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i'm desperate, HELP! acne advice. please (:

So, I'm 16 now. And I've had acne for like, 2 years and it just recently (a year ago) became cystic. it sucks! Alot. And I've been doing this program that is in that book..."Acne No More," I forget who it's by, but I've been detoxing and liver and gallbladder cleansing, blah, blah. And I'm almost totally clear. I'm now trying to convert to a 80% raw food diet. And my whole life I've always wanted clear, luminous celebrity-like skin, and I've been reading about how some people who have converted to raw foodists have started having break outs. I also read that people who cut back on nut-based meals also have less breakouts. And I've read that people who drink a certain juice combo have less breakouts...ect. So I'm hoping that all of you wonderful people will make a list of everything that makes your skin glow! It'll will help me to relax and get over my stupid anxiety and probably my insomnia too. So thanks a million!



  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie


    My older sister had clear skin her entire life up until her early 20's. It was devestating to her; she had layers and layers of acne shaped like a beard... she saw dermatologists and was prescribed medication after medication to no avail. My mom told this to her beautician, a woman from Europe who did not have any medical degrees but was well trained and very smart about holistic skin care. She had my sister start eating certain fruits and not only did her acne go away in a few weeks, but was absolutely NO SCARRING!!

    I saw your post yesterday, and so I called my sister... here is the regimen that helped her... It may seem overly simple--- but it worked!

    dried figs, dates and prunes.

    Iet 2 of each soak overnight in a glass of water, then eat them and drink the water every morning.

    Good luck, and I hope it works for you too!

  • cancel out ALL overt fats for 3-4 weeks. eat only fresh fruit supplemented with vegetables like romaine and spinach. NO SUPPLEMENTS NO SUPERFOODS. you'll never want to go back to any other way of eating. exercise will help with insomnia, make sure you train hard and make sure you eat enough.

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    I dont know if your doing this or not but make sure you have a skin regiment of washing before bed with a natural chemical free face wash, and dont touch your face b/c that can make it worse. I reccomend Mychelle products my goddaughter had really bad skin and breakouts on her back I got her the cranberry cleanser and she had it cleared up in a week here is their site http://www.mychelle.com/ I am not trying to sound like a sales rep but their products really work unlike proactive (which my goddaughter also tried) with her she also found that when she ate certain things she broke out she is on regualar american diet and for her it was hot cheetos everytime she had them within a few hours she was so broke out so pay attention to when it gets worse and keep track of what things cause flare ups. But I agree with the other posters low nuts low fats and raw should be fine for your skin. If you are looking for certain juices in Raw food Real world (book by Sarma and Mathew Kenney) she has a recipe for a cucumber cooler juice that is good for skin, cucumber has lots of silica which is supposed to be great for your skin. I notice after any juice (carrot beet cucumber celerey or combos) my skin looks glowing and radiant so juicing does help restore lost nutrition and add a healthy glow.

    Try to think positive and love yourself thru your imperfections you are only 16 and you are on the right path to clear this up but sometimes the rough things we go thru can be the best oppurtunity to learn to truly love ourselves.


  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    I am now 45 but I had bad acne when I was your age on up to about 4 years ago. For me cutting out gluten and dairy was magic!!! Now I only break out if I slip and eat it or some detox brings it back a little (you detox thru your skin also)

    I hope you find what works best for you and that you don't have to live with it as long as I did.

    remember that since you do detox thru your skin some things you try really will work but you cant see it yet because of the detox. so if something seems to not work now it may still work later.

  • Thanks to everyone, I'm really interested in staying away from nut fats, like, what do you mean? Is it fine to every once in a while have pizza with a nut-based crust? Or just a hand full of things because it seems like most raw recipes call for some sort of nut. And the date thing is interesting too, I'm definitely going to try that. Yes, I do have a skincare regimen, I use Herbalism by Lush for a cleanser in the morning and ACV+ water as an astringent. And I just started using this new soap for at night, it's for fungus or candida and it's already helping me alot. So. IWWkevin, would I just be doing this no fat, no supplement thing for 3-4 weeks or should it be like that for forever? And I haven't done yoga for a long time because school is really intense right now(super hard classes) and lack of exercise/correct breathing is probably why I can't sleep. I'll be keeping a food diary from now on.

    And does anyone know about massaging with coconut oil? Thank you all for the super awesome advice and support

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    Do your pizzas and stuff with seeds I use sunseeds pumpkin seeds hempseeds etc they are cheaper than nuts to.

    Your welcome good luck

  • ahh. Alright, sometimes I just forget that there's a difference between seeds and nuts!

  • Hi Sweettea, I'm curious what cleanser you are using for fungus/candida? I recently developed folliculitis across my forehead and down the sides of my face along my hairline...basically it's a yeast/fungal over growth on the skin. I am working on candida issues internally with my diet, but was curious about this face wash you are using that is specifically used for fungus/candida. Hope to hear from you soon, and good luck with your quest for clear skin. I have been telling myself I'm beautiful everyday, and saying "I don't know how it happened, but my skin problems are gone and my skin is beautiful" Positive thoughts REALLY help!!

  • internettouristinternettourist Raw Newbie

    I don't use supplements other than 2 oregano oil pills a day. And I oil pull.

    It is hard to say what exactly clears the skin because we start some things and stop other things at different times.

    For clear skin, I think the following is helpful

    1. No night shade plants (white potatoes and tomatoes)

    2. Not nuts in large quantities (a tiny bit in your already prepared food is o.k.)

    3. No dairy (that's for your health)

    4. Someone recommended lots of cucumber juice. She had pretty skin. I switched to a cucumber based morning juice.

    5. Read about oregano oil and oil pulling.

    Congratulations on already getting your skin to clear! Yay!

  • The Candida soap is by Forces of Nature. It's really been working to help reduce the stuff just underneath the skin! which makes me feel better! I love oregano, I do take a capsule of it everyday, but what is oil pulling?

  • GlitterGirlGlitterGirl Raw Newbie

    I don't know how natural you want to go with this but if you get on Accutane, your acne will go away. It's a hard core medication and it's not natural or good for you but it works. It's 4-6 month medication and you have to get blood tests and see your dermatologist every month to make sure you are in good health and aren't pregnant. It's a last resort but it is worth it if you want your acne gone...

  • I've though about taking accutane alot, but I think i'm too scared to tell you the truth! any sort of medicine scares me, really.

  • thought*

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    sweetteaaa, i used to suffer from acne, but haven't in a while ever since starting a more natural hygiene routine.

    i use a few different gentle cleansers (be fine, beetanicals). one in the morning and one at night. after i wash my face with the cleanser (i use hot water), i wipe the towel over my face just once and then dab tea tree oil all over it. after that, i immediately put jojoba oil on top. i know it sounds like a lot of oil, but tea tree oil is toning oil which helps with my pimples and jojoba helps with my dry skin. neither oil clogs pores so they are safe to use. my skin is very clear with the acception of some blackheads.

  • ConstantinConstantin Raw Newbie

    accutane is wicked stuff. it destroys your liver. when i was on it i had to have bi-monthly blood tests just to make sure my body was managing to get that crap out of my system. it does "work" though.

    I can't agree enough with Kevin above. cut out the overt fats and just eat TONS of fruits and veggies and you will have a miraculous change in your skin in a month...maybe even less. best of all is you won't have to flood your liver with vitamin A (accutane is essentially just this).

  • Hi :)

    I used Accutane for about 6 months a few years ago....if I knew what I do now i would NOT use it....yes it worked and cleared up my skin very well but it really isn't good for you so personally I would avoid it and all costs and try the natural approach as much as you can first! :) X

  • Vitamin C! I eat a whole orange (cut off the orange skin, keep the white pith) in my smoothie every morning and it works wonders. Also, beware of cell phones - too much cell phone time ALWAYS makes me break out right where I was holding the phone. Oh, and make sure to wash pillowcases regularly. Hope that helps. :)

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    There's no "list," just live a healthy lifestyle. Eat lots of sweet fruit, a moderate amount of greens, and limit your fat intake. Make sure to get enough rest, sleep, sunshine, and exercise.

    The only product I use is coconut oil after my shower. I also skin brush before my shower, which makes my skin nice and velvety soft.

    Hope that helps! :)

  • I second the coconut oil and dry skin brushing. Really look into skin brushing for acne. It's cheap natural and people swear by it. It's a great way to exfoliate your skin and rid acne.

  • can you use a skin brush on your face? and can you put coconut oil on your face? I was using only coconut oil for moisturizing for a long time and then started breaking out and the dermatologist said to stop using it. But I have a feeling it wasn't just the coconut oil that was making me break out, because I had used it for so long.

  • Yes you can use a skin brush on the face. Make sure it is 100% natural bristles. Synthetic are too rough.

    Many people use coconut oil on there face safely. It's a wonderful skin oil.

  • It wasn't the coconut oil. Coconut oil is excellent for your face. I use it on my face and have heard people with oily skin use it also. And it has antibacterial qualities so I think that would be even better.

    I have eczema and I am allergic to natural brushes, and the results on my face and body are a nightmare. There are some very soft synthetic brushes out there that I use for now.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    There's a lot of info on the net. You might want to Google "dry brush face". I was looking for specific techniques for the face and came across this commercial site. Their technique makes sense to me. Scroll to the bottom of the screen for facial dry brushing instructions (in the orange box).


  • I have been struggling to figure out how to heal my acne for a long time. I recently started a new skin care regimen and i have noticed a huge difference. (the only change i've made that i can think of is eating more fiber.) so anyhow, for face wash i use mychelle's cranberry cleanser. then morning and night i use an alcohol free witch hazel toner with aloe and lavender in it. i dab a cotton ball with that and then put like 5 drops of pure tea tree oil on it too. it feels amazing and i love it. i don't have to use a moisturizer every time either because the aloe helps moisturize my face.

    i also just took a saliva based hormone test and i am waiting for the results. i personally feel that the issue, for me, is probably a hormone imbalance. so i hope to help my skin even more when i figure all that out.

    so i wish you the best of luck!!!!!

  • I'm interested to see how your hormone tests come back! I really think my acne is a hormone imbalance too. so yeah. Tell me what you find out from your tests! and is the lavender witch hazel toner by humphrey's? I like their cucumber melon one!


    OK! I'm 28 now and i developed acne 4 years ago.Sinse then i tried every single remedy out there.Nothing worked!\

    In about 8 months ago i became 100% raw vegan for close to 6 months with all the nasty green smooties and sh...t , feeding on a lot of fresh fruits and veggies I'm acne free now! Eat everything raw.Nuts,avocadoes ,bananas,figs,dates dont listen to people who say dont eat bananas because they have sugar.Bulls..t!Sugar is not the cause of the acne. Toxic liver is! And when your liver or colon or whatever is cloged then yes sugar,fat anything agrevates acne. Acne is not skin disorder! Remember this! Dont put anything on your skin! DO NOT WASH YOUR FACE!!! CLEANSE YOUR SISTEM.EAT RAW DO THE COLONIC! FOR ME TOOK 6 MONTHS FOR YOU MAY BE MORE MAY BE LESS BUT STICK TO THE RAW VEGAN DIET UNTIL YOU SEE THE RESULT.IT WILL GET WORSE BEFORE TO GET BETTER.DONT TOUCH YOUR FACE.DONT WASH IT WITH ANYTHING BUT WATER! IF YOU DO ALL THIS I PROMISSE ACNE FREE SKIN!!! KEEP ME POSTED!



  • There's a really great post on rawmodel.com about acne. It's from a couple months ago so you'll have to go through the archives to find it. I recently decided to get off the antibiotics and retin-A that I've taken for the past few years (I'm 27, had acne since like 12, and have been on the pharmaceutical junk for maybe 3 years). They really made my skin nice, but I never liked the idea of antibiotics or smearing chemicals on my face. So I threw away my last tube of retin-A 2 months ago, and have been following this basic regime (it involves lots of supplements):

    as raw as I can get, but definitely avoiding wheat, dairy, and fried foods


    probiotics - to heal intestine

    fish oil (not vegan, but flax has omega 3s also)

    evening primrose oil

    milk thistle - supports liver

    burdock tea - supports liver

    vitex, high lignan flax oil - balances hormones

    face care includes washing with Dr Bronners baby soap, use rose & aloe witch hazel, then tea tree oil with vitamin E all over my face. I'm less extreme now about washing morning and night, sometimes I'll just rinse with cold water. I think my skin likes the break.

    My skin isn't perfect yet, but the interesting thing is my chest is clearer than it ever was using the pharmaceutical stuff. My face is about the same. If you're interested in supplementation, check out the rawmodel post. It really goes into a lot more detail. Even just adding burdock tea and evening primrose will make a difference I think. Your liver is trying to clean itself, and it's coming out through your skin. Help it out!

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you. I used to take evening primrose oil, fish oil, and milk thistle when my mom worked at our local and only supplement store (she got fired for asking for her 2-week paid vacation that she didn't take the previous year!), but I ran out. I definitely do think it worked. I'll have to try the burdock tea.

    Also, I saw a few comments on people who have eczema, you must try Dream Wash by Lush! I got it because I used to have chicken skin on my arms, but not anymore!

    Does anyone know of foods that help with balancing hormones?

    Does Maca help with hormones?

    thanks to everyone!

  • Ok I have a question. I have read that a lot of people wash there faces with water only. But do you guys wear makeup? I do... my face is broken out like crazy and ive been raw for 6 months so I have to do something! I switch to bare minerals in the summer because its too drying in the winter though so maybe that will help. Can I wash my face with water only when i wear liquid foundation? Hmmm....

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