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favorite recipes that keep you raw?

Hi, What are your favorite recipes that keep you raw? We struggle to stay raw and hope to find recipes that are really good that maybe even sad dieters’ would enjoy. I’d also like some oil type recipes for salad dressings that I could store in the fridge, if that’s possible, I’m just not big on “tart”, lemony or vineger type dressings which seem to be mostly what I see. What we really like are olive oil, cilantro ,garlic things like that.monark


  • I haven’t tried any of them yet, but there are some dressing recipes on this site that look great. If you look under the dressings sections, there’s garlic ones, avocado, cilantro and lime, they all sound yum.

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    Here’s how I’ve been structuring my raw days:

    Breakfast – green smoothie with frozen bananas, apple, berries if I’ve got ‘em, kale or spinach & water

    Lunch – nearly always a big green salad. My favorite dressings are avocado-based because I like ‘em creamy

    Dinner – I alternate nights between a raw recipe and a cooked, vegan meal (usually soup because I can make a bunch on the weekend and have that ready and waiting during the week)

    I just made Kandace’s beet & celery salad (it’s in the recipes section under salads, or do a search for “beet” and it comes up first) and I have to say, this is one I’ll be making over and over. And I didn’t even know I liked beets! Heh… I love this raw food adventure, I keep trying new things and discovering that I like them. Plus it’s a really simple recipe that’s easy to throw together… but watch out for the beet juice, it stains!

    Another favorite for me is any kind of wrap in a romaine or collard leaf… guacamole, raw salsa and walnut taco filling is one of my favorite combos. I also like to take the leftover pulp from making nut milk and spice it up with curry, cumin, garlic, etc and use it as a dip or wrap spread. Accompanied by a raw ear of fresh, sweet corn it’s a very filling & satisfying meal.

    I’m most interested in simple, easy and fast recipes, since I still come home from work and cook a traditional meal for my husband and son. I’m slowly winning over my son to more and more raw dishes, but hubby’s not so sure about all my weird concoctions. ;o)

  • Although I love fresh fruits (always have, even before I went raw), I have to admit it’s the more exotic fare that keeps me raw. Raw cauliflower “mashed potatoes;” raw “tacos;” zucchini pasta with olive oil, raw ACV, basil, and chopped tomatoes. I also experiment quite a bit with making thick sauces with nuts, and adding curry powder (great over cauliflower, onion, and tomatoes).

    Also, now that the local farmers’ market is in full swing, I get inspired to try new recipes with all that gorgeous produce.

    Peace and Blessings, Suzy

  • I would love to see more posts in this topic!!!

    My husband and I are both raw, but we are in a rut. We eat fruit all morning, a fabulous salad for lunch and sip smoothies throughout the day. It’s the last meal of the day that keeps me stumped.

    Here’s what I can add to the favorites list -
    I keep granola and Rawvolution’s onion bread on hand all the time for my husband. He needs/craves some heavy, tasty foods.

    I have just discovered “Fried” Mushrooms. Karen Knowler featured this recipe and it is just fabulous – better than any SAD version. It’s a great addition to salads, pasta or whatever. That’s about the most “sinful” thing I eat and it’s worth every bite.

    I make a Honey Mustard dressing on a regular basis. Instead of mayonnaise, I use cashews to give it a creamy texture.

    Occasionally, I’ll make a spaghetti type meal using zucchini for the pasta. I still haven’t found the perfect sauce for us.

    I have not found many nut or seed concoctions that I want to make again. They seem too heavy to me now. On the other hand, I need to find other options for dinner. Help!

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    My all time favorite recipe is collard green wraps stuffed with avo, cucumber, carrot, bell pepper, sprouts, and dulse granules. Cant beat ‘em!

  • Yum! I need to do more wraps. I got on a kick with them a couple of months ago, but haven’t done them lately. I’m heading to the store today.

    I still need more ideas!

  • Young@Heart,
    Where can I find that “fried” mushrooms recipe? I think that would be awesome, and those are the types of things I still eat while in this transition. Bad I know, but it’s one of my favorite things!

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    My favorite recipes are quick and easy, like hummus, zuchinni pasta and smoothies. These are more realistic for my day-to-day life.

    lapetitemort: There is a video on YouTube featuring the “fried” mushrooms. I love actually watching a chef create!

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    My favorite recipe is Raw Chocolate (on this website). I made a double batch today and sneaked in a tsp of maca, spirulina, and billberry extract powder. My husband didn’t even notice the additions – he actually liked it more than usual!!

  • kandace,
    Thank you!!

  • flybabyflybaby Raw Newbie

    I love raw cakes, pates, tahini, wraps( different kinds of pates, avocadoes, sprouts and other veggies wrapped in kale leaves, yum!) kale and avocado salad or anything else with avocado, or just a ton of apples!

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    definitely my buckwheat salad. i soak buckwheat groats for about an hour or more (up to a day or so if i have the time or forget about them), and make a delicious salad with avocado, sundried tomato, fresh tomato, LOTS of fresh herbs like parsley, mushrooms (key), and use a tiny bit if nama shoyu, agave, lemon juice, and salt for the dressing. i almost always have the ingredients around, and its super quick to make, and SO delicious for sad-ers and raw fooders alike.

  • I make sure to have zuccini chips on hand(just dehydrate slices of zuccini until crispy) and some raw hummus. Great quick snack to keep me out of the crackers!

    I also eat frozen banana slices and frozen grapes.

    Green smoothies galore! They are so easy that I rarely eat salads at home. This is good because I ALWAYS eat a salad when I go out since this is usually the only option.

  • The link Kandace put up to Karen Knowler’s You Tube video is exactly where I learned to make the “Fried” Mushrooms. I made another batch yesterday and had them in my salad today. Wow! However, I must caution you – these could be addictive. I think I got carried away with the oil. You really don’t need as much as you think.

    Another sinful recipe is the Raw “Bacon” recipe on this site.(http://goneraw.com/recipes/418-Raw-Bacon-) It’s actually made from eggplant and would make a good addition to salads or wraps. It looks odd and sounds worse, but after reading the comments I decided to try it anyway. I’m so glad I did. I love it.

    I have been eating soooooo clean for months. Maybe my loving these recipes so much is my body telling me I need a little more oil – probably not as much of it as I had today. I couldn’t quit nibbling.

    I also love the zucchini hummus from this site. (http://goneraw.com/recipes/9-Hummus)

    Carmentina – I just looked at the recipe for Raw Chocolate. Mmmmmm.
    I can’t wait to try it – looks like I’ll get plenty of oil from this recipe as well.

    I hope this topic keeps going. I still need more ideas to spice up my food life.

  • sarawsaraw Raw Newbie

    Definitely nice salads with all the fixings. I put different kinds of dressings that I just throw together. I made a decent “ranch” this am using cashews, water, a tiny bit of cider vinegar, pepper, dill, and garlic. It was REALLY good!!
    I a trying to take the focus off of WHOLE meals, and trying to train myself to just eat something simple. If I eat it, and I still need something, I go digging around, and throw something else together. When I am NOT hungry, I experiment with nuts, coconut, and chocolate! LOL

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    young@heart. i hear you about the last meal of the day, esp in winter. i think that is more a mental precondition for me, that the last meal of the day be a certain way… but what works for me is doing a few really elegantly prepared. this need not be time consuming—using a red cabbage leaf, romaine leaves, or collard wraps and stuffing them with different dips and chopped, spiralized, julienned and/or grated veggies, really adds color and elegance and i think that’s what i love most about raw—the colors!

  • Oh my! I have just discovered another wonderful recipe on this site that will definitely keep me raw – Kandace’s LEMON COOKIES.


    They are sooooooooo good. I saw them mentioned on the forum topic about things to make in double batches. In the comments under that recipe, some people mentioned experimenting with changing the flavor from lemon to pineapple and other fruits. That would probably be very good as well, but the lemon ones are so good that it will be ages before I start experimenting. I have just recently had a sweet craving and this is just the thing to satisfy it.

    Also – You probably should go ahead and double the recipe, otherwise you won’t have many of the finished product. My husband and I ended up with only half a batch – we kept taking them out of the dehydrator to “test” them.

  • Good ideas, pianissima! And I agree about the colors. I read a comment somewhere a few months ago about how your color perception sharpens when your go raw. Maybe that’s true. At any rate, both my husband and I have become mesmerized with the wonderful colors of our produce and smoothies.

  • I’ve been enjoying green smoothies with collards, mangos and blueberries. About a month ago I saw Chris from Purely Raw’s grilled meat recipe. I made those mushrooms and now I’m addicted. Most days I make a reuben sandwich with the mushrooms, raw sauerkraut and macadamia nut/avocado mayo and raw ketchup mixed together to make a raw thousand island dressing, yummy! I use Russell James bread recipe from his raw chef blog. Any dish with kelp noodles is always a hit in my house.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Variety and seasonal eating helps me stay satiated. Once in awhile I decide to make a gourmet recipe from this or other sites, but I primarily eat simple meals. I also think some of my kitchen gadgets help keep me interested. I bought a Saladacco and I frequently make “pasta” with many different sauces, each with few ingredients. I have a new Toss’n Chop that will help me to not get burned out on salads this summer.

  • When I joined gone raw I promised to give back after gleaning so many recipes. But I am pretty liberal with food, and don’t really like to give amounts. To add to the ideas: easy second use meals like juicer pulp, avocado and whatever strong flavors you like in your guacamole or not, rolled up in a nori sheet, as a hold and eat “burrito”. Leftover green (and bright green in color) smoothie gazpacho, with the addition of cukes/and/or zukes,avocado, garlic, jalapeno, cilantro, celery, and maybe a little lemon. I like it best with a pineapple, parsley, celery and kale smoothie.

  • I tried the “Fried” Mushrooms and YUM!! But then I got a wild hair and marinated more mushrooms, and made a batter from soaked flax seeds and some of my dried herbs, blended it. I coated the mushrooms in the “batter” and dehydrated them at 95 until they were crisp. Oh my =D I did the exact same thing with jalepeno slices too!! I have a thing for battered fried foods, and this is just the thing to curb those cravings!! I am imagining the other veggies that I can do this to!! My mouth is very happy right now!

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    The “fried” mushroom video didn’t work for me. If possible, could someone post the recipe?

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