Hurrah - Bargain on 80 10 10 book!!!

I've just recently become interested in 80 10 10 as I've been in and out of raw for years, and realized that the first time I did it (ha!), I lost 30 pounds in three months simply eating fruits and veggies. Then I started reading learning that I should add fats. That I needed to make sure I had my calories. I discovered recipes. Since then, I've gone on and off raw; I've done 80% raw. I've even done 100% raw for 30-60 day trials, but never lost the weight or felt as good as that initial summer.

I've been researching 80 10 10 on the web and decided that, from what I could find out, it made some sense. However, I'm one of these people who, once I discover something I'm interested in, want to know everything I can. I want to know WHY. I want to know HOW. But my budget is very limited right now as I'm saving for vacation, putting money into my garden, etc, so even though I had the $30 for the book, I just felt it needed to be put elsewhere right now.

Just found a used one on Amazon for $15. Man, you won't believe how fast I ordered that sucker.

Just this week I've been upping my fruits, lowering my fats and already my clothes seem just a tad bit looser, my skin seems just a tad bit clearer. My energy seems just a little more up. So I'm happy to continue the experiment. BUT NOW I'LL HAVE THE BOOK, TOO!

Can you tell that RawJoy is very joyful this morning. (hmmm, could it be the diet??)

Everyone have a great Friday and a wonderfull weekend!!!


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    ahh i'm jealous you got it for so cheap!! i paid regular price for it but it was well spent. it's basically the most important raw book i have.

    you'll love the book, but everyone around you will disagree with it!! haha my ex bf and family thought it was crap and said "how does this guy know what he's talking about??" i gained a lot of knowledge from it though.

  • I am one to take everything with a grain of (sea) salt and not just jump on the latest most trendy raw bandwagon. From different things I've read on the web about 811 and Dr. Graham's theories, I think there will be some things I disagree with. But an awful lot of what I've read does make a whole lot of sense to me. Which is why I wanted the book so bad, so I could see what I thought for myself instead of this is the greatest thing ever you'll never eat any other way / this is horrible science my teeth fell out I almost died from malnutrition.

    Can't make everyone happy. :)

  • I may have to visit my amazon account and see if they have any more used books left. Your raw adventures sound very similar to mine. Even though I don't stay 100% all the times, my diet is probably 100% better than when I was a teenager. I've been eating more "80/10/10-ish the last month. Congrads on the good buy!

  • I've been checking the used books for a few weeks now. The lowest was only around $23, and then when you add in the $3.99 shipping and handling, it was almost as much as a new one, which qualified for free shipping due to it's $30 price.

    So I was very very very happy to snag it at $15. With shipping, came to $18.99.

    Just keep looking. There was a slightly damaged one there a week or so ago for $14 and silly me decided to think about it, and it was gone in a snap.

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