Sprouting Lentils

So I've wanted to sprout lentils for some time now and noticed that I already have french, red, and green lentils. However the red and green look like they are split in half and I'm pretty sure those ones won't sprout. Am I right? Or can I sprout those ones as well? Thanks!


  • Hi there

    Lentils have to be whole to sprout. All lentils will sprout, just soak them for around 6-8hrs or overnight, drain and place in a sprouting jar or any jar with a breathable mesh secured by a band of some description to keep the mesh in place, and rinse them 2-3 times a day - in about 2-3 days you will have sprouts. taste real good and full of protein.

    They are best nutrious wise when their sprouts are the roughly the same length as the sprout itself

    The split lentils you mention will not sprout and would be good for cooked soups.

    hope this helps :)

  • pixxpixx Raw Master


    They have lots of sprouting information on their site. Yes, they sell seeds, but you do *not* have to buy, to read the free information.

  • thanks you guys! i'll just let my mom deal with those split lentils haha

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    I personally find lentils too strong flavored for me, I rather have mung beans (my favorite). Lentils are fast growers and easy to sprout in a jar. I use the mesh from the onion or garlic bags, also a good way to recycle.

    I'm just greening up some alfalfa seeds I've been nesting for 3 days now...It's so much fun and tasty! Happy sprouting!

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