Soggy Zucchini Spears :-(

So, I'm still trying to get the hang of dehydrating. Yesterday I attempted to create crunchy zucchini spears....I coated them with nutritional yeast for that crunch. Well, after I dehydrated them for about 5 hrs, I took them out and tested their consistency.. I was pleased with the results. BUT then I put them in the refrigerator overnight...thinking that I would take them with me to work today...and NOW they're soggy!!! I need some help PLEASE!!


  • So I decided to re-dehydrate the soggy spears....maybe this will help....GRRRRR.....So frustrating! My dehydrator is getting ready to go into the closet.....

  • I am a novice at dehydrating and have no proactive advice, but I have the same problem with my flax seed crackers. Unless you are going to vacuum seal everything I think outside moisture is going to invade. I usually put my crackers back in the dehydrator for 15 minutes or so and it crisps them back up.

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    I had the same question... check out the above topic

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