Does Bromelaine help with child birth pain?

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I know it is anti-inflammatory. I've been eating lots of pineapple and had no pain during my period for the first time ever ! A miracle.

I have a friend (non raw) that is going to give birth. Should I advise her to eat lots of pineapple the week before, or is it not the same nature of pain?


  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Well, I've been juicing the whole thing, skin and core with it...

  • It might with pain (if its mild ;O) but it sure will help with healing afterwards as long as she is not bleeding heavily, it might cause excess bleeding. I would think its better to stay away in case an emergency happens and surgery is needed.

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Anyone have any other tips for my non raw friend on how to prepare for the birth?

    She is in the ninth month.

    I sent her some yoga videos to do some hip openers because they say she might have to do a Cessarian. I'd really like to help her get that opened up so she can give birth naturally !

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    I found that warm water was an incredibly helpful pain reliever during birth. I spent most of my labor in a tub, but even the warmth of a shower was helpful.

    Also, I read Ina May Gaskin's "Guide to Childbirth" and cannot recommend it enough. The first half of the book is filled with birth stories from women, most of whom had natural labors. Reading their experiences and strategies really helped me to mentally prepare for the birth. I used many of the techniques that I read about and also went in feeling like, if all of these women could give birth naturally, so could I!

    One of the techniques that helped a great deal was to breathe in through my nose at the beginning of each contraction and then to breathe out through my mouth. I would do this slowly throughout each contraction and then once again after the contraction left. In the final breathing, I would concentrate on relaxing any part of my body that felt tense. This helped me to let go of the contraction and fully experience the break in between as a relaxed, restful time. And, these times are so important!

    Sending the yoya video was a wonderful idea. I did pilates and yoga throughout my pregnancy and felt like it really helped to prepare my body for birth.

    Looking forward to hearing how your friend's birth goes!

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    There are lots of strategies for decreasing pain and speeding labor....Books and books and books in fact. But, as a birth professional, I would advise getting a doula and taking childbirth classes. These improve your birth tremendously!

    In lieu of that, for pain...remembering that your body has pain for a reason during childbirth, and that it is actually HELPFUL during the birthing process is so important. Changing positions often, eating and drinking as desired, walking, water, and sensual touch with the partner ( I always tell my birthing couples to go to "second base")are all helpful.

    To help open the pelvis and speed labor: gravity positions are the best- squating, walking with a wide gate, "hoola hoop" and figure eights with your hips. Also sitting on the toilet backwards is great too (remember a full bladder slows down the labor process).

    A final suggestions: chiropractic care improves labor outcomes by 39%. Find a webster chiro. to make sure pelvic is in good alignment so baby can come down smooth and easy without any obstacles.

    Hope this helps!


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