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mmmmmmmm, pickles!!!!!

omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

this from diamond organics!!! ill be double checking but it sounds”kosher”(giggle)


We have a new treat from our personal pickle producers, Happy Girl Kitchen. They’ve taken cucumbers, water, sea salt, dill, garlic and spices (all organic) and are fermenting them raw in barrels until they become tangy, pungent and sour pickles. They are super crunchy! Eat them with gusto and enjoy all the memories they conjure up of the old-fashioned pickle barrel at the local grocer.


  • ooo!! I want a pickle!!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Will they be doing sweet pickles? Those are the only pickles I like. I so miss them.

  • I’ve posted a recipe for sweet pickles here if you’d like to try. You may need to substitute a sweetener, though, if you don’t consume agave.

  • Mmm.. i love pickles too! in fact, i just made some pickles that are somewhere in between sweet and sour. I had a leftover cuke from the garden, and some ACV to finish up. I cut up the cuke into little slices, covered with ACV added a a few cloves of garlic, a few sprigs of dill, and some peppercorns, and lo and behold theyre not half bad tasting! The ACV (as opposed to regular vinegar) gave it an interesting taste.. not as tart as some of the other ones ive tried.

  • I’m very confused on the whole topic of pickling. Not too long ago I tried to make some kim chi and it was um.. a disaster.

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    On the subject of pickling… I have a surplus of green beans and I was thinking about pickling them. I remember my grandma used to make the most amazing pickled green beans, but I don’t know if she cooked them first or not. Is pickling the same as marinating, basically?

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    some pickles are cooked..my grannys pickled okra and greenbeans where cooked in the canning process in a hot water bath of some sort. i remember the liquid in the jars bubbling during the hot water bath…dont know about your granny though jenergy… my understnading of kimchi isthat it taste bests after it ferments in the ground for a week or more! my friends auntie buried hers in the back yard in a sealed mason jar in a two foot deep hole for months at a time it seemed! ugh… yummy though.

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