Produce in to get it?


I've read from other raw-foodies, especially 811'ers, that they buy their fresh produce in large crates or boxes. My question is: how and where do you buy bulk produce? I have already checked two distributers in my area and they say they only sell to wholesalers.




  • I would like to know for my area too. (Oregon)

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Me too...and what clasifies you as a whole saler, or not. I have a business lisence, does that mean I could use it to do wholesale-ing?

  • I am in Eugene, OR, so I am looking for Northwest sources too!

  • i work at a local, independent health food store and we order cases of things for some of our regular customers. for example there is a couple that orders cases of bananas on a weekly basis. if you are able to find a reliable store that is willing to place these orders for you along with their weekly orders then thats the best bet. so check around!!! for our store it is not a big deal when we are already ordering so much stuff and we still make a small profit on it so for us its worth it. good luck to everyone!!!

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