Animal Liberation... raw?

Ok. When I first went vegan (6 years ago) watching Meet Your Meat and reading Animal Liberation pretty much did it for me and helped me maintain being vegan til it was easier.

Is there a raw book like that? I book that lists all the best thingsabout being raw and why you shouldnt cheat. I know why I shouldnt, just like I knew why I didnt want to eat meat anymore, but having something there helps immensly.


  • jkd_soccer801, I can appreciate what you’re saying!!! When I went vegetarian four years ago I had a lot of really good reasons (ethical, health, environmental, etc), not just “I like animals.” Becoming vegan a little over a year ago seemed logical, the more I read, the more it seemed that vegan was the most in line with all the reasons I became vegetarian. It just made sense. (The chickens/cows producing the eggs/milk cause just as much environmental damage and eventually get killed). I too am looking for more good reasons to keep me on raw food. My one good reason is lots of enzymes! Who knows maybe I’m just not ready to hear the information… hope that helps:)

  • I haven’t read Animal Liberation so I don’t know how it’s laid out or anything but you should definitely read Nature’s First Law by David Wolfe, Stephen Arlin, and Fouad Dini. My meat eating, McDonalds loving, boyfriend read this book and went 100% raw immediately! It covers all the reasons you should eat raw in a very blunt and inarguable way and is laid out in short chapters making it easy to read and easy to reference later.

  • Hi- I submitted this link on another topic, but I think it applies here. There is some really good information there. I’d also be interested if people have any other good links regarding this.

  • The other day I was making a raw corn bisque, and offered some to the b-friend who will try raw food but wouldn’t consider it his official diet (ever). Anyways, I asked if he wanted some and he told me if I heated it up. Immediatley I thought to myself “so you want me to kill your soup…?” which reminded me of why I don’t want to eat dead, processed food. OK, it’s a little extreme and really not scientific in any way, but now if I’m in a “cheat” mood, I think of that and I don’t feel so naughty anymore.

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