Dry Blotchy Face

Does anyone have any idea why my face has suddenly gone blotchy red, very dry and a little painful when the moisturiser goes on.

I'm maybe not drinking quite enough water...but I don't think enough less to cause this.

I'm eating high raw, but did have some bread today...could that have such a severe effect??

nothing else has changed. I'm not eating any nuts apart from 4 brazil nuts yesturday...lots of sprouts and some sunflower and pumpkin seeds, loads of salads...

G smoothies..

any suggestions would be appreciated...I'm figuring maybe slight dehydration and some detox...

I had a salt and bicarb bath this AM...didn't put my face in it though.

Thanks in advance


  • blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

    What are you using?? I had this happen in the past(before even ANY raw or whole foods) and I went through so many things before realizing it was a combo of what I was using on my face and the environment around me. I can drink all the water/liquids in the world but if it's dry around me my skin goes to lizard like(scaly) very fast.

    Last winter I switched makeup to Bare Minerals and that helped. Then I stopped using any commercial cleaners on my face and it REALLY got better over a few months(local goat milk soap I by or Dessert Essence brand cleansers I"m OK with). This winter it started OK, but then no matter WHAT I ate or drank(just made me have to run to ladies room more) my skin was still very dry when I got out of work because of the heating system drying me out. I started using coconut oil since I had such luck on the rest of my body. I only use it 2-3 times a week (at night and light coating, good for hair too) but it has helped in winter. I will cut back in warmer weather when my diet makes up for environment as it did last year. The makeup, for me it DOES make a big difference(found out when I didn't wear any for awhile) even if only one light coat in the am and I use nothing else.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    I would use coconut oil or jojoba oil on your face. I use tea tree oil too but it's usually just for pimples. The coconut oil really makes my skin soft though because I get very dry skin in the winter.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    In the evening, put a little bit of raw honey in the palm of your hand with a drop or 2 of water and a few grains of sea salt. Mix in the palm of your hand so it is a watery mixture and put on the spots for at least 30 minutes, if you can handle sleeping with it on, then try that. The raw honey really helped my face when I had super dry blotches appear (and nothing made them go away except for raw honey in a matter of 1 week). If the salt burns, then just do the honey watered down...you only need a tiny little bit to cover your face. It moisturized the areas on my face very fast. Coconut oil is great, but it wouldn't touch moisturizing my face when this had happened...the raw honey was great! Hope it works for you :)

  • green girlgreen girl Raw Newbie

    Having an avocado a day seems to help my skin and I have to live through crazy dry winters in Calgary, CANADA! I also found that when I stopped using any type of commercial face cleanser that my face improved as well.

  • Thanks everyone...

    I don't wear makeup...so it's not that..

    I haven't used soap for quite a while...

    I have been eating avocados every day except the last few...

    I'm in london, so it's pretty gritty here, but have been here for a few months..There is central heating, maybe my body just decided it has had enoughof that..I've never had central heating before

    I'll definately try some honey tomorow and use coconut oil tonight. I have been using 99% Aloe the last couple of days...I wouldn't think that would react with my skin as it is supposed to be so amazing, but it has happened since then! Has anyone else have a reaction to aloe?

    I've also been using an aloe and propolis mousturiser...If it's the aloe, then maybe it's not helping at all!

    I'll try all the changes and let you know in a week or so..

  • bit late...my face cleared up. Maybe just an infection!

    I'm cycling europe now and feeling pretty amazing. Skin good, ody strong.


  • THIS! Times a million! I tried so many different techniques to fix this problem on my face and THIS was the only one that worked for me, and worked outstandingly I might add. Granted, the dried honey feels a little weird, and its difficult to avoid getting stuck on your pillow if you sleep on your side, but its totally worth it. Also, I had to do it for three weeks straight in order to clear my face...maybe my skin just isn't as self-rejuvinating as yours, but yeah...stick with it! Thanks so much for the great advice.

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