i’ve been 100% raw for 11 or 12 days now. its going really well, i’ve lost my cravings, my arthritic pain is virtually gone and my blood sugar is under control (i’m a type 1 diabetic). but today, i weighed myself, i probably shouldn’t have, but i was curious because i feel so much better, i don’t feel as bloated. well, i haven’t lost a single pound. i have alot to lose—around 30-40 lbs. i’ve just read so many stories of people losing tons of weight quickly, and here i am almost half a month and nothing. :( i didn’t start this to lose weight, i did it because i thought it would help my various chronic conditions, but losing weight would certainly help the diabetes. i’m thrilled to not be in pain anymore, but i guess i’m just wondering if anyone else has had a hard time dropping the weight. i’m thinking it could be because i have hypothyroid and i’ve chosen not to take medication for it.


  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Throw away your scale. Weight fluxuates a lot during weight loss and watching it too close will keep you in the FAT state of mind.

  • I understand being discouraged, but look at all the health improvements you listed before coming to the weight issue! Nobody looses or gains weight at the same rate so just because it hasn’t come off immediatley certainly does not mean it won’t come off at all. Just keep feeding your body well and it will respond (it’s already starting to respond!)

  • aaaw, thank you, i feel like crying (in a good way:) i don’t typically weigh myself more than once every two months, i just really felt like i had lost. i’m going to try not to let it get me down. i’ve got a doctors appointment in 3 weeks at which time i’m getting tests for my thyroid and adrenals to make sure things are working as they should.

  • chris i just saw your before/after pics!!! all i can say is WOW!

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Hey, for all you know, you lost some weight and gained it back, you lost some water and retained some, you lost some fat and built some new muscle. The actual number doesn’t mean much. Do you feel better? Do you feel like you look better? Does anything else matter at all really? Being raw and clean makes you feel pretty all over (I know it does me) and that can’t be measured.

  • Stylistchick,

    Why don’t you want to take medicine for your hypothyroid? I have taken synthetic thyroid for close to 20 years no with no ill effects. I had my thyroid removed when I was 18.

  • patty,

    i had half of my thyroid removed when i was 18 too! weird coincidence…i’m 34 now. i have taken it on and off for 15 years. i stop because it has never worked for me, i still have at least 10 symptoms even after being on the meds for years. doctors don’t seem to want to increase my dose or try me the natural dessicated thyroid(i honestly don’t know if i could stomach it anyway becauyse the natural one is made from pig thyroid)

  • Stylistchick

    That is wierd! When you say never worked what do you mean? What are your symptoms?

    I would suggest that you see a different doctor make sure they are an endrochonologist. My doctor checks my thyroid levels (T3 T4) each year and makes even the smallest of adjustments.

    When I don’t fill my perscription on time and go for a week every now and then without the meds, I gain weight like crazy and am very fatigued.

    What dose are you perscribed and what are you taking?

  • Hi stylistchick.. Believe me your scale is going to be your biggest enemy.. When I was 100% raw it still came of rather slow, like you I heard all these people talking about how much they had lost and I felt that my body was just being stubborn. But then I learned an amazing thing.. My number (of weight) didn’t matter!! My clothes were all loose and I was breathing without out feeling like I was suffocating, I could walk (that was the biggest thing for me) things were changing even if that stupid scale wasn’t.. Go with what you feel, if you’re feeling better than before then you are doing good.. Sooner or later your body is going to get rid of the excess weight and you’ll see a change.. Congrats on the health inprovements!

  • Stylistchick,

    I didn’t realize you still had part of your thyroid. I don’t have one at all so my body doesn’t produce the hormone at all. I would love to talk to you more about this, as I’ve had some of the same symptoms. 

  • Hi StylistChick! I am glad to hear you are feeling better! My boyfriend had graves disease and had the radioactive coctail. He had to have it twice. I am suspect to the procedure but basically a lot of Dr.s do the most drastic thing which can border on barbaric to me just to get the problem taken care of.

    My boyfriends mom was really into health foods and is totally against salt. His symptoms came on after he started to drive and started eating junk food with his friends. I read that if you have been on a really healthy diet and then start eating a lot of iodized salt that you can have severe symptoms and people have even died. Of course this is just my theory but I knew another person who also had a health nut mom and he suffered pretty severe thyroid problems as well.

    I have just recently been reading about all of this but it amazes me that there are goiterogenic (sp?)vegetables out there. So you may want to try not to eat those too much.

    Because of your symptoms I would recommend garbanzo bean sprouts, jalepeno, cayenne, and nuts. They are all supposed to elevate mood.

    If you have a chance could you write down what you eat in a typical day or over a few days? Other people may be able to make some suggestions for you based on that.

    Have you tried maca or cacao? Spirulina or ginko? I’ve heard great things about acai berries and even freshly grated nutmeg.

    Don’t forget you can add cayenne to soups, juices and green smoothies. In your case I would make sure you get some pumpkin seeds, fresh peas, and even experiment with mango salsa.

    What I could see you doing that would be fun would be to go to a lake and setting off some fireworks and or building a fire and blowing off some steam. Is there somewhere you can go where you could do this? Camp out on a little island- Dance under the stars- skinny dip! Drink some fresh water from a stream! Let me know I’d be so happy to hear you get out and do something really wild! I hope this helps. =)

  • thank you everyone! patty i will drop you a line on your outside email, hopefully very soon.

    i was aware that there were some foods which aggravated thyroid symptoms-and as i recall they were seemingly healthy foods-i think broccoli was even on that list. going raw has been great because it has really eliminated anything that was aggravating my system before. i think the worst thing i used to consume was artificial sweeteners—and that was mainly because i am diabetic and thats what doctors tell you to do. one interesting thing i have noticed, i had been monitoring my temperature for a couple weeks before i started with the raw diet, it was all over the place, mostly low which is a clue to hypothyroid. within days of going raw it has been normal 98.6, occasionally one degree high or low. so i feel something transformative is definately happening. :)

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