What about cooked veggies?

I have read that eating some cooked vegetables slows the detox process and that sometimes that's a GOOD thing. If I recall correctly, David Wolfe suggests to use cooked veggies to slow detox. I know natalia rose says cooked sweet potatoes are okay, for example.

What is your option on consuming cooked veggies? How often do you think you can consume cooked vegetables and still have the benefits of a raw diet? What effect has this had on your own raw journey?


  • There will be varying opinions, and those that disagree with this naturally, but the reason it slows detox down is becasue you are putting in less healthy food that your body has to deal with. So now the body has to spend some of that energy it was using to clean you out to instead go deal with that food. If this is what you want, then i guess you could do that, but why put something less healthy in you if all you are having probloems with is detox? You can increase your water intake to help with detox if it gets bad. Think of detox as the ratio of bad stuff flowing in your system to good stuff. By upping your water intake you can lower the bad portion of this ratio.

    As for the question of how often can you have cooekd veggies on a raw diet, that is up to you. I have had two periods in my raw journeys the last 2 years where I allowed some cooked food back into my diet. The end result in both cases was a return to very low raw (1 raw meal/day) the first time, and the second time led all the way back to SAD. I'm sure this will not be the same experience for everyone, but this is what happened to me.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    i usually only have cooked veggies if there isn't any other food in the house that i want... or if i like the cooked version better than the raw version. it's usually once or a twice a week. i try not to do it too often because it definitely slows down my digestion.

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    I, too, get slowed digestion from cooked food. I alway crave lentils and hemp oil, but it's never as good as I anticipate before I make it. And then I get sorta constipated. It also gives me brain fog.

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