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joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

Has anyone tried Rawoes?? I just received my package in the mail this morning, and mysteriously, they are all gone already. I wonder how that happened??

They are totally addictive- that's why!! If you haven't had them before, they don't taste like Oreos at all to me, just a delicious cinnamon-chocolate cookie.

There's other flavors, too, but I've decided I'll wait a week to get another flavor because I demolished this one so fast.



  • I've had them manyy times and they're sooo delicious. They don't taste anything like oreos however. I love them sooo much! You haveee to try the goji-spirulina thumbprint cookie too-- It looks kinda funky being that its green and pink, but its one of the best in my opinion. Oh, and definitely try the chai cookie as well:]

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    The thumbprint is pretty interesting looking but I'll definitely order it. The chai sounds so heavenly!! I love chai tea so I bet it's really good. Did you try the lemon swirls or the fudge raweos? I'm going on vacation a lot this summer so I want to always have some packaged things to take with me... and because i'm a sweets addict : )

  • They carry Raweos in my local health stores but unfortunately all contain raw honey, which to a raw vegan is no good. .

  • I have tried the raweos as well as the lemon swirls and love them both!! the lemon ones are really my favorite (I loove lemon in desserts) I tried the white and black thumbprint cookie and was very pleased!! these are all delicious as well as easy to make on your own.

  • I have also tried the fudge raweos and the lemon swirls and definitely love those too. I'm not the biggesttt fan of the lemon swirls compared to the other flavors only because lemon isn't my favorite ingredient in a dessert.

  • i had half of the mega raw oreo today. i agree that it didn't taste at all like an oreo but theyre really good :)

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    I just ordered all of the ones that I haven't tried - chai oreos, fudge oreos, luscious lemon swirls, thumbalina, and contrast. i cannot wait for them to get here!

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    The raweos are now made with agave nectar, some stores have OLD batches with honey still.

    I thought they tasted digusting, and even though I spent a lot on them, I couldn't finish them. If I want chocolate, I want it to taste like actual chocolate, not mud.

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    I just bought the chai raweos, can't wait to try them! I've tried the original and the fudgie - love 'em!!! I think I will need to stick to buying the mega's... cause if I buy the mini ones that come in a big package... well they obviously will not last so there's no point. heheeheeeeeee.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    coconutty, that's so funny!! i'm the same way. i just ordered the mega's this time because i knew i'd demolish a whole box.

  • Raweo from Raw in 10

    2 C soaked Almonds, OR 2 C. soaked sunflower seeds

    2 C. Water

    5 T. Carob Powder

    5 T. Agave

    Raw Coconut oil


    Small Cookie Cutters

    Blend Almonds and Water until almonds become very small crumb-like in size. Pour into cheesecloth over a large mixing bowl. Squeeze all the almond milk you can and save the pulp. Later you can experiment and make them as moist as you like. Save the almond mild to drink or use otherwise.

    In a medium bowl mix almond pulp with the carob powder with a fork, then add agave, mix with fork again until evenly mixed. Using your hands, roll small balls, then flatten into cookie shapes. Make sure they are well compacted. Spoon desired amt of "creamy filling" which is the coconut oil, in between 2 of the "cookies" and enjoy. If your coconut oil is melted, then you need to cool to hard. You could also blend the coconut oil with come coconut meat to make the creamy filling too. Use cookie cutters if you desire.

    testking 350-030

    testking 350-050

    I've not tried these yet, just might. Let us know if you do and how they come out please.

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