Hello all, I went completely raw a couple of weeks ago and today I just feel like I am going to vomit and nothing sounds good. Was wondering if this could be detox symptoms. Just thought I would have felt like this the first week. And if it is, does anyone have advice on how to help this issue? Would really love some input!


  • Are you sure you aren't displaying signs of a virus??? It is going around all over this and other countries...

    I transitioned from vegetarian over night Sept 2007 and have never felt like I needed to vomit... Except when I have waited too long before eating and that just happened recently...

    Sorry, I'm no help... ;-(

  • I've gone 100% raw about a month ago and have been having bouts of sickness. First flu like symptoms and now I can't eat without my stomach doing flip flops and horrible aftermath. It's been difficult to know what is detox and what is a virus. I can tell you I did eat some cooked brown rice and veggie broth also cooked tonight and feel much better. I think it takes our bodies a while to adapt and not sure if we are more prone to catching viruses during that time?

  • Hi Hannah,

    I have had bouts of queezyness and I talked to a nutritionist about it. She suggested to speed up the detox and be rid of the effects faster that I get a series of colonics. I start next week so I'll let you know if it works:)



  • Thanks to all of you! I do love to hear all of your input. Thanks again

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