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acne scars, how can I heal them?

RawaholicRawaholic Raw Newbie

Hey everyone!

During my teen years I had really bad acne (we are talking cystic). The zits were painful and it didn't matter if I popped them or left them alone, the more severe ones have left me with pock marks on my my back and arms. Since going mostly raw and finding a good face wash (I have to use Proactive until I can find I decently priced organic one that doesn't make it worse like all the other ones I've tried) my acne as subsided to some blackheads and the occasional cysts.

Sadly, I haven't been able to treat my scars. I know some fade with time but I still have some pock marks that are still a dark pinkinsh brown and they are 6 years old! Does anyone know of anything that might help?

I'm tempted to go see a dermatologist this summer about it but I wanted to at least try to heal it naturally first. Anyone have any ideas, tips, or experience with this?

It's really starting to get to me because I have been working hard these past couple months to get a healthy, bikini ready body for this summer (which I have succeeded in doing) but what's the point if my skin looks like a polka dotted dress?


  • I went through the same thing many years ago. It was on my face and upper back. I have the scars you mentioned on my face and I too am trying to heal them naturally. I know the pock marks you speak of all too well.

    I have found that doing the MC (master cleanse) my facial scars lost their pinkish color. I have read that people have had experiencev with juice feasting healing their scars. The length of the juice feast varied in experiences. It seems the longer the duration of the juice feast the more chance you have of curing your scars, but not guaranteed.

    Still it is, something I would like to experience myself in the near future. www.juicefeasting.com

    You could also try MSM lotion. Another method that seems to work well. Wash face with baking soda then wipe skin with ACV on a cottonball. You can make a concoction of 1/2 ACV and 1/2 filtered water to be used on cottonball.

  • A natural acid peel that works great is after cleansing skin at night take a cotton ball and dip in raw apple cider vinegar and wipe all over face avoiding eye area. Close eyes before doing this and keep them closed for a minute or two due to the fumes from the ACV, they will irritate your eyes. Yes, you will smell vinegary for a little while, but the smell goes away. This will take off the very top layer of your skin and the next day it should look smoother soft. Do this once a week until your face is nice and smooth, then do it maybe once or twice a month.

    Also after you have applied the ACV your skin will tingle and it will look red, but when you wake up the next day your skin will be back to normal and will be smoother and healthier looking.

    Please be aware I am no skin expert, I did this treatment on myself and all went fine, a friend of mine also did this to her skin and she was amazed at the results. If you have very sensitive skin you might want to dilute the ACV first or not even do this.


  • Derma Roller!

    google it!


  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    Have you tried the derma roller youself? does it work?

  • I've just started using it, and i think it's really helped to lessen the deepness of my scars.

  • I got a 1.5 stainless steel one.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    interested. can you please keep us updated on how this works for you?



  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    zinfandel~ In case you haven't seen it, here is a video of the Rachael Ray Show on the Derma Roller...


    Seems to have some merit, interesting ....

  • no problem, and watch the rachel ray on it and I couldn't notice any difference for that woman, but it was probably because I watched it on youtube, not HD! I've noticed results myself though.

  • GlitterGirlGlitterGirl Raw Newbie

    The only thing I've ever heard of to get rid of pock marks is laser treatments... Not very "natural" but at least your not infesting your body with chemicals ; ) You may want to check out a laser called Fraxel. I'm having these treatments done right now for melasma so the settings are low but I've seen people go in for pock marks and other acne scars on higher settings and they come out looking awesome. It's expensive and takes a few treatments but it's totally worth looking into because it's not a gimmick or a waste of time, it actually works!

    If you decide to go somewhere to check it out I would advise getting it done at a dermatologists office and NOT a "dayspa". Dayspa's are a bit cheaper but... they're cheaper for a reason : o |

  • African black soap is good for evenning skin and scars. Papaya soap is great for scars also. Then we have vitamin e oil.

  • exfoliating is what i found most helpful. :)

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Supporting skin health from the inside can also help with healing scars etc. Raw food is good for this as its rich in nutrients which support collagen formation such as vitamin C, silica, amino acids, traces of copper etc.

  • I'm kind of surprised that no one else mentioned the scar-healing capacity of wheatgrass juice!

    I had Hodgkins Lymphoma that I started treating holistically in 2006 by attending Hippocrates Health Institute. Wheatgrass Juice is PHENOMENALLY AMAZING, cheap, easy to grow, and will benefit you in MILLIONS of ways, not just help clear your scars away!


    Good luck & enjoy!

  • My acne scars have really improved in the last couple of years. I'd suggest the cleanest, simplest diet you can have, with lots of green juice, facial skin brushing (as per Tonya Zavasta) and application of coconut oil.

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