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Best Food Processor?

I really thought I could get by without a food processor because I am so in love with my Vita-Mix . However, after accidentally making "soup" several times and eating dips that had little or no texture I am finally ready to buy one. I would love to hear from anyone who really, really likes the one they're using. I would prefer not to get a huge capacity model but also do not wish to have to make a recipe in two separate batches because it won't hold all the ingredients. Thanks for your help!!


  • I love my Cuisinart!

  • Yea, I have a vitamix but I still need my food processor. I love my KitchenAid.

  • I also have a cuisinart, it's wonderful!!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Cuisinart 3.5 cup model. The 7 cup is probably better if you tend to make larger batches, but for 1 person i've found the smaller model sufficient.

  • I have a cuisinart too, but i think it's the 7 cup. My mom got it for me. It has shredding blade, slicing blade and s-blade. There is a flat top and a feeding shoot for the slicing/ shredding blades. it's not hard to use, just read the directions. Also a citrus juicer, but I don't use that. i went to visit my mom and she has the smaller version and I couldn't do half the stuff I can on mine. With the slicing blade you can feed veggies through, like carrots for example, then feed them through again sidneways and you get perfect matchsticks. It works great!

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    i just bought a mini black n decker one from target for 20.00$ and it seems to work fine for me right now :)

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    I have a Black and Decker. Had it since the 80's. Still works great!

  • I've had my Cuisinart for over 15 years and it is still going strong. It's been an excellent investment.

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