point just wanted my money back, No Problem they said we will send a return label for the blender and return your money when we receive the blender. GREAT. this was over a month ago, I have made 2 calls and still have not received the return label. I have purchsed another brand and very happy with it, I just wonder how long it is going to take to get my money back from Health Master.

  • Just ordered my Healthmaster blender. Hoping that everything goes okay with it...after reading some not so great reviews! I did get the extended "bumper to bumper" warranty, just in case! Can't wait to start using it! Ordering was kind of a hassle, they try to sell you EVERYTHING under the sun, even stuff having NOTHING to do with the blender. Looking forward to making some healthy, raw foods!!!! I'll post after I've had it for a while with a review!

  • I have been using this product for the past month, I just went to the doctor and she told me my blood sugar is dangerously high and at risk of diabetes, this just happened as I had a visit with her two months ago. She said the smoothies are filled with sugar and the fiber thing reducing sugar intake is a myth.

    Be careful not to drink too many of these drinks on a daily basis. When using these blenders we are eating 10 times as much fruit as we would normally eat so there is some concern. I have also gained weight since using this, approx 10 lbs. I exercise daily, my mail concern is the high blood sugar. The doctor said to drink one every other day, however vegetables are of course a good thing..

  • ONe more thing, my blender is leaking from the bottom of the plastic where it connects to the unit, not just a small amount but quite a bit. I am in the process of returning it hoping it can be repaired.

  • I purchased the Healthmaster the 1st of Dec., 2009. By the first week of January the pitcher was leaking a black liquid. I called Jan. 18 and was told they would mail a new one the next day. Near the end of January I called again and was told it was mailed Jan. 19, 2010. On Feb. 8 I called again since I had not received the pitcher. I was told they would mail another one. Today is February 18th and I still don't have the replacement pitcher. We paid $199.00 plus $30. shipping and ours said a 60 day warranty. After reading other reviews I have come to the conclusion that we are out $230. and this is not a reputable company. I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau. Don't buy this product unless you have money to throw away!

    Update: Called again yesterday, Feb. 20 and was told the reason i haven't received the pitcher is because they are out of stock. This being after I was told Feb. 8th that they had mailed it Jan. 19th. Next I was told to hold on while they emailed me a Prepaid Return Label. When he returned to the phone he said it was emailed. As of today, have not received an email. I think even if you buy a longer warranty, and the motor has 100 year warranty, you will get nothing. I have been lied to 4 times. Tomorrow I will try to talk to a manager as they are not available on weekends.

  • I loved mine too. However, my pitcher started leaking and I called them up and they said it was out of warranty. I had to pay for a new pitcher. So when the new replacement pitcher started leaking after only a month, I called in time to be covered in the warranty. That was December 24th. They have promised and promised again that the replacement will be sent within a week. I have been waiting 3 months. If I had it to do over again, I would buy a vitamix--more expensive, but I do not have liquids leaking out of the bottom of my pitcher and spraying all over me from the bottom of the pitcher, while I use the blender. Customer service is horrendous. Don't buy until their pitcher is fixed and their shipping and customer service improves.

  • I am so glad that I read the reviews first. From my experience buying on t.v. You don't get what you see on t.v. They make the best

    for t.v. so it looks good. Looks the same, but is not the same. Your product will be a lesser quality.. They'll never tell u this.

    There are so many reports that it leaks, and when u order, their eager to sell u all kinds of stuff, but when it comes to a problem they give u the run-a-round. They should be reported to the B.B.B. for false advertisment and mis-leading the public on their quality.

    Don't get ripped off. I'm spending a little more to buy a Vita-mix. It is rigged!

  • Ok so now I'm getting a little worried. My mother purchased the The Health Master, she bought 2 of them. Now I'm hearing all these negative reviews about them. :(

  • I have contacted Healthmaster Customer Service and they admitted right away to a problem where some of the units leak the oil from the motor but of course will not mix with the contents of the healthmaster. They assure me that these units are completely covered, and they will replace the unit without the customer having to pay the shipping costs. They further confirmed that they are looking into the issue to provide a permanent solution. Reading between the lines of the reviews offered, I get the distinct impression that other vendors/sales people are trying to capitalize on this issue. I have purchased a healthmaster and I am expecting to recieve it within the next three days. The customer Service rep I spoke with was very friendly and eager to help, I explained that I already purchased the unit. After reading the numerous reviews, I was almost inclined to cancel my order, except I felt this underlying tone of sales people basically bashing the units and exploiting the issues in order to sell their own. I was a salesman for many years and one thing I never did was "bash" the competetion. I would suggest that anyone looking to purchase the healthmaster take the reviews "with a grain of salt" and know that the company will stand behind the product. The service representative confirmed that if nothng is wrong wth the healthmaster than indeed the customer returns it as his/her own expense. He stated that they had numerous cases where customers called in and learned that because they did not pick up the manual even once, they had trouble. Once customer service walk them through it, the issues "disappeared". I now eagerly await the arrival of the health master. I would also implore anyone that had a unit leaking an "oily substance" to call customer service right away so they can replace the unit as promised at their own expense.

  • I love the healthmaster!!!

    I made my first fruit medly with Vanilla soy milk, 1 lbs fruit and honey.

    Was very refreshing and delicious.

    Unit was easy to use and very straight forward. I do not know where all the negative press is coming from.

    This thing is awesome and I am so happy I took the "bad" reviews with a "grain of salt".

    The device was easy to assemble and the locking mechanisms were a snap believe me!!!

    Completely easy to use.

  • Bansted, if its leaking from the bottom it will be covered under warranty. Call them and ask for a supervisor...its a known issue and they will replace it for you.

  • I take it all back!!! The blender was awesome but motor blew up on the third use. Smoke poured out. Customer Service acknowleged that it was probably a bad one as this happens. "Maybe 3 or 4 out of 1000". They could not guarantee I would not get another bad one. I am sending back under the 30-day return policy and I already ordered a vita-mix. By the way the reason Montel stopped endorsing vitamix (He owns a least one) is that he felt he should be paid to endorse it. Vitamix has never paid anyone for endorsements. ANyway bottom line you can't beat vitamix. In consumer reports they came up with a 89 the closest was the Hamilton Beach Tempest at $424 dollars. On the vitamix thsy sell reconditoned units for a lot less with same 7 year warranty. The models have new pitchers and motors are checked out. They come from demos and returns. Just click the comparison chart to see the reconditoned units they have in stock. Finally a tip for anyone not being able to get their money back. Put a claim through your credit card company. It takes time but you will get your money back due to the fact that you never got your product. I already put a claim as the company promised me a return label I have not seen yet. I will get back every penny including the shipping and taxes I paid.

  • By the way the BBB are all independently owned and have no real power. Consumer affairs (The government is much better, and has way more power) They need lots of complaints and they will act on them. http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/ or http://www.ftc.gov/

    The federal trade commission takes consumer complaints. Everyone fill out a complaint and eventually you will be taken care of. In additon, use the credit card company to process a complaint and get your money back through them.

  • I have done some blender reviews. One of them was on the Health Master Blender. Many callers think I am Tristar and ask me how to return a health master blender. I receive emails with health master complaints... the funniest stories. Actually, it is not funny anymore. There are way too many complaints and way too many consumers get hurt. I totally agree with Marrrky, consumers should turn towards the consumer affairs.

    On the subject, no blender is better than the Vitamix, I would like to add, that I have been able to acquire the OMNI blender now. It is every bit as good as the Vitamix blenders. The OMNI Blender comes with a 3 hp motor, runs as strong as the Vitamix 3 hp commercial blender and outperforms the vitamix 4500 tb blender. The 5200 vitamix is not as good as the vitamix 3 hp blender, by the way.... Vitamix has way too many rfurbished 5200 model blenders, thus raising a serious flag. Something is wrong... how many refurbished blenders can a factory possibly have?... just a side line...




  • I am really interested in one. I've been purchasing juices at a local cafe daily for what must be a few months. Expensive, yes, but I'm in my late 30s and have not been feeling my best for the last year or so, so I decided to give juicing a try. I have to say that I do seem to feel better.

    Anway, I've been thinking about two products. One I got the chance to use yesterday. It's Jack Lalane's (sp?) juicer. Turns out a friend has it. Wow! Great machine, but one problem... a pain to clean. We made juices for two, and you really have to pull the whole machine apart in order to clean it.

    I've seen the infomercials for the Health Master and have to say that I really like that it appears to be easier to clean.

    Any user responses to this?

  • i highly recommend the vitamix 5200 - well worth every cent - 7 year warranty standard, and been made in the usa for 80 years and counting

    you'll most likely burn through the 150. blender quicker than you can blend 3 carrots, 2 beets and some kale and you're out.

    the vitamix 5200 is sold only thru vitamix and affiliates directly from the factory (as opposed to the vita prep being offered by the man above which is the machine sold via retailers only. good quality, shorter warranty--)

    also the 3blenders post (2 above) is not inaccurate about recond. vitamix blenders, sometimes they have them, sometimes they don't

    they come with a 30 day 100% risk free trial, so some of course come back - should we be wary of YOUR blenders? please., anyway,i've used and owned my vitamix for 17 + years

    i own the older 4000 (17 years and still kickin) and the 5200 operates like a charm and it's BPA free 

    the quality and workmanship/durability of a 150.00 machine vs a 400 machine is like comparing yugos and bmw's - two different vehicles entirely, but with the blenders, the vitamix 7 year unbeatable warranty (usually doesn't even need to be used) will save you lots

    it's a great investment in your health and your wallet in the longrun!




  • I received my Healthmaster. First thing I noticed is that it had a cheaper blade in it than the one they advertise on Television. I only had mine a few months and it burned up. All I ever used in it was fruit. Next thing you know smoke was billowing out of it. It has been several months and I still haven't received my replacement. Buyer beware.

  • Marrrky, Mark, I have read your review and I am totally cracking up with you.... you are soooo funny. First you were so excited only to take it all back ... This is the classic health master blender experience that many people tell me about. And your info is accurate. And you were one of the lucky ones that actually got a hold of someone at the customer service center to actually talk too.

    True, docrona, the 5200 vitamix blender is much better. But the 5200 also costs nearly $ 500. By that time you might want to consider the Vita Mix Vita Prep 3 (see http://www.3blenders.com and review). Or the OMNI Blender with 3 hp motor is every bit as good as the Vitamix quality for only $ 250. And another thing about the Vitamix 5200, Vitamix has a ton of them refurbished online for $ 379. You might ask "why" and "who returns them"? Or are they brand new and then why is that vitamix can't sell them as new...? What is wrong with that picture...




  • This is probably the "BIGGEST" ripe off I have ever encountered. The biggest shock to me is I trusted in Montel Williams endorsement of this piece of junk. I ordered my "health master" June 06, 2009. I used it maybe 4 or 5 times and I was whipping up a banana bread and the thing just fired and died! Oh well, it has a "lifetime warranty" on the motor so I contacted customer service which took forever for anyone to answer.

    I was really surprised that they never asked any questions of when I bought it but just said I would have another motor shipped out within a month. WOW! that was easy! I'm impressed!

    I patiently waited and after a month I called to check on the order. I was told there was a back-order and it should ship out soon.

    I then began receiving the postcards in the mail. "Please accept our apology for the delay in shipping your order. Your satisfaction is our main concern. The item listed is temporarily out of stock. We expect to ship your order within 30 days."........... Really? .......

    The postcard assures me the order would ship out by April 20, 2010.

    4/26/10 I receive yet another post card saying: "We apologize for the continued delay in shipping our order. We remain out of stock but expect to ship your order within 30 days."........... What a joke!.........

    Now they state if I do "not" want my order canceled that I "had" to send back the postcard.

    I returned the post card on 4/27/10 assuring them that I am still waiting for the order.

    I could actually sign on to their web site and see my order was in "processing" mode.

    One month later on 5/28/10 I called again and spoke with Vanessa. She said because I have been waiting so long for the replacement that she was going to "cancel" out the order on-line, (which stated that I first called in Feb, 10th) and send out a RA label to send back the broken unit and they would send me a new one.

    I'm not feeling really confident that this is really going to happen but she was pretty convincing that she would get this moving. I fell for it.

    I called back again the first of June and spoke with Richard, (actually I am recording the calls now.) He told me he saw in the notes that Vanessa asked to have the RA sent out and requested a "new" health master order for me. I would have to wait 10 to 15 days before I would see anything. Ok, once again I agreed to wait and see.

    June 8th, I received the RA postcard in the mail, not the health master.

    June 16th I called again, (recorded the call) and I was told the order hadn't been placed and that Isamar representative number is "t04" said she placed the order again and it should take 10 to 15 days. I think my patience has really come to an end.

    I began searching the web to see if others have encountered the same and found this website. After reading your articles I just want to get my "money" back. Should I ever really receive a new health master I know it will only burn up in a few days and I'll have to go through this whole process again............. NOT!!!..........

    I want to report this company to the attorney general. There's definitely false advertising saying the darn thing can grind up cement and still be shape and working like a charm. I want nothing to do with Montel Williams any more; I am shocked he would endorse such a thing.

    Does this smell like a class action suite to anyone?

  • healthmaster lasted only one day and I need to return it. It just stop working.

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