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92-day juice feast, round two

wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

Hey guys, I'm on day two of my second 92-day juice feast. I did one last summer and it was amazing. I have very pale skin and all my sun sensitivity cleared up, I didn't burn once. This year Im going to try adding in therapeutic doses of wheatgrass juice in the morning. I'll let you know how it goes. :)

If anyone wants to give it a go too, please join me. We can be juicing buddies :D


  • I am waiting to start mine in August, but I think it is fantastic that you are doing it, especially for a second time!!! Good Luck and Remember all the Benefits to keep you Motivated!!

  • Hey, wichten. Sounds interesting. I'll give it a try.


  • I have never done a juice feast. I have done the master cleanse several times. What kind of juices are you drinking as an example please. I have a Mr. Juice juicer and an electric citrus juicer. I have been 80% raw for over a year now.

  • I've been drinking only green juice for the past four days for the daytime and then eating a salad for dinner.

    I've always wanted to try a juice feast but could never get myself to start. This is the time..I am only home with my juicer for the next 16 days and I think I'm ready.

    My green juice has been: 1 lemon, 3 cucumbers, half a head of celery, 1.5 apples, inch of ginger, 1 bunch of kale/spinach/collard greens (a combination of 2 of those)

    What other juices do you recommend? I was thinking of doing green juices from morning through the afternoon, then switching to carrot/beet/celery/greens for the evening. Obviously I need more variety...is it important to have greens with every juice? What about the bladder situation? I already seem to have an overactive bladder, will I be up at all hours needing to use the bathroom? Is there a certain time of day I should try to stop drinking juices?

    Thanks in advance for your help. And to Witchen, I hope your feast is going great!! Almost a whole month in, wow! How do you feel? Have you noticed any changes so far?

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    31 days today! I seem to throw greens in almost all my juices. But i do make a cucumber melon (equal parts of cantelope and watermelon with 1-2 cucumbers) one thats lovely in the morning. You will pee a lot- just seems to come with the territory. I usually feel done with juice around 7-8 pm, which is weird b/c when im eating im bad about eating late.

    This feast has been a lot easier than the last one. Less dramatic results, but i think thats a sign that i havent toxed too much. Im just happy, light and energetic. I feel compelled to get sunshine and the hot weather doesnt bother me. summer is the perfect time for juicing. That carrot/beet juice will be nice for lunch or dinner- carrot juice is nice and filling.

  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    Wichten, do you have a recommendation for a typical 3 days of juicing? I'm interested to give it a try. I can't imagine going as long as you, but if you can give me a good starting point I will certainly give it my best shot.

  • rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

    I have a few green drinks recipes of my own, but I don't think I have enough veriety to keep me interested for 92 days, maybe not for even a week. As RawKaren and Cavegal said, I would love to hear your drink routine in more detail, and how you prevent yourself from being hungry all the time (my personal challenge with juice fasts), I certainly would like to hear your recommendations.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    rawkaren, i did a week-long juice fast and my favorite juice was apple juice!! there is nothing like fresh apple juice with the foam on top. i also enjoyed orange-carrot, celery-apple, watermelon, and cucumber.

  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    Thx JB, I love orange-carrot the best. Against my better judgement, I have decided to do the MC instead. I'm on day 4 - feeling great but I have a carpet growing on my tongue - ewww. No appetite but my sense of smell is weird. Everyone smells of rotting flesh - including me. I do hope this passes, I'm getting paranoid!!

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