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New to buying food online. Help! (Chocolate, cashews) Websites?

Looking to buy raw cashews online as well as some raw chocolate. (because they are REALLY expensive where I live)

Anybody know any good sites?


  • My on-going favorite is Natural Zing, for many things (raw nuts, cacao, maca, dried fruits, oils, packaged crackers and bars, etc). http://www.naturalzing.com

    I like their selection a lot and the prices are consistent with other sites, if not lower (but they do charge for shipping based on weight). You can buy in bulk, too. They're run by conscientious raw folks, definitely worth supporting. But I'm sure many others can point you to other worthy sites, too!

    Oh, and for organic sprouting seeds and trays, I go to Handy Pantry/Wheatgrass Kits. http://www.wheatgrasskits.com

    Enjoy the search :)

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    i agree about Natural Zing. Plus, they ship quickly. I agree that their prices are good and they have a wide selection, wider than anyone else I've found online. Also, should you have an issue, they will resolve it quickly and with a good attitude. I had cereal arrive with a hole in the package once and they replaced it immediately. I spend about $100 every 5 weeks or so with them.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Matt Monarch just had a sale on raw cashews - I think it was $7 a pound. Now they're back up to $12.


    Definitely sign up for his mail list since he does some awesome "stock up" sales from time to time. (And ignore the other emails...)

    Many more ideas here http://goneraw.com/forum/favorite-raw-internet-storefronts

  • mewmewmintmewmewmint Raw Newbie

    Good tips! thanks everyone!

  • I like www.rawvegansource.com and www.iherb.com I purchase most of my raw foods from these two places!

    If you click on my icon, I have a discount code for iherb.


  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    There's quite a few of us iHerb folks! I've seen several folks mention having a code (I have one on my page too!)

    I also second Natural Zing. Great place.

    WWW.TropicalTraditions.com offers Eden brand raw apple cider vinegar. And the most awesome raw unprocessed honey; if you use honey you should definitely try it! (They also have good coconut oil, but it has been exposed to heat, so I guess that would depend on how raw you are.)

    WWW.rawbakery.com is a fun place too, albeit a bit expensive.

  • I am a distributor for Elements for Life, which sells raw cacao, goji berries, golden Inca berries, maca powder and some other great raw superfoods:


    I would be happy to speak with you further on any of the products. My number and email are on the site.

  • www.nutsonline.com is not all raw, but they do have a good selection of bulk raw nuts at the best price I've seen online.

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