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the dreaded yeast beast

OK ladies...recently I had an vag infection...thought it could be a yeast infection BUT it had a smell [TMI sorry]...so tried to self cure and it did seem to go away but then came back so decided Hmmm let me go see my gyno as it was PAP time anyway. I have a prolapsed cervix after having a hysterectomy in 2006 so I am really conscience of being clean...yes I know the eyes and vagina are self cleaning body parts but still---I work construction and usually have to use a portOjonh so I have to make sure everything is clean....anywhoooooooo went to see gyno about 2 months ago, she says it's a bacterial imbalance NOT yeast gives me 4 antibiotics to take all at once and says quit over cleaning the area. So begrudgingly took them against my better judgement [I HATE any meds but really think antibiotics are way over-prescribed and unnecessary] so waited couple of days ended up kinda catching a cold--thanks!! and still the itch and smell persisted so called back to gyno and spoke to her nurse she said to retake the antibiotics!! Dammmmmit well now they are in my system and have wiped out everything so have nothing to lose now except hopefully the itch and funk. So took same dose and it went away.

NOW it has started again couple of days ago. I dunno if it's coz Im eating more fruit and dates or what. I'm kinda freaked out especially coz she had said it was NOT yeast but another type of bacterial imbalance...there is small amount of discharge and a weird odor that i can't describe and since going more raw my sense of smell is stronger so really disturbing me coz I;m thinking others can smell it altho I have it under good authority that it is not smelt by others LOL...so any suggestions??


  • You haven't changed laundry detergents lately? Or body soap? Those things can really mess you up down there. I know it sounds weird that washing too much could cause it, but I can believe that could cause the problem. It irritates sensitive areas and can let unhealthy bacteria have a better chance at getting a go at you.

    I have a good friend that gets y. infections a lot- she usually eats yogurt and it helps clear that up (but if your vegan that may not be okay with you). And, you said it wasn't yeast, did you?

    Are you taking the antibiotics the way they are prescribed (every dose on time) or are you just taking the first couple, and then quiting? That can make an infection come back even stronger. I know the whole "smell" discussion may be uncomfortable for some- but unusual "odor" when it comes to private areas are a good indication that something is wrong. Anyways- I agree with you that antibiotics are over used, but possibly in your case you really need them. If so, make sure you take the whole prescription- not hit and miss.

    Just some thoughts, I may be way off base. But, I saw no one else had responded, and thought if one person jumped in, more may follow.

    Good luck, hope you get better soon.

  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    I am currently dealing with yeast. The herbalist that is helping me suggested a candida cleanse followed by flooding your system with probiotics. I'm in the middle of a colon cleanse and will do the candida cleanse next month, but have already started taking the probiotics and have found that is has greatly helped! The probiotics that I am taking are called BIFIDOPHILUS FLORA FORCE by Nature's Sunshine. Good luck!

  • Oh, a couple more thoughts- I remember reading somewhere (for what that's worth) that yeast infections (I know, you were told that's not what it is, but bacterial) usually cure themselves when you have your period. That cleans it all out. But, I guess if you've had a hysterectomy that takes that option away.

    Okay, something to think about. If you are using "internal" feminine cleansing I would definately quit that. That can really mess your whole system up down there.

    One last strange thought/suggestion: I have a friend that when she has vaginal infections (not sure what kind, never really asked) she actually applies yogurt "down there." I know, sounds really strange- but she swears by it. Just as if you were applying a medical cream. Once again, if your vegan.....

    Well, I'm done adding strange remedy suggestions:-) I know that last one sounded sooo weird, but my friend swears by it. Who knows?

  • I have had both bacterial and yeast infections. NO FUN! You get either one when your system is out of balance. Too much sweets or taking antibiotics and you get yeast overgrowth. Treat the yeast and you get bacteria. Yeast and bacteria have to stay in balance. I found drinking kefir or taking acidophilous helped me stay balanced. I avoid antibiotics as best I can. They mess me up all over the place. Takes me weeks to get back to normal. A case of the cure is worse than the disease. I use golden seal and/or echinacea when ever I might need to instead. One other thought could be outside environmental issues. Hot tubs can start a bacterial infection. (I can personally verify that one) Also your partner can give you one if he isnt treated also. Makes me wonder how the hydrogen peroxide might work there... tee hee...(smile) I have not had this problem since having a hysterectomy (2005) so dont know what to tell you there.

  • Take this supplement!!!


    Ellagic acid has been clinically shown to possess broad-spectrum anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitical, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, anti-mutagenic and cardioprotective properties. Ellagica contains USP grade ellagic acid blended with herbs that support healthy coagulation parameters specifically chosen to counter the activation of Factor XII (The Hageman blood clotting factor) that high doses of ellagic acid can trigger.

    Ellagic acid inhibits the viral enzyme integrase. Many viruses need this enzyme to enter our cells and complete their life cycle. By suppressing this key viral enzyme, viruses remain locked outside of our cells, unable to reproduce and cause harm. Since integrase is not a human enzyme, its inhibition does us no harm.

    Ellagic acid inhibits the fungal and yeast enzyme Chitin Synthase II. All fungi and yeast need this enzyme to manufacture Chitin, a key structural polysaccharide used in their cell walls. By supressing this key fungal and yeast enzyme, the fungi and yeast are unable to grow. When they die at the natural end of their life cycle, they cannot be replaced as long as the Chitin Synthase II enzyme is inhibited. Since Chitin Synthase II is not a human enzyme, its inhibition does us no harm.

    Ellagic acid inhibits the viral enzyme gyrase. All bacteria need this enzyme to maintain the integrity of their DNA. By suppression this key bacterial enzyme, bacterial DNA unspools and the bacteria die. Since gyrase is not a human enzyme, its inhibition does us no harm.

    Ellagic acid binds to DNA and acts as a shield, protecting DNA from mutagens, is a strong antioxidant and increases the expression of the enzyme p21, which arrests cell division of cells that have DNA damage.

    Ellagica combines USP grade ellagic acid with nattokinase, bromelain and ginkgo biloba to support healthy blood coagulation levels. Pumpkin seed extract is also added as it specifically suppresses activation of the Hageman factor (Factor XII), which is the factor that ellagic acid can stimulate.

  • LOL I appreciate the thoughts sister B...I used to eat and do topical yogurt back in the day but no longer...but gyno says this is NOT yeast. I have even done hydrogen peroxide solution topically as that's really what it comes down to but now, IDK what to do...I don't want to do another round of antibiotics--think they do more damage than good!! Brighter note, it seems to have cleared a bit so hopefully will keep on going right on out of my body.

    I use a natural coconut soap...supposed to be anti-fungal anti-bacterial. Haven't changed anything else as far as detergents and all that.

    No I learned LOOOONG back that the only self-cleaning things we have are our eyes and vajay-jayz LOL so never use internal type cleansers. I'm lost but I'm sure it will resolve itself but hoping sooner than later hahaha

    Thanks for all the info ladies~~

    Hiya newbie...is tha the only proiotics it has or is there others in the product you recommend?

  • kniteangel---yeah I also had hysterectomy 2006...so there goes the possibility of the menstrual swooshing the funky fungi away. Def something outta wack, sadly I am not knowing what. I have had yeast before...but this bacterial thaaang has me totally perplexed.

    Hmmmm Aundrea that Ellagica you recommend there I have never really heard of...I will have to research that further...thanks for the info MUCH appreciated.

    Peace my fellow RAWsome peepz!! Thanks for all the recommendations and positive feedback.

  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    Hi Glam, it contains L. rhamnosus, L. acidophilus, L. caseii, Bifidobacterium longum and fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) (short- and long-chain). Each capsule provides 4 billion live microorganisms! I think it's really awesome for restoring good bacteria.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    ellagic acid is in the seeds of berries before you go buying it. it should probably be paired with the fiber of the berry because it has detoxifying components, and the fiber removes the toxins fromt the body. good luck!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Greens help me to restore balance. I try to eat savory meals and cut back slightly on the fruit. For example, eating loads of melons will cause my candida to rise with a vengeance. Cutting back on agave helps too. For some reason, DRINKING sweet things (melon juice, carrot-apple juice, sweet almond milk, lots of smoothies) causes me to have bad candida, and stress/lack of sleep also perpetuate the problem. Best to eat lots of salad and green smoothies and green juice. Sleep more than usual. Destress. Basically lots of TLC for a week, and i'm better. In fact, I have to do those things this week, as my candida is baaaack.

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    try taking oil of oregano that helps to kill yeast. I found that drinking kombucha will help with any type of femmie ickiness. I wouldnt recommend applying yogurt topically, unless you can find it unsweetened. They put lots of sugars in there to make it taste good, but we all know that yeast loves sugar.

    Taking a good probiotic will help. try some vitamineral green- i love that stuff.

  • Keeping in mind that I am not a doctor or expert of some kind, I always suggest using a tampon (w out the applicator- like o.b.) with a good sprinkling of tea tree oil and a good coating of vitamin e. If you have capsules, even better, it will be more sterile that way. Squeeze a good amount on the tampon and on yourself wherever your skin has been chaffed. This is more for yeast, but figured I would post it anyway. A few days of this and I'm usually good to go, with improvements immediately upon applying this procedure. Good Luck!

  • I was reading the March 2009 "Health" magazine the other day. It had an article on this topic. It suggested the probiotic way also. In particular ones with these probiotics included: L. rhamnosus GR-1 and L.reuteri RC-14 for yeast or bacteria overgrowth. Also I forgot but Natures Sunshine herbs has a capsule called Caprilic Acid that I found most helpful for yeast. Its a little slower than the over the counter meds you can get but if you want a natural way to go this is really good. It also doesnt upset the balance with the good bacteria in your system. I keep a bottle on hand all the time for just these times. When I feel a little off and think something is starting.... I get that bottle out and pop a few of these for a couple days. Best to head it off before you get miserable.

  • WOW thanks everybody...I'm aggravated coz it seems like it's gone then it comes back...it is a funky smelling thing. I get paranoid that others can smell it...but I am aware that my sense of smell is stronger the more raw I am LOL my hubby says he does not smell it...HmmmphF I don't know how he cant honestly...it's so weird...smells for a couple of days then nothing for a week.

    I grabbed some M.D. Select Probiotic caps I got at vitamin world--quick access---it has LIVE PROBIOTICS 30 BILLION CFU (L.ACIDOPHILUS, B. LACTIS, L. RHAMNOSUS, L. PLANTARUM, L. CASEI, L. SALIVARIUS, S. THERMOPHILUS, B. LONGUM, B. BREVE AND L. BULGARICUS.)

    So now I'm thinking I need that RC-14 that kniteangel mentioned....hmmmm gonna have to research further hahaha

    also that caprilic acid too. thanks for the info

    Ok well I trulty appreciate all the out-pouring of info and care. You gals are RAWsome!!!

  • So ladies...The little buggaaar is gone again since my last post LOL...no discharge and thankfully it took its' stinch with it!! That smell was causing a gaggin reflex holy crow's feet batman!! I'm hoping that sucker stays AWAY...still doing my oil of wild oregano, proB's and been chomping on those chorella tabs, also recently started taking MSM.

    Still will be ordering a couple of the items from the suggestions you lovely people have recommended. Better safe than sorry! I will keep ya posted...but as I say, I'm hoping its gone for good!!

    Have a fantastic weekend. It's actually supposed to be a nice day here so looking forward to it...as of now my toes are still chilly.

    Peace & many blessings


  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I know you said that it is under control. But, one more suggestion that is good practice anyway, kombucha. Have you ever had it? I drink it because I like the taste and as a change of pace. But, it contains probiotics too. A little extra help probably wouldn't hurt. Maybe you could drink it when you swallow your supplements!

    http://gtskombucha.com/synergy.html This is the brand that I buy.

  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    glad to hear it's gone! btw, you'll notice another smell with MSM - the smelliest gas until you get used to it. :-) TMI?

  • Have you done anything to treat your hubby? Often times we solve the problem for ourselves not even thinking about the fact that whatever yeast/bacteria have infested our genitalia are probably present on our partners. So you start feeling better, get frisky again, and then BAM, it's back.

    Whatever you're doing for yourself, have hubby do too, or else it's not likely to go away long term.

  • Hiya...yeah made the hubster go to the family doc she did swab test thing and he is good to go...I make him use precautionary items when I get any kind of suspect issue...he gets annoyed because as he says "Thats crazy we ARE MARRIED" but like I tell him..."Better safe than itchy gitchy I-yayaaaa yaya down there buddy" he has very strong immunity though but still can't be giving it back to me...no backsies!!! LOL

    So far no gas thankfully...well unless it escapes while I'm sleeping hee hee but hubby has not mentioned anything LOL oh well



  • i've seen so much written about candida and i've tried everything so i know what works and what doesn't. Before I went raw I didn't know what a candida overgrowth was. when i switched to raw (gourmet raw that is) I learned first hand what it was. After I looked on this forum for candida advice i realized that many raw fooders on this website struggle with it too. i thought wow, that's weird, these people eat so healthy why are there so many people on this site with candida overgrowth? i know a lot of people that eat SAD but none of them struggle with candida overgrowth...weird.

    anyways, after looking though all the forums i decided to try the body ecology diet. it made sense, since i had been brainwashed to think that fruit sugar is bad for your health. i tried it for a month. i sincerely regret it. my candida symptoms were worse, i felt so deprived. since i had cut out all fruit sugars, i had intense cravings for sweets and complex carbs like potatoes. the diet obviously wasn't working and my relationships were starting to suffer because of my irritability from the candida overgrowth. i had once lashed out at my boyfriend because he was trying to help me and wouldn't let me order dessert one night. the candida had really taken over.

    i was desperate. i had seen some comments on this forum about the 811 diet and completely ignored it before because i was afraid of fruit sugar (thanks body ecology diet and ph miracle for brainwashing me). since nothing else was working i decided to get some more information on this 811 diet. i dove in and started the diet right away. eating 100% raw, vegan, low-fat, nothing but fruit and greens all day. i was a little scared, but i embraced the diet. i was so in love with fruit and had missed it so much.

    i had struggled with candida for 3 months trying everything imaginable. after 2 days on the 811 diet my symptoms went away, for good. i had energy. my sweet cravings went away. my skin cleared. my yeast infection was gone...and now i am the happiest and healthiest i have ever been in my life. i am still doing the diet and loving it.

    so now i know, fruit sugar is not the culprit! fat is! everyone that is giving advice about not eating sugar is still struggling with candida! how can you say that giving up fruit helps if you haven't cured it your candida yet? anyone that makes kefir or anything cultured knows that sugar is what feeds the bacteria. you know that if you don't give the kefir cultures some sugar they will die. what do you think you are doing to your good bacteria when you starve it of fruit sugar? your good bacteria starves! quit eating oils, nuts and seeds, and overt fats and start eating sweet juicy fruit! you and your body will love it!

  • Hi kelly...well according to my gyno mine was NOT yeast. I have not had a true yeast infection in years. I also have never bought into the fruit is bad mindset alot of people have about yeast. I know for myself...bread type yeast and moldy type foods like peanuts seemed to have been an issue for me many years ago. I'm not 100% raw but I am trying to get there slowly but surely.

    I can't say I agree with the no seeds and nuts thing either. I eat sprouted seeds DAILY for the last couple of months actually. I have been soaking nuts then drying them a bit [in cracked door oven at lowest temp-coz I dont have a dehydrator] to get them to have crunch more coz for me after many days of salads I need some ooomphF and nuts do that for me...but that's me.

    I will tell everyone that I also did a high enema with garlic followed by a high enema with probiotics added approximately 2 and half weeks ago...and like I said I have had no issues for over 2 weeks now. I think the combo of everything is working for me. I was just so freaked coz I had never had a vaginal "bacterial imbalance" that was not a yeast infection LOL but I'm just glad its gone and I didn't pass it on to my hubby when it was present. The body is such an iteresting and complex machine...gotta keep it operatiing properly.

    Best of health to all!!!


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