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the good and the bad

I am entertaining the thought of trying 811 again. I tried it before and probably cheated a lot and only tried it for a week or two. very impatient. i was veggie for 8 years then vegan for 1 year and about 80% raw for about 6 months before deciding i needed to eat fish again not be so obsessed about food. I'm still obsessed about food so i didn't cure that problem but summer is approaching and 811 seeems much more natural in the summer than winter.

I want to know your experiences with 811. The triumphs...the tribulations....the detox....the unsuccessful....battles with candida....anything you have experienced with this way of eating.

I've read so much over the past year about nutrition that it seems there are so many ways to get healthy but for some reason i keep being drawn back to this. Thank you all for your input.


  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    30bananasaday.com is the 811 forum. maybe you could ask your questions there as well.

  • yeah i've been reading a lot on there but it's only positive feedback, which isn't a bad thing, but sometimes you want the whole story. I know it couldn't have been raw incredible energy from day 1. i mean there had to be some kind of detox involoved. i just want to know what to expect. if it's something i should barrell through or if there are things i should watch out for. thanks for the info though.

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I am a bit obsessed with food myself. Not necessarily eating it, while I like to, I like making it, buying it, writing recipes etc. I even cook food for friends, just because I enjoy it. What helps me curb this is the occassional Master Cleanse. I like it because I spend those 10-12 days not thinking about, making or buying any food. It's a nice little vacation from what I love. I know that sounds weird, but I come back with a different appreciation for it.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    going on banana island is pretty cool (just bananas+greens)

  • Can someone explain in a basic sentence or two what this 811 is? i went to that bananas site and i didn't see anything clear cut. i'm sick of trying to google it. If this is about doing a little bit of cooked, then i have to say i will be happy when i'm 100%. That's just what i feel in my gut. i feel like we are here trying to work over that inevitable hump, knowing deep down that when i/we eat cooked food we don't feel as good. i don't mean to speak for everyone, please treat that last sentence as a guestimate based on what i'm feeling. When i eat cooked, however small, i feel i concentrate less on what my spirit wants and more on what my cravings want. Ever crave an old relationship knowing that it doesn't promote what you want out of life? For me, this is the same deal. My stomach hurts when i eat cooked foods and then my mood goes south.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    readingatwork, 80/10/10 is a book written by dr. graham that stresses eating 80% carbs, 10% fat, and 10% protein. all of it is RAW but he talks about slowly transitioning your SAD diet by doing that ratio in SAD and then going to RAW.

    graceinyaface, i really like 80/10/10 because i eat as many fruits and veggies as i want!!! it's so nice that i don't have to limit myself because i used to do that on all other diets (don't know which other word to use but i consider it my regular eating diet). my mom asks me how i fit all that food in me, but i just say that it's how much our bodies are designed to eat. the only thing i don't like about it is my hands. i have really dry, red, and bloody hands when i don't get enough fat in my diet. i've been eating fat everyday to make them get better and it seems to be working. other than that, i have no constipation problems anymore either.

  • Thanks Joannabanana! No wonder so many raw folks were considering it- duh! i've suffered w paper dry hands also. Try using a vitamin e capsule, biting it open and using it as lotion. It doesn't wash off everytime and seems to actually improve my skin instead of just masking the dryness.

  • Joannabanana, how much fat are you eating daily to improve your hands? I have the same problem although I'm not doing 811.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    rawfreak4fr, i have a big green salad for lunch and dinner so i have a tbsp of sesame oil on both of those. the flavor of the oil can overpower the salad if you use to much so 1 tbsp is usually fine. i also sprinkle sesame seeds on them, too. i guess you could say i love sesame seeds!! on the weekends, i usually replace the oil and put sliced avocado on it instead. i really LOVE avocadoes and would eat way too many if i kept them in the house so i usually buy one for the weekend.

    i realize in the book that dr. graham doesn't encourage people to eat oils because they are hazardous to our health (honestly, what isn't?), but i figure it's not that much. i don't eat nuts and i figure as long as my entire diet is fruits and veggies, some oil won't kill me.

    readingatwork, that's a good idea! i will definitely try that. when my hands get really bad, i put coconut oil or olive oil on them and slip them in some old socks i don't wear (on my feet) anymore. i do it at night so in the morning they are really smooth.

  • Some fat is really necessary in our diets because some vitamins and minerals are only fat soluble, meaning just water wont help you metabolize them. Its just when we eat too much fat that its a problem (especially if its cooked fat), the same with anything. 10-20% is probably perfect depending on the person.

    I also have had EXTREMELY dry skin my whole life, so I really need to have some raw fat in my diet.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    My experience? No bad, all good. :)

    I experienced very little detox at all...a couple headaches the first week and some slight acne on my forehead and temples for a couple months. I no longer struggled with anemia or restless leg syndrome after the first couple of weeks. I released a lot of water weight very quickly. I no longer needed daily naps. I no longer got extreme cramps in my legs and feet. I could spend more time playing with my animals without getting tired. On and on...

    And it just keeps getting better. Give it an honest try for 30 days and see for yourself! :)

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