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Bread, Should I?

ras-saadonras-saadon Raw Newbie

Bread has always been my weak spot(as many of us) it was the last thing I gave up, and about the only thing I really craved\missed, I moved to Rome(Italy) last week since I'm going to university here, and I have no idea why but ever since I landed I have the most mad craving for bread and sometimes it gets to a point that it really bothers me, makes me feel as if I'm missing something, I was thinking of giving it some more time see maybe if its just a craving that will pass with time but what you guys think, should I go back to eating bread? I've been 100% raw for about 7.5months now and until now never had the slightest problem, obviously if I will it'll be organic whole bread and possibly from sprouted grains as well.


  • I would probably give in. I have absolutely no will power. In fact, yesterday, I was driving around with my sister, and she insisted we go into Starbucks. I haven't touched Starbucks in months (after drinking a venti, soy, chai tea latte, with no water, three shots of espresso, and light ice multiple times a day for years - gross, right?). well, I got a grande with two espresso shots. It was disgusting. I'm glad I gave into the craving, because now I know I never want one again.

    I don't think it would be the same with bread - though grains do seem to drag me down - but I thought it may be an appropriate place to share - I hope it helps. and good luck. fresh bread really is my weakness.

  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    I've had the same problem as you, although I've only been raw for 3 weeks. My first week was fine and I didn't miss bread at all, but then during my second week I had the worst craving for it. At first I waited it out for a few days to see if it would pass. But it didn't, so I bought Manna bread (which is made with sprouted grains) and I totally binged on it, eating 3/4 of the loaf the first night and the rest the other night. I don't know if I would have been better off not having had any at all. Yesterday I got some raw crackers, and ate half the package. So I don't think that I will be buying bread for a while, since I can't seem to be able to control myself when I am around it. As for you, well maybe you'll have better self control than me. If you really want bread I would buy sprouted bread.

  • I was wondering about sprouted breads. I too am three weeks raw, and was wondering how heated these sprouted breads are?

  • I think transitioning is extremely important for making this lifestyle sustainable and pleasurable. Eat sprouted grain bread! (They're definitely heated above 118 but if combined properly are not difficult to digest compared to whole wheat breads, etc.). BUT before you go to the market and buy that bread you may want to see if you have candida, and in that case I would limit consumption of sprouted grain bread to once a week or every two weeks.

    When you feel ready (whether that be in one month or five years), you will freely, easily let it go -- I promise.

  • I agree with autumnides I am not 100% raw, but 3/4 of my day I eat raw with usually a cooked dinner, but I have an active job and so I make veggie sandwiches on sprouted wheat or other grains sometimes. It kicks-a__ and I have yet to feel badly after eating it.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    I ate Ezekial bread and Essene bread to help with my transition. The Essene is crazy good, but I'm not sure if it's raw or not. I don't eat bread anymore though because I'd rather spend my money on fruits and veggies (they're so damn expensive).

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    Before I was raw, I had a big problem with carbs. (of the pasta, bread, rice, potato variety) I craved them, I ate them, and it made crave even more! I tried switching to whole grain everything, same problem. So, I gave them up completely. I craved them for a little while and then it went away. I think you have to break the cycle. When I still ate cooked food, I could sit at a table with a basket of bread in it, and it didn't even look good to me. I think that was how I was able to lose 50 lbs. after trying many things. So, if you want to eat it, I agree with the above responses. But, if you don't I say push through it, the cravings will stop.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I think if you eat bread, it's a slippery slope and your energy won't be the same, your skin won't be the same. Eating bread isn't eating for nutritional value. I'd eat something that's good for your body instead. :)

    And if you're having emotional issues (which I think bread cravings come from), maybe meditate or give yourself some quiet time, some music, whatever you need.

    You definitely don't need bread, though.

  • I agree with superfood. Slippery slope! There is no nutritional value in bread that can't be found in whole, Raw food. You should read Angela Stokes book "Raw Emotion", it gives wonderful insight into why we crave what we crave and how it ties in to our emotional connection with food. Here's a link:


    The sale special for Raw Emotions and Superfoods ends today, here's that link:


    Hope that helps,



  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    Just wanted to say I wasn't telling the person what to do, just giving my opinion, as everyone else; and ultimately, the person always decides what to do for themselves.

    I don't think not eating bread is some form of denial, unless you're denying that you have emotional issues you need to address surrounding food. Certainly I don't feel as if I'm being denied anything, with all of the delicious fruit I eat! :)

    But yes, be happy with whatever choice you make and feel free to ask questions (or not) and we'll provide the best input we can, realizing we are all indivuduals with different experiences in life.

    That said, I have NEVER seen anyone on here post, "I was craving bread and ate it and now I feel great." It's the opposite.

  • ras-saadonras-saadon Raw Newbie

    Thanks for all the great responses, thing is that until now it wasn't really bad, I mean so far it was maximum "hmm that bread looks nice" and it didn't happen that often, but now its just "I must have that bread!!" and I never had emotional feeding issues, and since the move I'm actually feeling better(emotionally), I really have no idea what triggered those feelings, I think I'll give it another week, maybe two see how things evolve..

  • Well, normally I wouldn't give in, but you said you were in Rome. I mean, your in Italy where ingredients are fresh and not as much tampered with. If you eat bread, you're bound to be eating some of the most delicious and freshest bread ever. I would try it. Don't go crazy, but definitely enjoy and savor it.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    We can agree to disagree. I think any eating that is not for nutritional value is emotional. For example, when I eat cacao, I at least have the honesty to admit it's for pleasure/emotion only.

  • I moved from Florida to Idaho and gained 30 lbs in 11 months. Why? Co-op fresh baked buttery loafs of bread and Winco donuts. Yes, I binged for comfort. I live in Oregon now and I stay the heck away from bread (and donuts!). Don't mess with it if you have a weakness for it and you don't know how to control yourself with it. Maybe you do have self control. Maybe 1 slice is enough for you. But fresh bread is a weaknes for me. And not worth that bloated, irritable, blah feeling you get from grains the next day. And the weight gain. I stay away from it. Regarding manna bread...same thing. Just does not taste as good. Rome, Italy..no wonder you are craving bread! Nothing like fresh bread with Italian food! But for me, having it at all usually leads to wanting pasta and other cooked foods. I find that I may crave it, and I may even sometimes eat it, but I WILL ALWAYS REGRET IT later. My mind loves grains and my body revolts every time. Whole grains are no better in my opinion. I think you are craving breads because you are going through a lot of change, stress, perhaps fear or loneliness. And likely everyone around you eats it. And bread is comfort food. But....I repeat...30 lbs later!!!! 30 lbs!!! 30 lbs!!!!! OYE!!

  • if you really want some bread then i think you should have it. and enjoy it!! i think denying ourselves of something we truly want and would appreciate and enjoy is not helpful at all. especially when you have access to fresh baked bread that isn't made in some crap factory. and about sprouted breads... i do really enjoy manna bread. the cinnamon date blew my mind. they don't use any yeast and it is heated at very low temps too. i have ezekial bread sometimes as well, but not as much.

    and this whole eating for nutrition verses eating for emotional enjoyment thing... well i think its more complex than just one or the other. i eat delicious, beautiful raspberries because they put me in a state of bliss. i feel wonderful eating them. the nutrition they offer is important to me, but it isn't the reason i run for them when i get to the produce area!! the same goes for a bar of raw chocolate. just because something is deemed "healthy" doesn't automatically mean someone is eating it to gain nutrition only. i happen to emotionally enjoy salad, fresh fruits, and green smoothies just as much i do the occasional bowl of brown rice pasta with organic tomato sauce. i can appreciate when i make healthy choices and i feel good about it!! which is an emotional response right? another example, for me, would be exercise... like hiking. i go on a hike to feel alive and connect with nature. the fact that i am getting exercise occurs to me but that is not my sole reason for doing it. i feel like it all goes hand in hand.... but maybe thats just me :)

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    I was craving bread and ate it and now I feel great.

    Today, even.

    I emotionally eat fruit, too. Most days.

    Now, having said that- I do think that folks who have "issues" with any food, where they are unable to keep from binging on it, probably should avoid any foods they consider "unhealthy" choices, which might result in them feeling bad about themselves. I'm with lulushka8 on this: we should feel good about what we eat. Don't beat yourself up over it. If you don't like the choice you have made, let it go, and move on. Each moment is new. :~)

  • lilburgerlilburger Raw Newbie

    I have had a really, really hard time with carbs. I don't know if it's emotional addiction, chemical addiction, or what, but once I start I just can't stop eating them. I've been doing really well giving up wheat- I've been off it for two months. Last week I decided to give up grains entirely because I can't stop eating them until whatever I've cooked is gone. Then today I was making peanut noodles for my boyfriend and I was staring at the noodles and wanting them... I was strong for about ten minutes and then started to "try" them. I finally stopped after I had eaten half of them. That was a few hours ago, and I've had a headache and nausea ever since. I'm sure that I won't be able to breathe through my nose tonight and that tomorrow morning my face will be puffy, because that is usually what happens. Every time I eat stuff like that I regret it immediately afterwards. Even though it was tasty while I was eating it, that was only for about five minutes- the consequences are totally not worth it for me. But, I keep going back. For me, it's really important to completely stay away. Especially with emotional and physical health issues regarding food. But I think that some people are better equipped to deal with cravings like that... too bad I'm not. I think it's a totally personal issue though, everyone's different.

    Honestly, though, if I were in Italy right now.... there's a really, really good chance that I would eat that bread. Bread in Europe is so good.

  • bread & cheese were my worse weaknesses. it took me forever to realize what was wrong with me. when i get cravings i try to think. "What is in this food i crave" -vitamin wise I was craving bread like mad so i made my own bread in the dehydrator with lots of grains. I ate a bunch of carbs and thats really all my body was wanting. same goes with all cravings really

  • ras-saadonras-saadon Raw Newbie

    Ok so I snapped! and you were all so right hehe, it tasted really good, but then after some time I got really disgusted just thinking of eating bread, and I wasnt even feel heavy\nausea or anything, problem was that I still had some slices that I didn't wanna throw, so a day after I finished it, it tasted even better but then the heaviness came and that after feeling of disgust was ever stronger, now I feel pretty much free from any desire to eat bread, I also realized I was emotional eating it, it hit me when I went through some pics of my dogs, and got a bit sad as I miss them deeply(they stayed back home), then instantly I got a crave for bread, though I do agree with lulu that not every wish to eat cooked food is some kind of emotional "issue", because honestly speaking, many types of cooked food just simply taste good, though I would rather have fresh fruits or a big green salad over that any day! now it seems that all my craving shifted into fresh sweet fruits, but hey at least that good for me :).

  • Hi! I really think it depends on if you absolutely want to be 100 percent raw or not. My husband and I are about 95 percent raw most of the time. We do buy Ezekiel breads, and having that healthier bread option has really helped us out. Somedays, I've eaten too much of it and definitely feel a difference, however (not a good difference...I feel like garbage when I do that!)...depending on how much fruit I've eaten that day. 1-2 slices once in awhile should be fine, but if you notice it makes you crave it even more, I'd not buy it. But if you're satisfied with just a little bit and aren't really eating any other cooked foods, I say go for it. When you're that high of a raw percentage, your body can process a small amount of cooked foods easily.

    Another option... making your own breads in a dehydrator...these can be amazing and are still raw.

    I do agree with TheFitnessFreak.... a lot of our food cravings have an emotional tie... so it's good to look into that and make sure your'e free of those issues (and boy have I struggled with these issues)!

  • Oops!! I JUST realized you posted right before I posted my last one, and pretty much addressed every last thing I wrote. Sorry about that!

  • I totally understand you on this. I am vegan (mostly raw) but at the end of the day I am also 100% Italian. When I was in Rome for the semester all bets were off for me. I ate cheese, bread, and pasta almost everyday. I do not regret one bite of what I ate during that time. The minute I got back to the states I was back on track with my vegan/raw life. I feel comfortable being a non vegan/raw when it comes to really good Italian food (Pizza Hut doesn't count) because it is apart of my heritage. Eating Italian food in Rome reminded me of home and my family, it just made me feel better.

  • In terms of any kind of craving, all I can say is this....I have heard nutrition experts say that it's easier to avoid the item you are craving than it is to eat and then try to stop. That being said, I also believe "everything in moderation, including moderation."

    p.s. I too have been craving bread the last two days, but I noticed that my cravings only last a few minutes and then are gone. I maybe have craved bread two or three times. I think it's a good idea to acknowledge the duration of your cravings. If they come and go as quickly as mine have, that's fine, but if you really are struggling then maybe you should go ahead and give yourself a treat. Of all the things you could crave (drugs, cigarettes, alcohol), bread seems pretty damn harmless to me. It's okay to have cravings and it's okay to treat yourself every once in a while.

  • Wow, look at all the replies you'v got. Bread is a big issue for raw foodist. Personally, I am 100% raw except an occasional slice of Ezekiel bread, which is not raw, but the wheat is sprouted and that's what really matters, to break down the gluten. If you have craving for bread, it could be caused by the lack of grains in your diet. Grains are a source of strenght. I believe, that we need the grain in one way or the other, my prefence is sprouted buckwheat.

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    I would recommend try eating some cooked whole grains / other starches before you go back to bread. The more whole the better. I.e. quinoa, beans, rice, etc. If that helps you out emotionally to abstain from bread, then it would be a better option. You could also try making some raw bread, which doesn't give you the same feeling after eating it (wheat bread expands in your stomach), but it could help psycholocially since you could make a traditional looking sandwhich or something. I struggled with bread. Bread, cheese, coffee = the devil, haha

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