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Wheat grass Wheat Sprouts

Hi all

I am sprouting wheat grass to get my first ever wheat grass drinks and have a few questions..

I ate some of the sprouts and like the sweet taste, is it good to eat the sprouts too?

When you blend it can I use my moulinex blender and can I use the roots too? (They are very short....

Does anyone have a good recipe for a tropical wheatgrass smoothie, that means I dont have access to all produce you normally use..


Hope to hear from you!


  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    I've heard that it is very hard to digest the fibers of wheatgrass which is why, if you must use a blender, you should strain the juice and drink it.

    I have also heard that it is best drunk alone.

    If you eat wheat, you can make sprouts from it and eat them. However, if you are making wheatgrass, know that you can grow more grass from the same sprouts to make one more batch. Then it is suggested to put them in a compost (you never know if there is mold growth).

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    You can eat the sprouts at about 2 days or less. Once it becomes grass it is too difficult for the body to digest the fiber, and you will need to strain it, either manually after blending, or via a juicer. Yes, you can use them roots and all if hydroponic, but I would think you'd want to cut them off if grown in dirt.

    I am not familiar with a Moulinex, so I can't help you there.

  • To maximize the nutriments in wheat grass it needs to grow for about 7 to 10 days in really good soil preferably composted soil but organic will be ok too. (the soil gives all food it's nutrients the better the soil the more nutrients!) It is best at about 7 to 9 inches when it starts to give off negative ions. Juiced and taken alone with in 15 mins. of juicing otherwise it starts to oxidize and lose nutrients. you should not eat or drink anything for 15 to 30 mins. after consuming, Dr. Ann Wigmore who brought wheatgrass to us with her trials is known for saying. look her up, she was amazing.

    Drinking wheatgrass make some people nauseated but it is said that if it doesn't make you feel ill it's not doing its job. Look up Dr Flora van Orden lll who worked with Dr. Wigmore for many years. She does a free question and answer by e-mail on www.rawdoctors.com called ask dr. flora.

    I drink wheat grass daily, I juice it with a hand grinder then strain through cheesecloth ith should be sweet tasting.

    I also use sprouted wheatberries for raw crackers and breakfast cereal. you can eat them just plain too.

    Enjoy your experience with wheat grass, it does take some time to get use to but it is well worth it. you will have tons of energy and will feel the difference with in a few days of consistant use.

  • Thank you all for the info- I really appreciate it.

    I am looking forward to my experience with it now.

    The gras is an inch tall now, I grew it just in a bowl with water and now I have set it out in organic soil and watered it so the roots are somewhat down in the soil...

    This is tropical here so it is an experiment to see how it handles the climate.

    Thanks people!

  • It tastes great and there is no nausea!

  • I am so glad you are enjoying your wheat grass. Toast (clink) to your health! : )

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