What to do with young coconuts?

Hi everyone, I just purchased my first young coconuts (2 of them) and I have no idea what to do with them. Does anyone have some fairly easy recipes to share? I want to make something for myself and my boyfriend (he is on SAD).

Thanks so much!


  • I think I could just possibly live on coconuts I love them so much. My favorite thing to do with them is blend both the meat and water really well to make milk and I use that for my cereal of buckwheaties, goji's, figs, mullberries, and other dried fruits/seeds. Probably my most favorite meal ever.

  • Thanks Paige4. How much does 1 coconut produce? I have seen some recipes where it calls for at least 10. I only bought two and I really want to use them tonight.

    Do you know of any really simple desserts? I am trying to show my boyfriend that eating this way is yummy too. His views of eating raw is eating bland.

  • there are so many possibilities with 1 haha (as i'm typing this i'm having some coconut milk with breakfast)

    It yields around a little over a cup of water and 3/4ish cup of meat, depending on the size of your coconut. You want to crack it open really soon after you get it or the meat gets tougher and tougher the longer you wait. For simplicities sake, you should definitelyyyy make ice cream with it. You would make it how you normally make ice cream, but substitute any nut milk for the coconut milk. mmm hope that helps!

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    Pixx posted this nice YouTube link of a "how to" video on opening a young Thai coconut on another thread. It's the best approach I've seen. Thought I'd share it here as well. (Thanks Pixx!)

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