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HELP with a recepie please

After watching Storm and Jingee's BREAKTHROUGH, my husband is gungho about trying raw.....so I started working on his favorite - Carrot Cake. It's really wet and I am wondering if anyone can help me modify the recepie I made. I am looking through others for inspiration as well.

So this is what I did:

4 cups grated carrots

1 cup dates blended with 4T water

1 cup pureed apples

1 pureed banana

2 cups ground almond

grated cin. and nutmeg

I mixed everything together and put in dehydrator overnight. The edges are fine but the middle is SUPER wet. I have it going again today but I don't want to ruin it completely....we'll probably eat it anyway with some sort of ice-cream....but any thoughts on how I could do better?? I am so excited he is ready for raw foods I don't want to turn him off so soon!!



  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    I won't even make pretend that I know how to fix this :) However, I will tell you that it sounds good. Maybe next time leave out the apples or atleast, don't puree them. You could always cut away pieces from the edge and then leave the rest in a bit longer. I'm sure it will dry up a little.

    I made an amazing carrot cake from Russell James. It was perfect. A little too much nutmeg for my taste, but, otherwise, perfect!

    I'm sure the carrot cake will turn out great! You'll have to let us know!

    I think it's great that your husband wants to eat raw with you! My husband loves the dishes i make, but he's not ever going to be raw... I know that :)

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Hmmm. Carrots and apples are both very moist, so I can imagine this is difficult. What kind of pan is it in? Can you cut it in smaller sections so it dries out more evenly?

  • So I cut it into squares and dehydrated that way (thanks for the idea!). Now the edges of each peice are good and though the middle is still a bit moist, I don't think it's too bad. Packed some for husband's lunch today so we'll see what he says!!

    I do think if I add apples next time I will just add pieces, not puree....good thought. Thanks!

  • It sounds great so far! I would most definitely add more of the nut meal and take away possibly 1 cup of grated carrots. Maybe try patting dry your carrots after grating too? Other things I can think of are adding some coconut butter for firmness or using buckwheat krispy meal to absorb all the liquid. Hope that helps!

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    I agree about not pureeing the apples next time. Also, I'd soak the dates (if they're not soft), but then remove from the water. Blend them in with the banana, so you aren't adding any of the water.

    Sorry, none of this helps the currant batch- but the next one hopefully will turn out to be what you want!

  • Wow - thanks for all the great ideas!! I can't wait to try it again.!

  • Your ingredients sound great. Instead of grated and pureed carrots and apples, perhaps you could use the leftover pulp after juicing.

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    I agree with the person who said use "Russel James" recipe. Every recipe he makes is OUTRAGEOUSLY FANTASTIC. I'm entirely convince without even making it, that it would be phenomenal. Just try his "Lasagna " i made it for my birthday. You will never doubt the man again! sorry. he's like my raw food idol right now. the man is a genius.

    his website is therawchef.com

    his recipes actually inspired me to make the leap into my raw foodism. I've been mostly raw for one month :) So especially if you're new, making super fantastic dishes puts you over the edge into Wanting to be raw. it's awesome.

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