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Okay, i went raw for a while with my dad mostly (Because i live with my parents) My mom and sister where of course not for it. They both love junk food and dont want to change. Which is difficult since you have to walk into the kitchen and see all the food you used to love. We would tell them the effect the bad food is going to have on them but as they say ignorance is bliss, until we had to reach an agreement. You see its four of us and groceries are like 150 -200 $ a weeek without having to split groceries and getting two completely different types of food. So my mom and sister finally joined us, but they were being tortured until they finally stopped. I need to go raw again, because of course everything is so much better when your as healthy as you can be, but im not sure what to do. My family is split and half and we cant move forward that way

>>> also im extremely athletic and i dont know if i can get enough protien without eating meat (like a vegiterian)


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    I'm extremely athletic and get plenty of protein. I've been vegan for 7 years. I'm healthier now than I was an as omnivore, because in addition to protein, I get nutrients! Like vitamins. :) That's what plants are good for!

    You live your life and do the best you can......might be time to become more independent with getting your own job and paying for your own food? I did at 16.

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    Awww, any veg in a non-veg household will face similar issues. I agree with Superfood that the sooner you can start taking responsibility for feeding yourself, the better. (Good practice for college, too.) Maybe offer to make dinner for everyone one night a week so you can demonstrate how great and tasty eating healthy can be?

    If you are concerned about protein from a vegetarian or vegan diet, then you definitely need to do more research to put your mind at ease. Here are some links to start:

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    Protein is the least of your worries trust me, I do yoga, thai boxing, lift weights and do some aerobics, and I've been vegan for 4 years and 100% raw for 7 months and I'm feeling the best I ever felt.

    Like superfood2 says start taking control of your life and do what is best for you regardless of your family, I started my health journey when I was 15.5, did it all by myself and even had to fight through the opposition of my entire family and friends, nothing is impossible, you take the step forward and they will follow, they will see how great you look&feel and they will envy, do your own research, do your own shopping, if you got a goal work toward it and don't let anything stop you.

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    thanks guys, for all your support

  • There are so many Professional Boxers, Runners, Swimmers and Wrestlers that are vegan and vegetarian. Vegetarians can actually get too much protien believe it or not- its more common than carnivores. You will feel so much better about life and will perform better in your sport of choice. My boyfriend is in the Military and is borderline vegetarian. He is very active and what he does requires peak performance. I am also very active and found that I have more energy. Good luck in your venture. My 2 favorite sources that helped in my transition were David Wolfe- Raw Food Guru and the Book "Skinny Bitch" Get a copy for your mom and sister. They will laugh and feel disgusted all at the same time. Keep us updated!

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    haha.. That book "Skinny Bitch" is the book that made me decide to change. After i read that i wouldn't touch any type of meat... Until my parents told me that i couldn't just go vegan without reading up on it and learning how and what i should eat to get the right nutrition. So i had to convince my dad on the idea while my sister tried to make going vegan sound like a bad idea, but he jumped on board and he's talking about how he wants to do it again. I might get a job to =] i dont know how thats going to work since i have school, soccer, and 15nera practices to be at; but i think i can pull something off. haha...

    Oh and I think me and my dad are going back to vegan then maybe raw vegan! =] I hope he doesnt back down on what he said yesterday though

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    lisa_peaksuh~ "... my parents told me that i couldn't just go vegan without reading up on it and learning how and what i should eat to get the right nutrition." Your parents sound like they have this parenting thang down. That is a great approach...

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    It's nice that they encourage you to do the research and make your own decisions instead of just telling you what you "should" do, eat, wear, etc.

    This site is generally worthwhile:

    And another link from PCRM

  • For me remembering that junk food is unhealthy doesn't do that much to stop me from eating it if it is in front of me. What makes it unappealing is remembering that it isn't really food - food is something edible that contains nutrients and therefore nourishes the body, so pizza and donuts don't really fit. So, if it isn't food, why would I want to eat it? Well, lots of reasons, most of which are emotional or habitual, but asking those questions ("Is it food?" and "If it isn't food, why do I want to eat it?") make it incredibly easy to stay away from things that aren't good for me. After a day or two of asking those questions, any cravings usually go away easily.

    I hope that helps. And good luck with finding a cool part-time job!

  • hi lisa,

    if you want some real classy info about what to eat and why, try dr. grahams book "the 80/10/10 diet".

    it took care of all my doubts when going raw and after 1 year i am positively convinced its better than anything else i have tried. it is good explanations with scientific facts, caloric tables to help you decide how much to eat, and also includes recipies.

    i got a kick out of this book!

    good luck getting raw

    lucky luke

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